Wednesday, April 8, 2020

False Gods and Idols

Right now we are suddenly worshipping Medical Professionals and other first responders along with Grocery clerk, errand runners and other lowly paid individuals who are now defined as "essential workers" who are the lowest rung on the economic ladder other than Physicians who at least have some higher education other than that no.  Remember when they told you that having a degree would enable you to earn more well it depends on the degree and when the shiny keys are thrown in your direction. Well right now they are being literally thrown to the Valet and he/she is in charge of your survival. Remember to tip well.

Remember STEM? Remember Student Tests and the importance of evaluating Teachers based on the students performance of said tests? How is that working for you now home schoolers?  And it appears that online learning has been a big bust. From special needs to English language learners to available broadband this was another farce exposed in the "wealthiest" country in the world.  Shocking, no not really.  Remember the fad that was going to be free online college learning? I do and what happened there? Oh nothing.  And all of that may be for naught. Big duh.

I was and to some extent still want to teach just a sub as I loathe the politics and bullshit of what has become Education. It always was a pink collar profession and in turn women ran the school house and we know what bitches unhappy women are so go figure.  Then Daddy or literally the token female Administrator who was also a bitch had to run the school like a business with no training or education in business so it was clearly why education was a hot mess as you cannot be both a Teacher or Businessperson.  Kind of like Trump as Business person/President.

I got nothing good to say about my experience in Education other than many of the students who never ceased to amaze me in ways that I still relish and cherish.  How is that home school going with no play time, no music, no breaks Welcome to the school room. Teachers are heroes!

Now the new focus is on STEM and right now that is a fucked up industry on its own other than the big three and even Apple I wonder how they will pull out of this when the tariffs and hating China kick in when this ends.   That timeline is coming and being done quietly behind closed doors.  Meanwhile in the Valley of Doom they are coming to terms with their bullshit of handing money over to a bunch of idiots who are rebranding how to bag groceries, wash your hair and walk across the street.  To that I say good luck and good bye.

But they will always be ahead of the game as they play it better than anyone and this column in the New York Times highlights a great deal of news coming out of this pandemic and what the Valley is doing to aid this crisis. Its not but it is staffing underpaid and unemployed folks to run and get coffee for someone to afraid to do it themselves.

And of course posted yesterday, Laughter is the Best Medicine, about how Nurses laugh at you.   And there are many many earlier posts in the blog that shares one story after another about medical malpractice and negligence;  For the record there are many happening right now as they are in chaos and they were placed there by the for profit organizations who ran them like some sort of experiment in science that FAILED. And many are laying off personnel while shutting doors to others as a way of balancing the budget. EPIC FAIL.

The stories that will come out of this with many being sent home not tested to end up sick and making others sicker to those intubating patients and doing so poorly, untrained and well then neglected or even unnecessarily as it was easier than putting them on an Oxygen regimen and treating with meds and quality care.. again it should be thought of as a last resort will also be debated.  Of course the infamous death panels are now really happening so that worked out in Trump's favor to decimate the ACA!

Now with that do I want us to go vigilante on medical professionals? No just quit the idolizing and in turn respect them, listen to them and in fact try to figure out how we can fix this broken mess in a way that it will never happen again.  But it will ask anyone who has ever been in hospital and experienced first had the neglect, the abuse, the plain shitty care.  We are legion so when a Covid victim who was a Physical Therapist here in NYC refused to go to hospital, Mt. Sinai, came up with a system of checks and video conferences on those released patients and out of 35 only one was readmitted so there is one good story out of this. But again when an employee refuses to be admitted what does he know that we don't.  They are dumps.

As coronavirus fears grow, doctors and nurses face abuse, attacks

By Mary Beth Sheridan, Niha Masih and Regine Cabato
The Washington Post April 8, 2020

It’s hard enough being a doctor in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. But Sanjibani Panigrahi, a psychiatrist at a government hospital in western India, now finds her own neighbors turning against her.

“We are sure you have corona,” one woman recently shrieked at her, she says, — part of a torrent of abuse from residents at her apartment complex. “We will not allow you in the building.”

In some cities, health-care workers are earning standing ovations for the long, life-risking hours they’re putting in to battle the coronavirus. But in others, they’re facing discrimination and even attacks.

In Mexico, Colombia, India, the Philippines, Australia and other countries, people terrified by the highly infectious virus are lashing out at medical professionals — kicking them off buses, evicting them from apartments, even dousing them with water mixed with chlorine.

The culprits are a minority of the population. But Mexican state authorities are so worried that they’ve arranged special buses for nurses. In parts of Australia, hospitals are urging nurses not to wear their uniforms in public, to avoid attacks.

