Thursday, March 26, 2020

The Wisdom

Okay when you meet a religious zealot the first thing they say to you after inquiring: "Do you take the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior?" is that they also recognize and fear God and his wisdom. They must be fucking quaking in their worn out boots with the straps they are pulling on during this pandemic crisis.  Cause if this ain't Biblical in tone what is?

I have never been against the concept of Religion if it gives you a sense of faith, of hope and love and overall a sense of purpose and there is the power of prayer in community that comes from going to a Church, it also comes from dancing, meditating, painting, walking, reading, singing and just communicating with others who are not like you.  Get that last part - NOT LIKE YOU.

In basic math the first rule is that like likes like.  So when you get into more advanced math as in polynomials you try to break down the equation to get the solution and that means eliminating any numbers or letters that don't fit to make it simple and that is where like like like.  Positives like positives, negatives - negatives, squares, letters, etc have to put together to reduce and eliminate. Like likes like.

As a contrarian and misanthrope I like very little.  I was a one strike your out person and since this pandemic I have decided that it got me this far why change now. I made the mistake of trying to be different in Nashville well right there that is the problem, you cannot be different like everyone else and I was not like anyone or everyone and that is the problem. Complex math is broken down to be simple we like things simple and not hard its our way.  Funny for an analytical person I did not grasp math until late in life and I decided it is actually cool and while the endless numbers roll across the screen the first thing I do is break them up but they also are giving us very few actual numbers in which to make this complex polynomial complete and in turn break it up to simple facts. Big numbers scare people like big equations do and that is why we are stupid.

But we are also stupid because we believe in Fairy Tales and Lies as a fact. The Bible is not FACT there is no Sky Daddy and the rest of those odd stories and tales are BULLSHIT.

I finally ended all my communication with Nashville after the Sky Daddy literally blew through the city and then decided to spit on it as well that is how the virus is spread, through droplets not through the air just flying around random.  Again if you are that close to me which is less than 3 feet and maybe you could spit on me that close but why is that happening regardless I am good to walk and move about.  These droplets that you do share by sneezing, coughing, and other heavy breathing and even sweating you leave as a secret love message on anything you touch. That subway pole, that handrail, that doorknob, that 100th package you receive from Amazon are all ways that send a little love in my direction. I can of course practice safe touching and wear rubber gloves or handle things through a paper towel, handkerchief or some other conduit to reduce the transmission. I love you baby but I got to protect myself!  And hence when out in close quarters I double down and wear a face mask or a scarf and I already wear glasses and hats so we are practicing love at a distance.  It is as if we are together but apart like online sex where we get off but without any exchange of bodily fluids. A sexual practice I have been practicing for nearly a decade and some idiot in Nashville commended me for being a born again Virgin.  Well I guess that worked out but that was not my intent as I was sure as fuck not fucking God or marrying him either.  But this is sex in the religious community it is not sex as long as you don't include - anal, oral or digital. Vaginal is the only sex that God knows of unless it is anal to anal that that is not sex that is even or vaginal to vaginal equally evil or well anyone who has the same body part as you and you see it naked you are evil so put that away and pray and when you are six feet apart and clothed you don't have to worry about any germs at all! And when your hands are perpetually in prayer you can never touch anything!  So again its a win!

I read this today and spit so much for droplets as I was't wearing a mask. I live alone in self quarantine, good thing.  It is an actual audible book.

Created To Be His Help Meet is clearly written by an abused spouse.  She is insane and she believes that the Lord has created women to be distinct from men not only in body, but also in role.  
In his wisdom, the Lord has given to men the position of leadership in the home and he has given women the complementary, helping role. She says, “When you are a help meet to your husband, you are a helper to Christ, for God commissioned man for a purpose and gave him a woman to assist in fulfilling that divine calling. … As we serve our husbands, we serve God.” Pointing to the Trinity, she shows that there is nothing inherently undignified in a helping role: “Men are created to be helpers of God. Jesus willingly became a helper to the Father. The Holy Spirit became a helper to the Son.”  
She believes that a husband and wife who embrace these roles are able to be a display of Christ and his church. “Knowing that my role as a wife typifies the Church’s relationship to Christ has molded my life. As I reverence my husband, I am creating a picture of how we, the Church, should reverence Christ.”

