Friday, May 8, 2020

The Mother

 I have said since the beginning that the men running this dog and pony show suck at it.  We need a mother t set this straight.  To find balance and boundaries that work on a larger scale.

For many this has become the norm and the alteration of circadian rythym has made things worse as a coping strategy and for others it seems to work well. Hell if I know but I know that I am in lockdown after 8 until 5 am and it takes a toll on the body to have to be forced to sit regardless of weather or hell for no reason If someone can explain the purpose of curfew then feel free as none of it will actually be valid as it is just a parrot of whatever the White Daddy has said. And we all know he has no clue as it is just bullshit mixed with faux science. Cause a virus doesn't give a flying fuck about the time of day so me going for a walk at 10 pm versus 10 am is fuck all nothing about "keeping me safe" and "stopping the spread." In fact it may be a better idea as there is no one about and nothing open so who am I going to catch/transfer or contact at that time?

Here is another thing, quit with the lottery numbers and naming the dead. I don't know them and the numbers mean nothing as while Cuomo is starting to break them down into type of positives, finding that many were in quasi quarantine and not essential workers which makes their POS diagnosis even more worrisome if not point proven that people are not fucking locking themselves in and even when they are they still letting the evil one in. So how or are they lying? I go with lying.

Cuomo examines who is getting hospitalized
With everything shut down, the governor wanted to see where most of the new cases of coronavirus hospitalizations were coming from and it's primarily downstate, New York City and Long Island. 66% of those people were coming from their own homes and Governor Cuomo found that shocking. He said they were mostly over age 51. 84% of people were at home and not traveling and non-essential employees. The governor said those statistics reinforce the need to wearing a mask, using hand sanitizer and washing your hands, and if you are part of the vulnerable population you need to stay home to protect yourself and maintain social distancing. "It comes down to personal responsibility," Cuomo saidCuomo examines who is getting hospitalized

Hospitals in New York state say only 17 percent of recently admitted patients were working, Governor Cuomo announced on Wednesday. Hospitalizations and new cases continue to decline, but the death toll is approaching 20,000.

With everything shut down, the governor wanted to see where most of the new cases of coronavirus hospitalizations were coming from and it's primarily downstate, New York City and Long Island. 66% of those people were coming from their own homes and Governor Cuomo found that shocking. He said they were mostly over age 51. 84% of people were at home and not traveling and non-essential employees. The governor said those statistics reinforce the need to wearing a mask, using hand sanitizer and washing your hands, and if you are part of the vulnerable population you need to stay home to protect yourself and maintain social distancing. "It comes down to personal responsibility," Cuomo said

And the other day Governor Newsom in California blamed a nail salon as a super spreader. Really? Been to a nail salon? As your hands are in water the minute you walk in, the tools are cleaned and the women wear masks. So the only way that would have happened if a woman was sick went had a mani pedi and coughed all over everyone. That could happen well anywhere and once again cannot say that the salon itself was the reason. So bullshit on that.

This again shows that people are assholes and anyone sick coughing all over the place needs to think about their priorities and having one's hair done, having a manicure or going to a club is probably not a good idea so if anything comes out of this people will check themselves at the door before they leave. And right now the whole taking the temp thing means nothing as you can be a carrier, have no symptoms or have contracted the virus and it has not yet evolved into the next stage which is a fever. And again a fever is not always Covid. But I am willing to say anyone with a temp over 99 as a base needs to stay the fuck home.

Next on the hit parade is the Covid parties. Of course retracted but at this point the media gloms onto Covid like it is Covid. But it would not surprise me as another attempt by the crazy anti vaxx set to build antibodies and of course not have to worry about a vaccination in the future. Go ahead you fuckers given this we finally will make it mandatory that no child can ever set foot in a public school again without a vaccination for all communicable diseases. YAY!

And of course Children are carriers and are getting sick now of some mysterious disease. This means schools folks won't be opening in September or if they do expect to finally face the dream of all Teachers, smaller classes, shorter days, less bullshit about testing, a focus on health and even better nutrition which aids in building the bodies immune system and of course kids not showing up sick, parents helicoptering in schools as that means only those with business are let in. YAY!

A side note is the whole collaborative learning goes out the window, the notion of Teacher as Actor and of course the idea of a curriculum that can be adapted to meet online needs will be the money maker so watch how that plays out in the next year. So if I was going back to Teach I would also want all cleaning materials provided with that boxed curriculum and then at the end of the day I walk out with no homework either nor any contagious diseases. This is a 9-5 job or 7-3 and at the end of the day it is just that. And if we have learned nothing from this all professions need to set those boundaries.

So as we move out of quarantine, we need to start establishing those. And what I have seen of late means it is business as usual when it comes to violence and race. Of course the media when not dropping Covid bombs daily or slavish hero worship of medical professionals the scold and shaking of heads over the the endless brawls that seem to only be about faces of color. I find that hard to believe that only Black folks fight at funerals as they did here this week, stand up to Cops about social distancing, get into a fight at a Dollar Store where a man ends up dead, or get into a fight at the mall. But hey folks you are the only ones the news will cover and that does little to change the dynamic that you are the cohort most affected by Covid and the least likely to get the help you need. So fuel that racist trope and see how that works out for you.  This is where we know Black Lives Don't Matter when it comes to law enforcement but why give them a reason?  Here we know that the social distancing policies are enforced randomly without explanation but I sure as hell would not have a party, a gathering or any encounter that could be open for a 311 call.  Why would I? Well I have personal responsibility and don't want to get sick. So start there.

