Friday, April 10, 2020

Bad Bad Boy

I have written repeatedly that much of the responses by the varying agents of Government veer towards martial law to parental scolding.  There seems to be a catch up game that is now down to a dick off between men to prove who can be more strict and draconian as they under the guise of keeping us safe restrict our civil rights and personal freedom.

The idiot Governor who oddly is not Chris Christie in New Jersey this week shut down all state parks, this after almost all the localities had shut theirs down. So in order to exercise and get air which stimulates good health, reduces stress and in some cases provides respite or even escape from an intense home situation becomes a near impossibility. Instead we take to the streets packed with runners, dog walkers, regular pedestrians, essential workers doing their work, people with baby carriages and children and of course many elderly, compromised and of course sick but undiagnosed. This is working out well.

Then we have of course the endless daily prattle of Cuomo which at first I found useful until it somewhere became histrionic and the endless discussion of his brother which is NONE.OF.MY.BUSINESS.  For the record Chris Cuomo is pretty much standard for the virus unless again you fall into that risk related category.   The CDC released their findings and this again explains why the Black Community is the hardest hit as they have the most significant health related issues due of course to access and availability to decent nutrition, health care and wages that permit this.  Of course the irony is that the former Governor also named Chris would be patient much like Boris Johnson, overweight, likely high blood pressure and a bloviator.  And this applies to the current Governor who just underwent cancer surgery.

Now we can understand why these Daddies are so mad as they fucked this up.  So they are coming down hard on their bad children by punishing all their children for their mistakes.  The New York Times did an excellent time frame history of the errors made by Cuomo and DiBlasio and in turn the tri-state Governor who basically follow lock step into line with the two big Daddies in the national dick off.   And why oddly a Republican Governor DeWine stepped up in the early days and shut it down for no reason YET and why in turn Ohio is in better shape with regards to Covid outbreak. Funny how Trump rarely mentions that in his propaganda talks as well he is not catering to Trump and yet he is a career politician and right wing kook, go figure.

Now as we are into the second month of lockdown as here in Jersey City it began on the 11th of March with each nearby city, Newark and Hoboken, coming in with even more demands (as in Hoboken all residents must have gloves and masks and tickets are being issued) and Newark declaring certain neighborhoods hot zones and in turn only allowing one resident at a time leave (how that is being enforced is unclear but then again Newark so go figure but they are cracking the whip with a ton of citations for gatherings).  We still have a cluster fucks of idiots who just refuse to play nice and in turn justifying why our Daddies are putting us all on restriction.

This is another example of the idiocy of the American idiot which Green Day clearly needs to put back on the stage.  And there are many many more stories like these and they continue across race and class. Again the first case in Connecticut was a wealthy woman's home party for 60 that guests flew to Africa infected.  So while we see the larger at risk populations suffer again much of this seems again on people who rarely read real news, seem to have a belief that they are somehow exempt and in turn just are utterly oblivious to facts.  A quick perusal of Facebook always confirms that when you read on the local Government page (which is how now our Government issues orders not news or sending out a town crier but on Facebook which explains well Russia) and the many comments that veer on just fucking stupid to plain dumb.  My favorite exchange was with a woman who informed me that going to a national park was dangerous and I can stay home and go in my yard.  Yes lady I live in a house with a yard sure I do.  I see why New Jersey has a reputation as I can watch the Housewives and see just where that came from.  And none of these people use state parks or see any of the supposed infractions on behavior that are being claimed by the big Daddy. And yes I have seen people play Basketball and Tennis and again do we know their relationship, their health and other factors that would lead me to ASSUME that they are spreading a virus.  But then again we are not testing anyone unless they meet the PERFECT criteria of the illness in order to get tested so again we are doing a whole lot of nothing with the idea if we put everyone on lockdown that should do it. It is only part of the solution and none of it all at the same time.

I again put this in perspective, guns are dangerous but they are being sold at record rates. Cigarettes cause death and still are being sold. And my personal favorite, booze.  I consider it essential but we know that drinking and driving cause death and we have DUI laws and when caught regardless of the nature of the stop or the individual driving we use junk science and bullshit to convict and in turn destroy lives we still have people doing it.  Hey then lets stop people from driving EVER.  That will stop it!

Then we have the ever moving goal posts of time lines, apex meeting, deaths forecasted and the like. And again as Americans are idiots they don't get even simple math and are aware of how much of this virus is fatal, again largely in the at risk community, it still falls below .04.  But screaming on the television everyday about the deaths and burying people in parks and putting bodies in refrigerator trucks only fuels the endless moral panic to get people to sit inside their homes and well panic.

Here is an excellent article in the Christian Science Monitor about the models that are used often ones that contradict one another and why they diverge with data. But this salient point stuck out:

“No matter what the numbers are, if they are accompanied by pictures of people dying and of graves and trucks carrying the dead ... [people] read the numbers through these narratives, through these stories,” says John Ioannidis, a professor of epidemiology at Stanford University. Such packaging in the media compounds an already stressful environment, he adds, noting that stress affects susceptibility to viral and respiratory infections. “In such a situation, with panic and horror being disseminated, I think we could be doing a lot of harm.”

