Tuesday, December 24, 2013

To Bear Arms

The second Amendment:  A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed

And that is the dogma, the pledge, that the NRA and the others of the gun toting movement hold dear.

As the issues surrounding gun violence seems to focus not on the whole ability to own and carry guns regardless of the situation, location or even the individuals criminal or personal history because actually limiting the type, kinds and amount of guns an individual can legally own would somehow cause the founding fathers to rise from the grave and then turn into Zombies from the Walking Dead to eat the Legislators who dared to question their decisions made over 300 years ago.  God forbid that we actually question laws written centuries ago by men who are apparently infallible.  Did we not say that about the Pope at some point, that worked out well didn't it?

The article from Sunday's Times discusses the issue of the mentally ill and their rights to own guns regardless.  And of course this is the new raging bullet, whoops, I mean issue surrounding the problem with gun violence, again not guns themselves.

We have mentally ill people killing themselves and others without guns and in turn getting killed by Police with guns as that seems to be the way we handle the mentally ill in this Country.  Kill or be killed versus actual medical help and supervision. 

Add to that the flank of Attorney's and Courts that actually aid in restoring gun rights to those who perhaps should not be provided guns.  Look at all the Attorney's who specialize in expunging records and restoring the right to carry guns to former felons.  Yes that is an entire field of law practice. But if you are a drunken driver with no history of vehicular manslaughter, someone charged with domestic violence or been charged with child pornography you will never get your record expunged or be able to carry a gun.  We have our priorities and we make sure those drug users are incarcerated for life.

Thanks to the media, the morons we elect to office and those corporations who have to write the laws for them as they care about the bottom line and personal agenda, civil rights, equity and that Constitution they love to wave about a convenience or not depending on the law. 

By flagging those "mentally ill" we are now opening a new category of national nemesis whom we can target our ire and inappropriate inflamed reactions to a group of people who may not have any propensity for violence other than self harm but we have the science and studies that prove they are the problem and the solution is rounding them up.  Ah those institutions that Reagan closed decades ago may be coming back real soon. We can house the drunk drivers, wife beaters, perverts too!  Well misery loves company. Lets just put a fake GPS, Scram Bracelet or other junk monitoring device to track them and the NSA will have something to do on their down time.

When you actually look into the real criminals and those who kill with guns or cars or when mentally ill you find a well established pattern and history with the law.  And yet they somehow get overlooked and under managed and then we all pay the price and in turn more bad laws and ideas are written that actually do nothing to stop or reduce or even resolve the problem.

The drug war that led to the mass incarceration of Americans, the war on Terrorism that led to an island housing and illegally detaining enemies of the Nation will now add to the list of future prisoners the mentally ill.   At least Big Pharma can swing by and sell their great drugs to the Government as they will have an immense client list.  As I can see this happening to anyone who has depression, anxiety or any other "mental health" issue being "diagnosed" with a much larger scale problem in which to label and drug into submission.  See the growth of ADHD as proof.

The article is attached here.  And true there are clear individuals who should not have guns at all. But there is no solution no real ideas offered in the article, just accusations and hand wringing and of course shoulder shrugging.  Thanks I can manage to do without it as my arms already have enough to bear. 


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