Wednesday, May 27, 2020

The Collective

I feel we have become the Borg, a collective mind unit that is also much like the robots of Westworld, programmed to think and behave in a manner that is about preserving the status quo, pleasing the men who control the world and in turn follow our roles and parts to ensure preservation.  Sounds great.

Again my conversations are limited of late to a small microcosm of individuals within walking distance and despite my ability to walk great distances there is little dialog to be found when everyone is afraid.  Few read, few choose knowledge and few even ask questions as they fear being exposed as the idiot they are.  Funny I have never in my life thought anyone who asked questions was an idiot, in fact just the opposite. But then again this is now and now we are all experts on whatever we want to be experts on.

Today after a quick trip to a Whole Foods in Tribeca I was amazed at how there was not a single cleaning product or paper one on the shelves, but yes there was meat, chicken and tons of other food products, so much for shortages.  But again I find that here in Jersey City the same but I just wanted to ride the ferry and walk in the early fog for a change of pace.  There is only so much walking one can do looking at the same scenery day after day.

The news is of course bleak, stupid and useless but then buried in the headlines was Fauci declaring that a second wave is not inevitable. Funny yesterday I just saw a headline saying that a second bump was happening in States that had reopened. Sure since most of them had few cases to begin with, even less testing and now finally people are actually getting tested to be able to join the living it would be expected.   As for me I have steadfastly refused to test for a disease I have never had any symptoms of nor for antibodies as that would be well odd and it meant I was a carrier, how charming a thought.  Then again....

Today the dueling banjos of Cuomo and DiBlasio are playing the same song with oddly a different tune and Murphy the tres of the amigos is of course saying Jersey is the one state that will have the biggest second wave ever.  Pull out that dick there and brandish it about Murphy, show us what a man you are!

Meanwhile men need to prove their manhood by beating, killing and shooting people as that is how men do it.  The Cops in Minnesota decided to just kneel on the supine black man, George Floyd, as he suffocated to death.  (And again not a new or unfamiliar story here)  I saw that mode of death on Killing Eve, but Eve could not go through with it and the woman was Russian!  The same day was the infamous "Karen" story of the week where a woman calls the cops on a Black Man bird watcher.  The dude looked like Van Jones and just that hobby alone pretty much confirmed that he went to the Ivy League so this was not Bone Thugs and Harmony smoking a spliff in a wooded dense area.  And again if I stumbled on either I would wonder what world I had entered to find this.    It was broad daylight and she had a dog, run bitch run or not.  But I want to point out that a few months earlier a young woman had been killed by "thugs" in Morningside Park and they were minors who stabbed her death which led to much consternation here given that again it was young black males and the Central Park Jogger is a story that lives on in the great film, Then They See Us.

I am not sure how I would confuse an attractive bespectacled black man for "wilding youths" but okay and then if he is kindly asking me to leash my dog not shouting, "Hey whitey I'll cut a bitch" or whatever the youth are saying now, and offering a treat to my dog, at this point I would be right there trying to figure out if he was single.  Then likely I would be the one he would be calling the Cops on as I was not "socially distancing."  Its been a long quarantine.

I do think he was right to film her as well being a black man doing well anything is a red flag to be killed so he did the right thing.  But that was the end. No one was harmed nor any reason to continue this but nope it gets put on social media and "Karen" was outed.  She is clearly a troubled woman and I want to thank the media for endlessly covering crimes on young white women by black men and of course the endless police violence on the same does make one wonder what do you do anymore to resolve fear. Well try just getting the fuck out of there. This is personal responsibility folks pre-pandemic.

The end result is she now is unemployed, her dog has gone back to the rescue organization and what does any of this do.  She needs counseling and support and a job where she has no customer contact, her company could put on her on leave, get her the counseling she needs and in turn enable her to perhaps move to a less urban area where there are black people who she fears.  I hear Wyoming is nice.  Even the gentleman is regretting that it went that far, yes he should as well as that boomerang will come back in his direction and it will not be good.

Then later coming into my building the Concierge informed me that the second round of stimulus checks are coming and when would they be arriving? What? Uh no. Two of the workers have told him repeatedly that this is true and again this is not new here as another one told me that his friends had received "Trump Checks" even before the stimulus had been approved.  I again did the same thing, printed up the news stories from the Washington Post and the New York Times that discusses the second stimulus and the Republican position on that which is negative so where they are getting this shit is beyond me.  I am fucking sick and fucking tired of being the go to for people who simply refuse to hear truth.  The two workers walked out before I finished explaining this so I knew that they did not want to be shown up by a woman who actually knows something and that is why men sit in bushes and do more than watch birds.   Again, I get the fear but what that woman did was insane, falsifying a police report and the next time a sinister character is lurking in the park bushes the likelihood of someone coming in response drops.   Thanks "Karen."

And of course this all goes back to why having clear leadership, someone to explain facts, discuss fear in a productive way and enable people to be heard and try to reconcile the confusion that we face when a conflict, situation or individual confuses us in ways that do not allow us to respond in rational manners.  This pandemic is such a situation where people are so fucking confused they simply refuse to bother to learn facts, like the two workers here.  And today I read another historian who wrote a book on the 1918 Flu Pandemic and has two words about our Governments response:  Incomprehensibly incoherent 

That, I am afraid is a larger problem than Covid.

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