After living in Nashville I believed racism was an issue that was not a portion of the larger population but an issue clearly related to law enforcement and the Black Lives Matter movement demonstrated that a large portion of people supported and believed that  and demanded change.  And we saw nothing happened. But in my everyday life as well I never heard or saw anything that made me feel it was an issue other that the few racist folk whom I could avoid by well avoiding them. Then I moved there and watched faces of color act in ways that were distressing and the white majority around them enabled it if not encouraged it.   It was then I realized this was an odd co-dependency thing that gave each group power of another. This was then in turn aided by the Churches preaching garbage such as the prosperity pulpit and tolerating abuse as a means of compliance and building character. My little white religious friend from Alabama refuses to see the Biblical texts that encourage if not permit it and denies all of that while well coming from a holy roller family in Alabama, need you say more?

And what is distressing is that mentioning this and even pointing out that the Orthodox community has been constantly challenging vary ordinances and have a history of issues regarding the law and compliance is of course equally racist. No just like pointing out the white trash that are running amok in varying cities and states over the current quarantine shut downs. Yet the educated white elite that have asked questions and been vocal about some of the policies are downplayed as right wing crazies which again doesn't seem to be the case. What we do do is that we make it easy to dismiss and ignore anyone by using a label in which to do so. The reality is that poverty first, discrimination and long term policies, laws and institutions that foster segregation have contributed to many of the tropes we use to validate why they continue. And that may be why when a young black man out jogging is shot to death on camera and it takes national outrage to get the men charged, two months later. And the same for many beaten and killed by Police. Guess what? This will not change and the reality how do we change this? So let's go back to the comment about personal responsibility. We seem to lack it.   We want others to do the heavy lifting and in turn complain when it is not done.  Well it ain't happening now as all of this Covid shit has been dumped on all of our laps.  So there is personal responsibility, yet not.  This is intimidation, threat and of course a use of denial of civil rights, economic coercion and fear to encourage it. Hmm where have I heard/seen this before?.  Hello I got woke that we have never had equal rights, ever. But will we? We have to put aside the differences focus on the commonalities and that may be issues that are about public health, education, unionization and other general factors that cover all races, then after get into the details.  But we are not a cooperative, cohesive nor compromising nation.

Not all Black people are Barack Obama or are all White men like Donald Trump but you see that was and is much of the problem here. A black man who was utterly capable of putting largely a nation at ease and even when you disagreed with him you could respect him as he carried himself with such dignity and a demeanor that allowed you to do so. Now look at women, Hilary Clinton, did not carry herself that way. But to me Elizabeth Warren does. She is intelligent, one of us and easy to approach and yet respect as she earned that and in turn shared that. Trump demonstrates none of that but his narcissism appeals to the white trash/trailer park group who are well, white trash, just as ill educated and under employed, use drugs, abuse women and commit crimes as do faces of color they are just, however; A member of a large tribe and they do nothing but just show up. No folks that is not White Privilege that is just arrogance and ignorance in large scale numbers and numbers matter. Watching the Civil Rights leaders and members of the past they carried themselves with dignity, with a sense of self and pride. They wore suits, dresses, they spoke well and were educated even when education was challenging at best when they were coming of age. So why are we so full of rage? Well people died because of it and for it and nothing changed. Well nothing ever does until you walk in the door and that may be the back door but you can leave by the front. But things have to change and this is the time it will but there is no one here to lead, no faces of color like MLK, Cesar Chavez, Betty Friedan or Shirley Chisolm. There are no Gay leaders who can rise to the challenge as Harvey Milk so who will or more importantly can? Without someone willing to take leadership, to not be afraid and yet face criticism but willing to play by the rules and walk around them to get to that back door and get in we are fucked. Covid can be the best thing that happened or the worst, you decide.  My mother was right about that too, "Take them to a Hotel don't exchange last names get your business done and leave."  We need to get shit done and move on.   Own your evil (and by that I mean your own prejudices and biases) and more importantly fix it.

And as much as I respect Obama he failed to step up. And you have to ask him why as I have no idea other than the pull your pants up speech and maybe that explains it. That the divide between the elite and the not is not about money or color it is just the reality of life. When you move up and out you move on and leave those behind. And we are all now sitting on our behinds waiting for someone to fix or to lead. And in most people's homes it has always been the Mother. We need a woman and we need her now. Put aside any issue that it is about color and that bullshit that gave us Biden as he is not a fresh voice but he is a seat filler and with that maybe Obama might walk in the back door and do something. It is better than nothing. And we got nothing and no one right now. But a leader for the faces of color he is not and has never really been but again there are way better women who would, but we failed there as well. I take my personal responsibility seriously and I wear my feminist trope and it has cost me in life, and I learned that well in the racist, conservative bible belt and I will never understand how all the people there allowed it. Oh wait I do now. Race matters right after the check clears. And the biggest cashiers? Churches. Funny how it all goes back to religion, the biggest racist of it all,  misogynist, and of course the largest denominator classicist. So why Obama was hated?  Yes, he was Black but he was never religious and that is why we have Trump, who is neither, but at least to them he is half of it (and he fakes it better Obama could not do that it is not his character) This is why we have what we have, not race but faith as the common variable in the complex equation of politics, race and equality. We are so fucked and Covid is the least of it.

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