Tuesday, March 17, 2020


The list of businesses that are closing for the 14 day virus breeding ground period grows, some with pay some without.  When one reviews the rambling thoughts of the forced house bound on Twitter one reads more irrational than rational which means the mental health problems that will occur because of this will in turn grow exponentially with every passing day, myself included.

One of the demands is to shut it all down, banks, Walmarts, Walgreens, public transport, any and everything.  Again fuckwit who is paying for all that and how are you and your supposed old granny that this being done for going to get her adult diapers, her protein drinks and you your Coconut water? That is right through delivery and again who is picking said products and dropping off said products while you hunker down in hysteria posting on social media?

With the current cluster fucking dick off the only adult in the room is of course a woman, the Governor of Oregon, who has been reticent to pull the plug on industry to the extent that Democratic Mayors and Governors are doing. She is voicing caution but she realizes that it is not always possible.   Again let's stretch the Police and Sheriff offices to the end of the wire.   But again note that her dates are four weeks in the ever changing landscape of when this is to end.  Two week, four weeks, six or eight. Which is it? Again martial law is coming people, its here just not in full force.

 For the record the originator of this was DeWine of Ohio, a right wing nut fuck of high order.  Buried beneath his directives is of course voter suppression with delayed primary voting despite a Judge's order to not.  Yes protect the old people, funny in Washington state ground zero for Corvid they have had permanent Absentee voting since 2009 so no worries about getting oldsters sick at the polls. Try that one fuckwit.

Here list the fucker who have the disease, their names, when they were diagnosed and in turn what they did or went to us to know and check if our paths crossed and in turn where we can be tested. Oh wait we can't be. Again this is not about old people confined in nursing homes as they can't escape but their family came in hugged Granny and then went to the movies.   So let me see here you get a cold or flu and you have been to China, know someone who is back from China, Italy or has been sick and now we have to be punished for YOU?  Where is the personal responsibility here? FUCK YOU!  Let's quarantine all the old, the at risk, the potential carriers and name them, every single one of them.

Now in Nashville where if a Tornado did not fuck you up this will. Again no love loss there and I have said repeatedly that I have never met more shady cons like I have there, as the WHOREder proved in this cover story from the New York Times.  If you have not read about this asshole please do as this is the kind of assholes I met on a daily basis there.  He is now being investigated and both Kentucky and Tennessee are working to distribute the items.  Again note: He is from Tennessee and lives in Chattanooga a two hour drive south from Nashville, so he could be doing shit to make things better for their residents but fuck that.  Or how about this asshole.   And again in Nashville the owner of Tootsies is saying the same to request to shut bars.  He is a wing nut of high order and well again when I am agreeing with them I might have a fever.  But as an Adult I have the right to make my own decisions and in turn should take this thing called PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY  to  oversee my actions to determine if I am at risk, take risks and in turn harm others.  But this is also a state working on having open carry so never mind.  I might be the very reasons that this law is not a good idea and why I don't own a gun.

The repercussions of this will be long in coming.  The reality is we now have a manufacturing idea to produce all kinds of medical equipment (as we are its largest consumer), testing drugs and the like that for decades we outsourced so step it up.  And those boycotting businesses that are not paying furloughed workers well that won't last as then you ensure those doors stay closed and the employees unemployed.  You are stupid. Please die of stupidity as even Corvid is not worthy of you.

Again this is a failure of Government and Trump's entire concept of destroying Democracy.   It is working overtime. 

And in red state Tennessee expect no help from the Government there they will rely on the old "up by  your bootstraps" and prayer mentality to solve this crisis.  Good idea.

'Just pray it doesn't last': Hospitality workers face dire days as coronavirus stalls business
Jamie McGee, Nashville | Tennessean | March 16, 2020 |

At the Southern Steak and Oyster on Third Avenue, tables that typically fill with 165 patrons held just 13 at Monday's lunch hour.

A server leaned against a counter in the back to survey the nearly empty room, a respite that would have been impossible just a week ago. A young valet driver sat on a chair near the front entrance, watching the window, but no cars pulled up.

Instead of collecting orders, server Stephen Grinder, 31, considered the spending decisions he and his wife will have to make if the slow pace continues. He came in Saturday afternoon, but with very few customers, he was among those who were sent home, losing an entire shift.

"It's nerve-wracking," said Grinder, who had zero tables at the time on Monday. "It's so slow, it's almost not even worth coming in. I fill up my gas tank to come to work and make $8?"

