Sunday, December 22, 2013

Feather Me Up

If you are looking for a fun way to change your looks temporarily then try feathering your hair. Yes there is that way with scissors or another way with feather hair accessories.

My friends at have the options and tools necessary to play with your hair and leave a mark without making a mess.

The family at Fine Featherheads (and yes it is a family product) does everything in-house.  Their products are gifts from them to you - from the production, packaging, shipping to the internal customer service is done on order and with the extra special love and fun that makes them unique in more than just products.

Take a look at fine featherheads best sellers page.  It includes the original Tail Feathers and DIY Feather Hair Extensions that lend color and spirit to their Hair Chalk, a temporary color splash that is easy to put on as well as wash out.  Other accessories include the Fly Ties and Quill Clips that can be used to add your extensions or just for easy knots and ties of the hair kind.

Hair is an accessory and from color to styles to add on accessories you should put your head forward and try something new and be someone different. 

Be you an individual or a Salon looking to expand your product line, Fine Featherheads can accommodate you easily with necessary videos, how to-s and more importantly that hands on service that you find from a true home grown business.  That is the true definition of sustainable.

Join the tribe, spread your wings and try a feather in your hair and fly. 

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