Monday, August 24, 2020

Covid Chronicles Episode 5

We end, begin, whatever another week in the State of the Union of Covid.  We are now deep into the halfway point of the Corona Era which will likely close out around this time next year if we are lucky. And it is luck at this point nothing else as even science has thrown the towel into the wind and found that it flies six feet, sixteen feet or just stays afloat like the Matrix awaiting to land upon its next victim.

We have another miracle cure or not with plasma. Just this last week over coffee with a friend we discussed the whatever happened to Plasma as it was a big issue in New York as the Gay Elite (aka Andy Cohen) who had recovered from Covid cannot donate blood as the law requires gay men to not have sex six months prior to any blood donation. This is a hangover of AIDS and once again proving that Covid is the new AIDS meets Herpes only we are all getting fucked. So Andy this weekend took to Twitter to complain about that despite the fact that the supposed cure was well not and that demon seed is the new drug of choice so spit or swallow folks, at this point what is left. We have run through Hydrochlorine, Bleach, Hand Sanitizer, Blue Light. Now add to the list, HEPA filters, Prayer, leeches and electroshock.

Yes folks the schools, gyms and any other indoor facility are adding HEPA filtration to the HVAC units with some belief it will suck Covid out of the air like a hooker in hell sucks demon seed cock. Well it swallows about 10% and as a woman I say good enough! The blue light cleanings of course are part of hygiene theater as we are fairly certain touching unless immediately after an infected person has sneezed, coughed, sang, talked and wiped their asses or mouths with their hands touch the same doorknob, package, catsup container or has fucked on the desk right before you got there then maybe you can catch it, if you touch, wipe your face, hands and then just act as if it was fine then fuck you are getting that shit. WASH YOUR HANDS folks and when out and about in crowded areas, even outdoors, wear a fucking mask. I carry paper ones know for the walks to toss the second I am inside and the cloth ones for buses, stores and other sites where I can keep distance and wash the second I get home. This weekend I went with the germs, whoops I mean people, to Governor's Island and when I got home I stripped down so fast and washed all my clothes and took a shower and cleaned my nasal passages with a antibiotic to make sure I was sanitized. The reality of this is we have no reality so you do what you do.

The kids are back in school or not as immediately one college in North Carolina said, see you kids later now get the hell out. I suspect more to follow given what we are seeing in the colleges regarding the behaviors of our best and brightest. If anyone says to me, the future is our children, need to go work with children and realized we are fucked with our without dinner or Covid. I read this in the New York Times and my first thought: I know your parents, the entitled, the liberal and the conservative who are sure they have somehow raised a kid to be responsible and adult. Yeah, that rape problem on campuses the last few years seems quaint in comparison to this. Right here when I read this incident I wondered what this girl was looking for, a date or a case of Covid/Herpes:

On Monday night, he said, he helped a student get back to her room, reminding her that she was supposed to be quarantining. But when he saw her wandering twice more in the next hour as he was posting health signage, he just stood and stared, speechless.

“I hated it,” he said, “but after that first time, my thought was, ‘What are you doing? Why are you out?’ And then, ‘Is your mask on? Am I sufficiently distanced?’ The third time? I just rerouted. I told myself it would be better to just post those rules.”

This is the pandemic police state where we are to stop, scold and bust anyone not following rules or violating protocol. The irony is that few read any of the science let alone the news as in read it, process it and then follow up on it like the issue with plasma when it was first touted three months ago as a potential treatment only now to find out that well its okay. Yet here was Andy Cohen whose best friend is Anderson Cooper but go figure, tweeting hysterically about donating Plasma. Hey but what about the dude on Fire Island who knowingly had Covid and party downed. What happened there? Oh that narrative doesn't suit. But we have had a wedding that turned into a super spreader event in fact killing one person not even in attendance. So again did she receive a package or a contaminated invitation? No one of the guests came home with a special gift not left behind.

