Sunday, June 21, 2020

Panic at the Disco

The idea of going back on into circulation doesn't bother me as I have never left it; however, that was because no one else was out there with me.  I have ridden PATH trains, taken Ferries and walked all over NYC and Jersey City many times. I have gone to the market, my local coffee shops and any of the open shops to fill pantries and fill my coffers. True I have had to rely on online to shop for extraneous items as I am now on my third attempt at redecorating my apartment, being confined does that.  Or I am that bored.  I have baked way too much, not worked out enough and am splitting my seams waiting to get back to a routine that includes the gym and yoga.  That said I will go in with my own mask, gloves and clean everything before and after I touch the lot, strip down the clothes and wash those and follow the same protocol I have been doing since mid March.  I rarely did food take out or delivery and that has not changed as I was a once a week kind of person but oddly now with more restaurants opening they still have that option available so on that note it seems like a great time to take advantage as the last thing I want to do is be crammed in with people shoving food and drink in their faces and the droplets and air filled with toxic spit.   I feel for the servers as nothing is going to stop that train as it crashes into the station. And for now the same goes with hair and nail salons, my spa however is a private facility and that I will go to to sweat out some of the calories I have shoved into my face of late.

I am not shocked to see the herd mentality kick in as this shut in shit can only go on so long but why was simply because they had not a fucking clue and this continues with the phase plan and the idea that this somehow will stop the spread. No it won't it simply curtailed it for a moment the rising numbers in States that opened earlier prove that.  My favorite explanation by a dipsht Okie as the Trump Dump last night was this, "“If it is God’s will that I get coronavirus that is the will of the Almighty. I will not live in fear,” said Robert Montanelli, a resident of Broken Arrow, a Tulsa suburb
Continue reading the main storBy late morning in Tulsa on Saturday, a steadily growing line of rallygoers had assembled. Some had traveled significant distances, but many other attendees were Tulsa locals or came from nearby states, like Kansas and Missouri, or elsewhere in deep-red Oklahoma. The crowd was overwhelmingly white, and most people ranged in age from their 40s to their 60s, though a sizable number of attendees also brought their children.

“It’s all fake,” said Mike Alcorn, 40, who works in maintenance and lives in Wichita, Kan. “They’re just making the numbers up. I haven’t seen anybody die, not from coronavirus. I don’t even know anybody who’s got it.”

And few actually do, or if they do it is all second hand information and those that have had personal experience as one of my Barista's have it is because he has long tentacles into the community and in turn is a drama queen at some level so the of the two he knows, one is dead.  I have heard of four in my building but again that is about the level of how Covid has affected others.  Heard of, know of, read of or don't know anyone.   And that is what we see now. The media does a great job of finding and eliminating sources who fit the bill of the profile they are trying to create.  When it was all seniors and meat packers one would think it was everywhere and in fact it was as again that is the true death numbers, those elderly, those poor and living or working in confined spaces.  But the numbers we are given will never be accurate so I have given up believing any of them and it appears no one else does either, hence the race to the restaurants day one, phase one. Or is that two? Who came up with this bullshit plan? I see Igor Fauci's dirty unwashed hands all over this.

But to give this endless number parade a perspective, we have to look that two factors really contribute to the numbers -ageism and racism - as those two components really figure into some of the major death counts. And by looking at the numbers it appears that is true.  As it stands  the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, reports that 8 out of 10 of the people who have died of covid-19 in the United States so far were 65 and older.“The COVID-19 emergency gives us the opportunity to examine health inequalities in the U.S.,” they write. “It gives us a chance to look again at the way Americans view and treat older people. And it lets us look at how pitting generations against one another only leads to disaster.

And the racial component is another. Across the United States, we are seeing alarming statistics about the disproportionate toll of COVID-19 on Latino and black people. In New York City, the New York Times tells us, coronavirus is twice as deadly for these minorities as for their white counterparts. In both Chicago and Louisiana, black patients account for 70% of coronavirus deaths, even though they make up roughly a third of the population.
At Massachusetts General Hospital, where we practice, an estimated 35% to 40% of patients admitted to the hospital with the coronavirus are Latino — that's a 400% increase over the percentage of patients admitted before the outbreak who were Latino.

All medical care is done via the  Crisis Standards of Care guidelines, which are utilitarian and aim to benefit the greatest number of people while treating "individual cases fairly." It, however, defers to a system that penalizes on the basis of comorbidities, and will undoubtedly and unfairly penalize the populations that are already more vulnerable to those conditions, aka, largely faces of color who have extraneous health problems; Racial disparities already existed in medical care and Covid just exacerbated it.

And there is the belief that being young is somehow a natural preventative. Well as Covid is killing off the old and faces of color where do you think the wheel will land next when it stops spinning? I will let you guess on that one.  As for the children with the mysterious illness well that was yesterday and apparently that too is over? Or is it? Hell if I know you Google that one.

My friend in Tennessee went to Florida on vacation and that is the state of mind and being when it comes to the young.  I, however, think the second wave is this happening right now. And as we reopen the cases will spike again but they have already let the horse out of the barn and it is too late to close the door, so minor punishments like no sports, crowded auditoriums or the like will be the most significant loss in the months to come as they have nothing else to deprive us from.

We are over 40 Million strong unemployed and the reality of jobs and coming back to fully functioning offices is a distant future as that we were dumping folks fast and furious. So once the plates have been cleared and the check paid,  start planning now for a serious recession.  As the unemployment office is still trying to catch up and add to that the immense fraud and theft going on (I spoke to a woman whose entire UI check was taken from the bank when she went to withdraw it). And she is a waitress and unsure about phase two opening and what that will mean. So eat up there folks!  I note that almost all the buildings in the area are having massive move outs, some in but most are vacancies and more will follow. Most of those moves are because there were few buildings allowing it and fewer movers available, that will be the biggest log jam ahead as the eviction moratoriums are up, the use of damage deposit for rent has been used already so next up is out and back home or to cheaper alternatives.

The New York Times did find that for many, particularly Millennials (my favorite group!) are the ones most likely leaving but with plans to return (please don't, thanks);  but despite this little adjustments are being made to rents which is not surprising as Landlords have a huge tax and mortgage issue coming due in the months ahead and the belief that this is all just temporary. Sure what.ever.

Then the bills and costs of Covid are starting to arrive in the mail despite the Government's promise to cover the costs for uninsured fully and the difference of those insured and their deductible.  And of course costs for the test which seem to vary widely are also covered but the point of the test is that it only tells you are negative now but you are not immune.  Even the antibody tests are not conclusive so don't throw out those masks quite yet.  Ask this guy about his bill, or these billings.  And more and more stories about bills and costs are coughing up all over the place.

So enjoy today's Father's Day brunch and realize that the person shoveling in Eggs Benedict next to you coughing and laughing has nothing wrong with him at all, its just allergies, right?

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