Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Familiar Story

There are stories that often sound like those you know.  This story rings all too familiar. And as the New Year bells ring for me I am leaving my story for awhile but to know that there are others who need to be heard and then you move on and learn.

I first read about this case in Salon. I recall sharing this with an Attorney who dismissed as nonsense. And of course the prosecutorial and judical misconduct that parallels many cases regardless of kind. One wonders if anyone ever finds fairness or justice in any court.

 Then I found the story about this woman in Missoula who appealed her case and she has moved on. I don' t know what happened to Miss Dowdy but I hope that in this unjust world she has found some justice.

It is hard to get people to believe and even harder to get them to help you even if they do but then there are always one or two who show up and try to do the right thing.  They exist but the story still remains... watch, learn and realize that everyone has a story. 

My new years resolution is to put my book and story on the shelf for awhile and to move on for some that is not always easy.

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