Last week, Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte ordered police to protect health workers after reports of assaults — including one in which someone splashed bleach in a hospital employee’s face.

The hostility has been a shock to medical professionals already under immense strain. Scores of doctors and nurses around the world have died after being infected with the coronavirus. In many countries, health workers are struggling with a lack of basic protective equipment, such as masks.

“I understand people are afraid, but abusing doctors is not okay,” Panigrahi said by phone from the industrial town of Surat. “We are at risk more than them.”

In her case, the harassment ended after local police and politicians intervened, Panigrahi said. Her neighbors apologized, saying they had been frightened by news about the virus.

Coronavirus lockdowns across Latin America send Venezuelan migrants back to their broken homeland

But other health professionals continue to be stigmatized.

A doctors’ association in Delhi wrote to the central government that health workers were being evicted by landlords over their work. “Many doctors are now stranded on the roads with all their luggage, nowhere to go, across the country,” the association said.

“DEEPLY ANGUISHED,” the country’s health minister, Harsh Vardhan, tweeted in response to such reports. “All precautions are being taken by doctors & staff on #COVID2019 duty to ensure they’re not carriers of infection in any way.”

Authorities say the attacks reflect misunderstanding of the virus and the strict hygiene maintained by hospitals to limit its spread.

In one jarring incident, a man allegedly shot an ambulance driver last week in Quezon province in the Philippines. The assailant was worried the vehicle was going to enter a subdivision and spread the virus, the hospital said.

The Peter Paul Medical Center of Candelaria said its ambulance driver was transporting hospital personnel, not coronavirus patients. “Moreover, proper cleaning and disinfection of the vehicle is done on a regular basis,” the hospital said.

The driver survived, with a finger wound.

Scattered attacks have occurred in many parts of the world, including the United States. A nurse in Chicago told the local ABC7 TV channel last week that she had been punched in the eye on a public bus by a man who accused her of spreading the virus.

“Going to and from work in my scrubs, I often watch people take two steps back away from me” — and not just because of social distancing, she told the station, speaking on the condition that she not be identified. “I think the concern is that any health care provider is contagious themselves.”

Authorities worry such fears could erupt in violence, not just against health professionals but medical facilities.

Protesters in Abidjan, the commercial capital of Ivory Coast, tried to destroy a coronavirus testing center under construction on Monday. Videos on social media showed people ripping planks of wood off the structure as police fired tear gas canisters.

Some told reporters they did not want a treatment facility so close to their homes. “They want to kill us,” one told Reuters.

Health Ministry officials said the center was not even designed to treat patients with covid-19, the disease the virus causes, but rather to test for the virus.

Mexican factories boost production of medical supplies for U.S. hospitals while country struggles with its own coronavirus outbreak

Medical professionals worry the attacks and insults could demoralize health workers just when they’re most needed.

“If we continue to harass them, more of them will quit their jobs, and our health-care system would be in danger,” said Reigner Antiquera, president of the Alliance of Young Nurse Leaders and Advocates in the Philippines.

In Mexico, suspicion of nurses is so widespread that many have stopped going to work in their uniforms.

Maria Luisa Castillo, a 30-year nursing veteran, has worn her white uniform proudly. But on a recent afternoon, after working the daytime shift at Guadalajara’s Civil Hospital, it proved a liability. She was standing alone at a bus stop. A bus approached, she tried to wave it down, and it zoomed on by — to the next block, where it stopped and deposited passengers.

“It was clear they didn’t want to pick me up,” the 51-year-old nurse said.

She was among at least a half-dozen nurses in western Jalisco state who have filed complaints of discrimination or other harassment in recent weeks. In response, the state government is providing free transportation for nurses, along with face masks.

Coronavirus on the border: Why Mexico has so few cases compared with the U.S.

Further north, in Durango state, officials summoned bus companies to explain that there was no health risk in transporting health workers.

“We see how in Italy a nurse leaves her home to go to work and people applaud,” said Fernando Ríos Quiñones, a spokesman for the state health department. “But here we see these sad situations.”

He said special buses were now dropping employees off at hospitals, and taxi drivers were offering 30 percent discounts to doctors and nurses.

Sandra Alemán has heard the advice: Don’t wear your uniform in public. But last Friday, while driving to a public hospital in the city of San Luis Potosi for the night shift, the 32-year-old nurse stopped at a convenience store for a cup of coffee. As she was leaving, she said, some children hurled juice and soda at her, yelling, “Covid! Covid!”

When Aleman scolded the children, she said, their mother slapped her in the face. As she attempted to run away, she said, she fell and fractured a finger.

She’s now feeling something she never experienced in her nine years on the job: fear of going out in public in her uniform. Nonetheless, she said, she plans to return to her job.

“When I recover, I’m going back,” she said.

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