Throughout Nashville, restaurants and bars are shutting down or cutting hours to help mitigate the impact of the coronavirus. Those that stay open are suffering from major declines in customers as events are canceled and businesses send their workers home.
Slowing at the busy tourist season

More than 120,000 leisure and hospitality employees work in Nashville, a city that has greatly benefited from a rise in tourism during the past decade. For many of those workers, they rely heavily on tips, a source of income that has been decimated by the coronavirus outbreak.

Phillip Donaldson puts down his newspaper to look up towards the TV at the Pinnacle building Monday, March 16, 2020, in Nashville, Tenn. Donaldson would usually have several shoe shine clients by midday, but since people are now working from home due to the coronavirus, he had just one.

At a time of year that typically kicks off the busy travel season, there have been more than 235 meeting and group cancellations in Nashville, representing more than 180,000 room nights and $96 million in direct spending. A portion of that visitor spending typically flows through the restaurants and hotels into the pockets of servers, dishwashers, cooks, house cleaners and concierge staff.

The SEC men's basketball tournament was canceled for the past weekend in Nashville and on Sunday, Mayor John Cooper mandated Nashville bars close. He instructed restaurants to limit seating to 50% capacity or fewer than 100 people.

Ryman Hospitality Partners, a Nashville-based company that owns Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center, recorded nearly 270,000 room night cancellations globally because of the coronavirus, leading to revenue losses of about $132 million. That comprises about 16% of anticipated business tied to group room nights from March to December. Locally, performances at the Ryman Auditorium through April 4 have been postponed or canceled and the Grand Ole Opry has closed its performances to the public.

Ryman’s salaried employees at hotel properties are performing duties normally assigned to hourly and part-time staff to reduce expenses, Ryman officials said in a statement to investors Sunday. Hours have been cut for hourly and part-time staff members.

"The health and well-being of our employees and guests is our top priority, and we are doing everything we can to support our employees during this difficult time," Ryman spokeswoman Shannon Sullivan said in an emailed statement.

Part-time Ryman workers at entertainment venues including Ryman Auditorium, the Grand Ole Opry and Ole Red Nashville will receive at least two weeks of full pay, Sullivan said. Full-time employees at closed establishments will receive pay through April 5.

Some owners are taking matters into their own hands. Country singer-songwriter Dierks Bentley is giving each of his 90 employees $1,000 to help them while his Broadway restaurant Whiskey Row is temporarily closed.

Navigating a new pace and fewer customers

Tom Morales, an owner of The Southern and Acme Feed and Seed, spent Monday talking to bank officials, vendors and landlords to find relief on rent and loan payment deadlines. His insurance company has told him restaurants are not covered for a virus, as government officials are telling restaurants to close because of it. To get through the leaner demand, he is furloughing staff at Acme during the next two weeks. The Southern will remain open with limited hours.

Morales said he was disappointed in government leaders who have not focused enough on helping support workers.

"What I want to hear is our leadership start addressing the common people who live on an hourly wage," Morales said. "They have to understand, we are not the auto industry sitting on billions of dollars."

Rob Mortensen, CEO of the Tennessee Hospitality Association, said his organization is in talks with Gov. Bill Lee, state lawmakers and federal government officials about how to help keep workers afloat as business stalls.

"There are a lot of consequences to this," Mortensen said. "Having our folks who live paycheck-to-paycheck, there is not a place for them to go to."

The restaurant owners, especially those who run smaller operations, also face small margins, Mortensen said. If they shut down, their bills become more difficult as well.

Lee's office did not respond to requests for comment.

But at a news conference Monday, Lee said he knows there will be hardships and asked Tennesseans to step up and do their part, including by helping those impacted by closures.

Instead of taking reservations, The Southern's staff has been answering the phone to cross out another name for Friday night, Grinder said.

"It's mostly because these conventions canceled," Grinder said. "Everything just floated away."

As things have worsened in recent days, Grinder said he has begun to think that more extreme measures should be taken to prevent a lengthier outbreak that will sustain any financial hardships.

"Let's just go ahead and do it," Grinder said. "Let's go hard and fast and get this over with. Two or three weeks of this maybe is doable. Six weeks, I can't do that."
What to know

Yousef Jad, an engineering student at Middle Tennessee State University, waited for cars Monday as a valet from inside The Southern. He had anticipated making extra money during spring break to pay for classes next semester, but that plan seemed to be falling through.

"I work usually at events, but there is no events right now," Jad, 19, said. "There is only restaurants and hotels."

Phillip Donaldson, 65, who shines shoes in the Pinnacle at Symphony Place building, said he would have normally have 10 customers by mid-morning. On Monday, with so many employees working from home, there had been one. Instead of helping customers, he read the sports section of The Tennessean.

"There's nothing I can do about it," Donaldson said. "Just pray it doesn't last."

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