Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Power of the People

We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence,[note 1] promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

I am over the idea of power of by and for the people bullshit. For a free country for a sustainable country we either need to actually practice what we wrote over 200 years ago or just give us the cliff note version One that says: hey if you are rich, can afford legal representation or can buy governmental ones then good on ya. Everyone else suck it up and accept your fate accompli.

That is America the land of equal opportunity, the only color that matters is not in fact the color of your skin it is the color of your money. And that is one size, one color that fits all equally.

I definitely believe in the power of the people but to do what exactly that of which I am unsure. Clearly voting is a challenge either by choice or by order. Funny when that right to vote, that you don't "elect" to use (pun intended) is taken from you then you suddenly love that 4th Amendment right as well. Wow the Constitution has never been waved so proudly or so wrongly in so many directions of late.

We have human rights and we have civil rights they are at times mutually exclusive. We have access to civil justice but its crap. We have access to health care but its crap. We have access to education but its crap too. What exactly do we have that establishes a more "perfect" union? The right of free speech seems to be about it. The whole religion thing well that is true if you are Christian, all of those other God but not Jesus fearing ones, well those we do not trust.

I heard a young man in a class yesterday say to his fellow student, "you are hypocrite, you talk trash about everyone else but when they say anything back you get mad." This kid was 14... wow I wanted to adopt him right there.

Yes, I love kids and not in that faux Constitutional way where you wave them about proclaiming "what about the future generations or children" nonsense you hear. Hell half of these people would go Django Unchained and use the same children for human shields if the gunman at the mall, school, bank or other public forum came shooting while of course waiving the Constitution with the 4th Amendment highlighted.

As a Humanist I believe in spirituality of many kinds. Although now I am digging the new Pope I may wander back into the Catholic Church with the idea that the times they may be changing or there may be a sudden unexplainable death in the near future.

I also believe in people, just not those that are the conventional ones who we are led to believe are there to uphold that document we wave about. Those in the judicial or legal one, those in the medical area or even in education of which I am a part. I am afraid I have experienced first hand in the most hostile of ways the bureaucracy and ineptitude that is a result. When I say afraid I actually mean fear, they are very different.

What I have found is that people in the streets do find one another but we are often lost amidst the chaos that is now what defines civility. We fear change and we fear that which asks us to do so. If change was not possible then that whole walking upright and speaking thing might not have happened.

We are an oppressed Nation, one mostly by self oppression. We have made it easy for those to simply uphold the truth by violating it. We fear truth as we fear change and in turn each other.

I am a Humanist. I proud member of it. I welcome change and then that right was taken from me and in turn I realized that I no longer had that right under my control. So I wondered what that meant for me and how it woudl change me. And then I found out it was not for good. I lost faith as I saw (no I mean experienced)  first hand the sickness that has perpetuated the soul of this country.  I believe in the power of faith just not the dogma and pony show that seems to accompany it. We are a Nation under God but as long as that God has a Jesus then we are fine with it, any other not so much.

I really began to think that it was time to move on and abandon change I once believed and advocated in and then I found that people are out there. I found my soul mate. No, not that kind, a true soul mate that transcends the whole notion of romance and sexuality. That is a concept I have always believed was some Christian tenet to stave off the natural act of sex and in turn ensure monogamy. And who thought of that - men.

Men have and still do have a problem with sex and sexuality. Watching Masters of Sex pretty much convinced me that we way over emphasize the notion of romantic love and sex as a reflection of it. My soul mate is not one I would even consider marrying as it would be akin to an act of masturbation so why bother. Soul mates come in many ways and in many forms. I am thankful to whatever spirit brought this person to the forefront for there is no question it is the most powerful form I have ever met.

But in today's culture and society it is easier to run, hide, dash and dart in the forms of social media and through false connections that we believe validate who we are and where we fit in society.

I still read the eulogies of those who die in tragedy's as I like to remind myself that I did not have the pleasure of knowing them in life but I will remember them in death. I wonder if there is one who would do the same for me. Then I met that soul mate and thought perhaps this might be the one and then you end up wanting to make them proud and to prove to them you are worthy of there energy that they share with you. This is the power of Humanism.

There are people our there and their power cannot be ignored but you need to meet them in order to feel that power and from them change may be a reality as you will no longer be afraid.

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