Saturday, June 20, 2020

Change? I have none

When asked for spare change or a dollar what is your normal response?  Most people don't carry cash and right now there is an actual shortage of change due to the pandemic and closing of businesses that deal with coins to put into circulation, so as we come out of lockdown we soon will be back to those pesky pennies clogging our wallets.  Or not, given that most of the idiots that define America are sure Covid is contagious by touching stuff.  Sorta, kinda, not really.

As we are on the precipice of immense change and the desire to secure equality and parity for a long marginalized group in America, we have to again acknowledge all the disenfranchised, those who may not share one skin color but share the oppression and suppression of rights via those empowered to actually make change and in turn enforce it without billy clubs, tasers, or guns.  And those are the many many white faces that dominate our State legislature, the Municipal offices, our Federal one and more importantly our corporate boardrooms.

Let's us look back to the Occupy movement about how many CEO's making 200 to 400 times the income then their average employee.  Let us look back at the Women's movement who demands equal wages, a bill established via the Lilly Ledbetter fair pay act and where are we now? Then we have the Women's March for Our lives. Or were are we with regards to the ERA being reopened for passage as and issues surrounding women's reproductive rights?  Quietly right now while Tennessee is struggling with immense budget issues, civil rights issues they are passing another attempt to stop a woman's right to choose with a fetal heartbeat bill. This is a state through varying other micro-agressions in the form of  laws to stop voting, to prevent LGBQT rights and of course the rights for Immigrants. While this week gave two Supreme Court rules in favor of those there is nothing secure in any for either as States do their best through single laws quietly passed, some under the concept of religious freedom and that act that enables this bullshit to go on.  Want to marry in Tennessee as a Gay Couple? Good luck you will need a licensed Minister or Public figure to do so? Adopt or Foster? See a Therapist? All under the guise of religious freedom that is denied to many who are not good hetero normal couples? Good luck in finding health care for those of color and seeking counsel to get birth control let alone medication to treat an ongoing condition if you are poor and of color, happen.

I lived in Tennessee for three years this was the extent of the engagement regarding Juneteenth and note where of all places it occurred.  I never understood any of it with hundreds of absurd markers designating racial, sexual oppression as if that was sufficient and yet they were blatantly ignnored if not strange as fuck.  That is what are cheaper versions of statutes.  Yes look folks we give a shit.  Again I never met any individual who was Black and did not live in public housing, and that was their legacy. What the flying fuck? And all of them with a strong Police presence, especially during the summer as that is when violence was at its peak.  Again irony that the draw of the 4th has been canceled in Nashville as that had to be the most horrific time to be there next to CMA fest.   The sheer level of white trash drawn to the city and the level of booze coupled with ignorance left many who worked there in dread.    Funny there was more crime on the tourist strip then anywhere else but the media buried those.  One way to allow to prove how Black lives mattered was by focusing on the violence that plagued their communities, labeling it a problem and therefore enabled if not excused police violence.  More bullshit. 

So march away folks as you have work to do.  I am not sure where we are going except we have a new holiday, having horrific statues torn down, and some minor reforms. But it is doubtful any will be replaced with Black faces, of Women, of those Latino or Gay or Asian or any other group that were significant in the building of America. Oh yeah and the one's we took it from.  And you can change behavior but can you actually change beliefs and minds. That one takes a busload of time. Literally a busload.  The Million Man March had a purpose, does anyone remember it? Did anything change as a result of it?  Messages get lost like those in the bottle and they float out to sea and come ashore and tossed aside after being read as some sort of note on ancient history.

And the strongest method other than holidays, statues and listening (god I don't want to actually HEAR anything more about that subject ever) is finding economic parity. From that comes a standard of living that helps families build community, make headway into economic growth, attend schools and fund higher education and have options to socialize and integrate in natural organic ways that enable everyone to meet all kinds of people in their "natural habitat." When you force people together you get just that, forcing people together under some belief it is doing good, you know like Busing. See how that worked out.

Another is examining how such wonderful stupid ideas, such as Opportunity Zones, really work. They are supposedly about jobs but not really.  Having also lived in one I can assure you bars and AirBnb's, and storage units and some bullshit business office complex is not how you build a neighborhood, you in fact are doing just the opposite.  The Hudson Yards in NYC is another example of bullshit on top of bullshit. Yes its' the rich that matter, clearly.

Funding businesses owned by minorities, you know like Bakers who will bake cakes for Gay marriages is way better way to crush those who won't, talk about Capitalism and free market.  And in turn build those industries and jobs that employ those who don't look like Jeff Bezos.  They in turn can establish unions and an other employment based collectives to act upon the whole and make work a functional and productive for all by encouraging and in turn examining what are their hiring practices are and more importantly their work environments are that encourage inclusivity, training, job safety and of course equality.  In other words it will also stop sexual harassment too, remember the other hashtag, MeToo?  Gosh can we have some other issues included in this movement about "inclusiveness?"

Change, it can do you good. But this is always been about white male privilege and exclusivity and they are not going to give it up without a large collective of individuals willing to put up a long drawn out battle with clear objectives and goals in which to mark and meet them.   Spare the change and make the time you will need it.

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