Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Grubby Hands

Today Whole Foods announced shutting the door to Bryant Park store in NYC with no explanation.  I suspect a POS test there.  In the interim they have too many requests for delivery so now it is a wait  list and assigned times for those assessed I am sure using an algorithm that determines how much money one has spent in the past and a prediction of spending in the future, which means I am in high zone there.  But again I loathe the experience and actually enjoy shopping as it is pretty chill with mostly professional shoppers and a few crackpots but otherwise its good.

As for food shortages that may be in some cases and regions as they have had shutdowns of Tyson plants and now Smithfield for Covid positive tests that require cleaning.  Funny they have had a history of issues that have contributed to food borne illness in the past but sure now you care.  And in turn we have immense waste of food due to shut downs of commercial kitchens and businesses that are large vendors and users of dairy and other produce.  The diversion of said products has not fully been realizzed.  So here we go with that hysteria next and I love cheese and found a moldy block the other day from my failed attempt at hoarding and obsessively shoving food down my face in panic mode.. oh wait. No. But now due to that I will regret wasting that excellent cheese.

But there are also supply chains and transportation issues that have come from this pandemic and truckers who are now essential workers and have to commute through hot zones with fewer rest stops and sanitations are at now pushing the pedal to the medal. And this is a field that had a major labor shortage are now being pushed to the limit.

I also noticed this week we have fewer take out options as one after another close with the endless restrictions and loss of consistent business have led to closures which I suspect will mean permanently after this ends.  And this includes fresh bakery and other items that you take for granted in the best of times, now you really want a Baguette to go with that cheese. And to this the absurd meal delivery services which are expensive and often equally wasteful are not a better option as they too are facing shortages, so again stay home!  I need to go shopping.

And we have had a massive amounts of complaints about GrubHub delivery agents who are thieves (not a new problem) and signing up to basically jack food so this again seems to add already fraught situations more issues  and more frustration.  Same with Instacart. Go figure. And all of these poor people that do tryy to do the right thing are jacked as well, go figure.   So every time any jackass says to me stay home I will go YOU FIRST.

 And one of the factors of this is the endless fees and costs associated with the delivery agents which was an issue before this began and why I never used them and when I did immediately regretted it (many have or had their own and in that case it was not an issue)  so when another moron whom I was discussing the issue of these and why  I loathe delivery and prefer to pick up and tip directly the actual workers in the restaurant, she said she is doing it to save the business. I had no time to correct that as again I am done with stupid; Now that we are FORCED to stay home and rely on others to do all of it nothing says opportunity to pad the bill.

And when the next Executive Order is signed by Daddy I am going to do what all children do, send them the bills.

DoorDash, GrubHub, Uber Eats accused of charging 'exorbitant fees,' using 'monopoly power'
Nathan Bomey, USA TODAY

A new lawsuit against the major food-delivery services accuses them of charging "exorbitant fees" and forcing restaurants to raise prices for dine-in customers.

In the lawsuit seeking class-action status, several customers allege that GrubHub, DoorDash, Uber Eats and Postmates have "monopoly power" that they wield against restaurants and consumers.

Their fees range from 13.5% to 40% of purchases, the lawsuit says, adding that the companies "prevent competition and limit consumer choice."

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"Specifically, Defendants use their market power to impose unlawful price restraints in their merchant contracts, which have the design and effect of restricting price competition from competitors in order to maintain ... market share."

The lawsuit, which is not tied to the coronavirus pandemic, accuses the food delivery companies of forcing restaurants to charge "uniform prices for restaurants" menu items throughout all purchase platforms, preventing "restaurants from charging different prices to meal delivery customers than they charge to dine-in customers for the same menu items."

That restriction qualifies as an "unlawful price restraint," the plaintiffs allege.

GrubHub declined to comment Tuesday. Representatives of DoorDash, Uber Eats and Postmates weren't immediately available to comment.

The plaintiffs – Mariam Davitashvili, Adam Bensimon and Mia Sapienza – said that if restaurants were not restricted from doing so, they could charge lower prices for food sold through their own delivery services or food sold for dining in.

They filed the lawsuit Monday in a federal court in New York.

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