Now again I READ.  I read only legitimate news sources, not social media not agenda oriented blogs or other sites that have no real fact checking, news gathering and investigative reporting.  ProPublica has been outstanding, of course there is BBC News both radio and on Cable that gives a global perspective and occasionally I do review the local news but they too are hamstrung on budgets and well this will be the death of local news in a sad irony as we see fewer and fewer sources even alt press that at times could step in and actually cover the local end of the story and in turn provide facts. No people rely on miscommunication and misinformation as that is what makes them feel better and confirms their beliefs and thought.. note I said thought as in singular.  We are a myopic, narcissistic nation and this virus exposed that in ways that Trump only dreamed of.

And the media once again plays into that with salacious headlines that was in the Washington Post:  He's Delivering Groceries to You. And He's Risking his life.   Well no he is not delivering groceries to me and if he was I would ask why would he do such as that is a CHOICE.  Be unemployed with the 10 million others.  Again he has a series of problems that seem to veer on attaining regular employment before the virus but okay nothing says hey this works for me a compromised person!    I go to the grocery store myself and wait in line, appropriately attired and am as cautious as I can be. I have always since relocating here had the heavy stuff delivered as it is easier but now I simply elect to have some delivered now to expedite my shopping as being in the store does make me uncomfortable because of the behavior of my fellow shoppers, the hoarding, the hysteria and the overall attitude of fear and paranoia. Who wants to be around that? I find it more distressing that the idea of contracting a flu virus.  Again Covid is a flu virus that has severe health issues for many of which I am one..

But again the medical system was ill prepared and many of these heroes are now being laid off how bizarre as I thought this was the Titanic and this is all hands on deck. Guess not as hospitals are now losing money and this is a for profit business.  And lets ask if those hospital(s) designed for this are actually performing at what it was intended to do.  And I have no doubt that many of the treatments and long term affects of how many patients were or were not handled during this crisis will come to light once over and it won't be pretty.

I try in this blog to provide yes my opinion but it also gives links to real articles from diverse sources and to give as much information as possible. I have never passed myself as anything more than a well informed bitch of serious measure.  I am no fan of people but I am just a contrarian not a full misanthrope but this social isolation and in turn physical distancing (two very different notions) is akin to being in prison. I am not allowed out of my home from the hours of 8 pm to 5 am and when I am I must be attired in a Westworld get up and look at everyone with suspicion and dread.  I am told by my Apartment that any of my orders should be essential and that is whose business and again did the check not clear?  How dare they tell me what to order or not.  I am keeping the economy going by ordering things from retail stores as they will be in deep shit when this is over so if getting those sheets or towels or whatever else I fucking want, need aside, is NONE.OF.YOUR.BUSINESS.  They have shut down the courtyard, the gym and the shared facilities which I also pay extra for. Will they be refunding me for that?  Funny two apartments nearby have opened theirs with directives to maintain distance and not if exhibiting any health issues and to follow a protocol of cleaning any area they touch themselves before and after to ensure safety.  I spoke to the residents and they were happy to accommodate it as they felt it kept them sane and in turn they wanted to do something for not just themselves but their community.  Ah yes that is novel as in new not Corvid but I live here and the residents here cannot even toss out their garbage correctly so I see why ours is closed.  I cannot wait to leave but I have another year and frankly the idea of moving in just a few months is not appealing so I take the stairs and yes I use the gym at 4 am where I am going in the dark to now.  I clean it all before using and after and walk back up in the pre dawn and I stay sane if they want to evict me please do.

Yesterday I was told by Wells Fargo at the only open branch and by open they only have drive through open to not use the drive though it is not safe. So let me see standing right in the middle of the lane, very visible is not safe but I cannot come in despite my costume of state order - masks and gloves - but I can go to branches nowhere near where I live or come in a car.  I cannot access my funds or money near my home but I am to go in a ride share/taxi or public transport to a branch to get cash which puts me at risk in many more ways because the bank doesn't have the necessary shields and protections for staff. So the young Teller told me he would break my cash into ones and fives (the tipping thing) and to NEVER come back unless I have a car.  I see so when I cross the street should I not as cars and everything see me too but who gives a shit, right?  Again this is paranoid behavior. So I filed a Consumer Protection complaint and contacted Wells with this and when over I am done with that crooked bank.  The Manager called and said that all I had to do was call in advance. Really to get cash out of my account I am to call? Sorry I don't work like that and if I just want cash broken up then why not say we are limiting walk ins and please wait like the store or set up a pedestrian only walk up lane.. again I am not the problem you are.  I am just the first to complain.

Shame we did not take that to mean that being socially and morally responsible was a mantra versus the current one which is my business is yours and here is a droplet from my sweat as I run by you and  don't give a shit about you.  Okay then. Or having respect for those who simply want to do the best they can with what they have.  No we don't want that, we want paranoia and fear so that living simply is not living it is just surviving and we don't play well with that game as we have seen on the show that reality tv wrought and brought us one of the winners as a President. Clearly we lost.

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