Monday, March 23, 2020

Time Flies..Doesn't It?

No not really we are just at about day 12 when the non self imposed lockdown began for us in Jersey City, New York is just entering actually about day 3 so the ever moving guard posts keep moving towards the 45 day, 90 day, never ending lockdown that we are to uphold to destroy this virus.

Yes we the citizens of the world are responsible for the failings of varying Governments to handle the outbreak in a timely and effective manner so sure we can do this since clearly our elected officials are there to issue threats, enhance scare tactics, start a moral panic (we must not kill the elderly is this message although whoops that seems to be again changing in the ever changing landscape of virus tracking) and ramble on incoherently during massive daily press briefings with little to actually add but can be either entertaining or terrifying depending on how drunk you are.  So glad liquor stores are considered an essential business.

Some of my biggest issues is the lack of clarity, detail and of course transparency.  Let's look at the actual numbers of cases that exist. In New Jersey where I live and can simply go into NYC via PATH or a Ferry or drive in a car I could be a germ carrying nutfuck determined to kill as many as I come into contact.  Its Westworld baby and I am a pissed off robot.  I have to go to NYC to walk as I have run out of places here and Hoboken is closed so going along the Hudson Pier or Seaport makes the day go faster and there are many others clearly doing the same making for social distancing next to impossible, just don't tell Jake Tapper.  I plan on walking with a Hula Hoop attached to me and that should pretty much set the perimeter of closeness I prefer.

So in NYC the cases are right now at 15K and climbing.  Deaths are currently at 107.  Okay let's ask some questions about this.  Where/When.  Start there.    We know from the Newark Mayor that it has three hot spots that are under severe lockdown so how did they determine those three areas were hot spots.  How many tested? How many actual residents in those square miles? When was the first diagnosed/tested case? Where is that person and how is their health at this time - in hospital, at home or did they go to the great cruise ship in the sky?  What was their age and in turn health at the time of diagnosis?  How many did they come into contact at that time and were they all tested and what were the results?  And in turn where are they now in relation to the virus? Their family and others were they tested and where are they?  Is there a big nursing home or cruise ship to place them in/on, you know like internment camps like they did with the JAPS back in the day?

So we have ever growing positives but how were these found/determined.  What was the tracking of said patient(s) to ensure that all contacts have also been tested and again where is the hot spot there? At this point it better not be Tribeca as that is my Whole Foods and Target and other stuff I like. If I am going to die I am going to die with the shit I like surrounding me.  I can see Hoarders making a comeback on A&E... that show was great.

New Rochelle was apparently ground zero and while that asshole Attorney is now alive, good and all I would like to know what the fuck went on there as he had a wife and child and are they fine did they contract the virus and what was that like for them as well.  And again it lead to an entire township be shut down so how is that going? Is that over?  Did the local hospital get overrun with patients and where are they and how many are tied to the asshole Attorney?

Crazy Gramps the other day in one of his Mussolini like propaganda speeches declared himself a wartime President which gives him a fuckload of powers.  Read this article in the Nation about the ability to detain indefinitely anyone suspected of being infected.  Really?

Now you all love Obama and at this point he would be welcome in this crisis but Biden is not Obama and fuck me I am all in for Bernie and why this Convention is not contested is beyond me at this point given that much of the voting has been toyed with, delayed and low on turnout due to the virus but hey let's just swap any old white dude for the other old white dude at this point; However, Obama was not all that and a bag of liberalism as he allowed this to go through to become law.

National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2012.The fiscal year 2012 NDAA included provisions that appeared to both codify and expand a power the executive branch had previously claimed to possess — namely, the power to hold individuals, including U.S. citizens, in military detention indefinitely — based on the Authorization to Use Military Force passed by Congress three days after 9/11.

Okay so the Intercept does a great job explaining the crazy behind that little piece of legislation which while Trump fails to well do anything of essential services and import - you know like food distribution channels free from FDA regulations, same for drugs and testing and of course medical equipment he has zero problems getting ready to ramp up all kinds of cash handouts for Airlines, Hotels and other cronies that have their hands out.. hope they are wearing gloves. The bailout that again Obama authorized was staggering so imagine Trump writing that check and he loves signing big checks.   So this current bill that failed to pass and funny it should have and that thanks goes to Rand Paul who then suddenly after swimming and working out thought he would stop off and get  Corvid test and guess what?  POS.  Well in the new Trumpworld should he be arrested and held indefinitely?  His dad a quack of a Doctor probably told him bullshit so he should be locked up too.  They could be locked up with Harvey Weinstein as he has it too, a nice threesome to be quarantined with. Add the Chinks and Wops and anyone else with a POS diagnosis.. oh wait remember POS meant AIDS. Shit they are worried about the hospitals it looks like we have a new issue, the War on Disease!

And again you think that these never ending disease of the week scares are ending anytime soon. Lifetime has a never ending movie of the week and since we are shut in they better be good. But in the last decade we have had epidemics of those we thought were wiped out with vaccinations  return because some rich white bitch thought it made her little gem of a child Autistic and so no more of those right,  Jenny McCarthy?  And then we have environmental issues and how that affects that native habit for animals many now that are coming in to urban areas and why is that? Well one climate change has destroyed the environment to the point that wild animals are entering urban areas to source food and in turn they become the new road kill fit for eating.   The Grist discusses how environmental impacts affect food sourcing and in turn outbreaks for disease.

See this is how I spend my down time, reading shit and continuing to feed my head rather than hoard hamburger meat.  Seriously we are going to have to send half of this country to the island and play Survivor to get the fat off.  This will be a new health crisis along with mental health to come out of this by year end.  Wow year end. Time flies.

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