Friday, April 3, 2020

What Have We Learned?

Well not a lot apparently.  What I have learned is that people are really stupid, really selfish and really really ignorant despite it all.  I already knew that after years in public education and that was driven home after living in Nashville for the last three years so to say that is any different here in Jersey City would be well shocking, no, not really.  The only difference is the immense multi-culturalism and that most people are liberal.  We have a strong secular community of primarily Orthodox Jews and Catholics given the pre-disposition of Irish and Italian immigrants that landed just outside my window at Ellis Island a century ago but the emphasis and dogma of religious sectarianims is fairly non-existent in the population at large.  But it also explains why we have such an immense outbreak in the region.

But let's talk about the supposed intelligent sophisticated set of New York.  We can start with Andy Cohen of Bravo who is very social and very busy air kissing his elite friends and well he has tested POS.  Then we have Chris Cuomo the brother of the now beloved Governor who was berated prior to his testing POS about wanting their mother to live with him using such charming expressions that including KILL her.  Italians are very expressive.  Then we have of course now another CNN Anchor Brooke Baldwin testing POS she better not have infected her New Year eve drinking buddy, Don Lemon.  And as the famous continue to come forward like they are the proud warriors wearing the Scarlet Letter "C" to prove that there is no stigma in being POS, I can only remind myself of another virus that begins with an H to remind myself that we are not better just different.

Now many of the wealthy who travel have been either a-sympotmatic or are carriers and in turn infected, inadvertently, natch the poor who serve them, the same poor that are now the essentials who are running our errands, shopping for our Lattes, food and delivering them in contactless delivery. Tip those people you cheap fuckers.

So we can see as we look at the hot zone as each zip code is finally released where the main transmission has occurred and we can be pretty sure that much of it was just as they believe 1 to then 2.5.  And then I read this moronic piece in the Cut today and wow that confirmed it.

There is so much wrong there that I cannot stress enough that while we are relieved that nothing serious happened other than Covid and its stress there is nothing that will cure that kind of stupid.  Let's take a look at this in some detail.

My husband Patrick woke up that morning annoyed, his whole body hurting - okay so did she not have a thermometer to take his temp as they have two children so they should have regardless of the rush on them at CVS.

I let our toddler run around the park, his chubby fingers reaching for the railing of a bench, a wooden table, laminated names of plants strung around a tree.  Well let me see what is wrong here during a time where we are to practice "social distancing" that she did not think to even put gloves on the kid regardless or a leash even. You are kidding me.

Walking another block down to a grocery store, where I struggled with bare fingertips to pull the basket off the arm of the stroller where I’d slung it. I loaded everything onto the conveyor belt before realizing my credit card was in a different coat. Apologizing profusely, I fled the store red-faced, leaving all the groceries I had just touched sitting next to the woman behind the register.  So let me understand here that you had no protective gloves, that your husband was just exhausted despite the warnings and you drag two toddlers through a farmer's market and then to a grocery store. Sure I get it I really do.

Now here is the kicker her infant only weeks days earlier had serious health issues with vomiting and projectile diarrhea... yes folks the infamous issue of virus traveling in droplets.  The Doctor being well a Doctor of course did not think Covid as well they probably had not been to China but then without knowing every single person contacts, their health history and current state of health this becomes a maze of guessing and dismissing anything cause who the fuck is doing that!?   But it appears he also failed to ask the Mother or take any data at all even after the second visit to the ER.  Excellent medical care there!

Oh wait: A couple of close college friends are sick. Too tired to parse who would be better able to handle such an imposition, or how we would even handle the logistics, I messaged them both the same question: Could you take the kids if Patrick and I both had to go to the hospital.  Okay so maybe they had the virus, ya think?  Time to think about that family that you left to come to the big city and maybe move back.

We have now moved forward to a series of Lemonity Snicket events that are pretty much confirmation that this woman is an idiot and she breeds.

And while I agree on the CDG issue this woman says this:  The overwhelming feeling of New York City in the pandemic is, for me, the fact of our aloneness. There is no doctor to see, no tests to confirm what we already know.  Really did you not with the Pediatrician and see the news and call Urgent Care and get tested or at least try? I guess no. So until the Author gets her ass to a facility and have her family entirely tested to ensure they are in fact POS and in turn get some help in their home as this illness is not something to do alone and again mocking others for being out while you yourself just left a sick partner and have a child already struggling health wise tells me that this person is not personally responsible and respectful of anyone.  Sorry folks I save sympathy for the dying who did nothing but try to live on without putting themselves at risk and yet were still exposed.

I am beginning to understand here why they are cracking down on this bullshit and we are in the precipice of martial law as it is clear here that people are fucking idiots.  And this brings me to this story.

This is the WTF moment:  Journalist Alice Stockton-Rossini hosted a 90th birthday for her mother last month in New Jersey. At the time, the radio host said, she had no idea she'd been infected with coronavirus while covering an outbreak in New Rochelle, New York.

"Every member of my family has tested positive except for my son," she said. "Not all of us had the same symptoms. They really have to test people that are having a variety of symptoms -- not just the big three: fever, and cough and lethargy."

Okay we were already aware it was bad at that point that the National Guard had quarantined the area and she did not think that hey I am here not exactly talking precautions in social distancing guidelines or even my own limited knowledge about how viruses transmit and sure go into a hot zone. Really? Then at that point throw a party. Really, Cause we knew what happened in Seattle and this woman is a Journalist.  Really?

There is no cure for stupid and we have seen that with the Pastors of Churches, families who are throwing bashes and funerals and the rest without thought and again that proves my point that stupid spread way faster than Covid.

So what have we learned? Not a bloody thing.

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