Now the South in its quest to prove that idiocy comes with the territory, literally, continues to be Covid Central. Mississippi once again tops the list which is a change or not if you are looking to where that State stands with regards to anything. It tops the bottom ten for education, voting, income and poverty. Yes it is America's own third world state. Visit and see for yourself. Drive through the rural parts and it is akin to things I saw in the West Indies. Two places I will never go again as it is simply too heartbreaking as the people are not the problem, the leadership, or lack thereof is. It is the deep South and the racism and classism rule in ways that explain it all. Status and quo go out of its way to meet.

Planning a last minute getaway, go ahead the quarantine rule by the CDC has been lifted. It is supposedly in place here in New Jersey and New York and of course the reality is that it is utterly unenforceable and that there is no contract tracking/tracing in place or if it is it is dysfunctional so again that falls to you to figure out what to do. If anyone believes an "enforcement patrol" is tracking you to your hotel and checking in or requiring the hotel to monitor you, get real.  That is laughable if not pathetic as many are now closing down permanently due to this so the last thing they are going to do is ycall the 311 number on a paying gues. This is more Covid theater and posturing by the Three Stooges of NY and NJ.

 What it means  and always has, is this falls to personal responsibility,  but that is not how we do things here clearly, see the College kids for proof. You can be afraid, very afraid, you can be aware and do your part or you can go fuck it and hit the road. Whatever. I again have a rule: I take care of myself and don't presume anyone does so I do my best to avoid any situation that could put me at risk and then when I do something like go to Governor's Island I quarantine for 72 hours to see if I have symptoms as again that is the reality of most viruses... this 14 day window I have never understood as again that would have required tracking, tracing the person's footsteps to the point of contamination, pin pointing the source and the date this happened. This 14 day thing is just a cover to allow for the testing which "coincidentally" takes what - 14 days. I did the same after the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and anywhere I go with another person as I have no clue what the deal is with them and I assume they are fine but I am careful. Its really why I hate doing anything with anyone at this point and will again go out of my way to not, see the Wedding for clues on that one.

And once again Europe relies on science to test theories and threw a concert to see what spreads. This I find interesting as in reality we are nowhere near here in America opening any closed theaters for Broadway, Symphony Halls or concert stages anytime soon. The Museums that are opening are doing a hell of job and even the Governor's Island required timed tickets but the reality is we were crammed in lines and on boats where we could distance but I would never go on a weekend again until wintertime. Sorry but no. It is all about close contact, length of time of contact and one's own immune system and protections from contraction. Those masks really aren't cutting it but they do offer some console in the case of going to Museums etc. I am going next week and my goal is to keep moving. Anyone within three feet (as again that goal post has changed so much that it is pointless but I go with that) I move away from. I really should be thinner with all this moving but the booze is a calming agent and well without gyms and instructed exercise it is not the same. That is my second loss of time being able to go to Yoga, the gym, Barre Classes and dance. This is all really boring times ten and talking to others is not an exercise that I am finding useful in the least as most people believe what they choose to believe, not what they actually know which requires time, investigation and research. I was surprised this weekend by companion to the island had never heard of furloughing or what that was, job sharing or that New York is NOT a right to work state as is Tennessee. He seemed certain it was and I pointed to the numerous unions that sway power over the area and that if they are telling you you can be fired without just cause that is an employment agreement but it is not the law and likely would get tossed in court if challenged over a termination. Again few really know shit about much and I spend most of my day after a conversation hearing, "I have learned so much from you." I miss that FROM KIDS. I NEVER heard that once in Nashville, another city on the skids thanks to Covid.

This economic fallback is about how states and cities budget and their revenue stream. The New York Times and the Wall Street Journal have been covering these issues as they note the migration out of the city and the state now with more companies having work at home orders in place through next year. The reality is that tax revenues that come from property taxes is one source that will be evident next year but the more immediate sources of sales taxes and income taxes are already showing their underbelly. Hence Nashville is finally admitting that they have a deep problem and its bookend, Seattle, will as well. Both cities run on the most regressive tax policies ever and this will destroy their funding for schools and defund the police regardless, without federal intervention and rescue. Yes folks red and blue states are fucked, as I like to say that is Covid, the Herpes and AIDS of the 80s and 90s, we are all getting screwed this time without actual penetration. So much for safe sex. Glove up, Mask up folks. And keep moving.

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