Okay a former friend who I miss and loved like no other believes this shit.   A 22 year old boy whom I suspect was beaten and abused by his daddy and shows all the signs of trauma believes this.  YIKES.  But then again he believed in the whole not dating shit that now out and proud Joshua Harris wrote about in his bullshit about dating.  And yes people he like Aaron Shock the former Congressman is very gay and he lives in Vancouver Canada and was in the pride parade, so what more do you need to know about that as my former friend parallels this in many ways.  And when Ethan read to me scripture that defended this shit it was when I realized I lost.

Some more disturbing insights from this crazy bitch as this is one of the harshest, angriest books, that along with a  critical spirit uses insulting language, possesses a lack of sympathy, along with passing harsh judgments; In other words a perfect zealot of christ.

Here is an example" : “A few years back, there was an overweight hillbilly woman who worked in the local store in our hometown … this woman was ugly, I mean hillbilly ugly, which is worse than regular ugly.” Not surprisingly, this woman does not end up being the hero of the short story Pearl tells of her. First she mocks her ugly appearance, and then her ugly demeanor.

At one point Pearl describes a woman she had conflict with and labels her “The Crazy Lady.” When this woman eventually has an apparent nervous breakdown, Pearl is quick to determine that this breakdown was God’s judgment upon her, saying “God had visited her with madness. He does ‘fearful’ things like that.” Never is there even the smallest shred of grace or sympathy in her words or her tone; never does she consider that this woman may have suffered from a mental illness.

When a woman writes to ask Pearl how to deal with a husband who idolizes television and allows their young children to view inappropriate shows, Pearl responds by telling her to imagine the day her husband leaves her. “You will wonder if the baby-sitter is having her boyfriend over for a little sex in the bedroom while the kids watch TV alone. The young children will cry when you leave for work, and the older children will be glad to see you go so they can exercise their new found liberties.” It goes on for a long and taxing paragraph before Pearl writes, “Now, Susan, let’s come back to the present. If you continue to dishonor your husband, the above scenario will likely become our own personal nightmare—soon! … The Devil would love to steal your children’s souls. He will not do it through your husband’s TV; he will do it through your dishonor.”

Shortly after this tirade she begins another about “a new breed of woman today,” describing women who have gone through divorce and are now single moms. “They dress cheaply; their hair has a ragged cut, and the dark circles under their young eyes testify to their faded hope.” Even though a husband was addicted to pornography or had anger problems, it is the wife who brought about her divorce. “It all started when you were mad about a TV commercial, or when he watched the car races on a Sunday afternoon. It got worse when he wanted you to do something exotic sexually. Divorce is never planned, but is almost always preceded by certain avoidable reactive behavior and events. Don’t let it happen to you.”

 A consistent thread in the book is that a failing marriage is always—or very nearly always—the fault of the wife; she is the one to blame, regardless of what her husband has contributed to the problem.

For women who struggle with accepting their husband’s sexual advances she offers this counsel: “Don’t talk to me about menopause; I know all about menopause, and it is a lame excuse. Don’t talk to me about how uncomfortable or painful it is for you. Do you think your body is special and has special needs? Do you know who created you, and do you know he is the same God who expects you to freely give sex to your husband? Stop the excuses!” This is always a difficult and sensitive issue, yet Pearl offers not a trace of sympathy and absolutely no grace.

When a woman writes Pearl to ask advice on honoring a husband who is so lazy that the house and property are falling apart, Pearl has her take a “A Dumb-Cluck Test” and then asks, “Well, are you a dumb-cluck? … You asked me, ‘What should I do?’ You should get off your easy chair and learn to do a thing or two.”

She is a harsh, critical and angry person and this ugly tone pervades this book.

Another story involves a young woman who reacted with visible irritation when her husband put his arm around her. Even though Pearl knew nothing of the context to this action, she was just a spectator from across the room, she says, “I wanted to get up and shake that girl until her teeth rattled. It would have shocked her to know that everyone in the room felt extreme disdain toward her…” Well, we know that at least one person felt extreme disdain for her, but by now you are seeing that this is rather common in the life of Debi Pearl. She is a harsh, critical and angry person and this ugly tone pervades this book. Where is the love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness and self-control that ought to mark the Christian, and especially the Christian mentor? Who would want their wife or their daughter or anyone else to be mentored by a harsh, graceless, angry person like Debi Pearl?

And now if you have any wonder why I am glad to be gone from Nashville this is the answer. Again Ethan worked with the young woman who thought my Abstinence was a devout belief in God to make up for my sins, she is 24.  Ethan spoke about this subject and said he would have thought I was a whore but then he got to know me.  His crazy nut co-worker is a graduate of Liberty University and knew his wife 4 months before he married her because he wanted to have sex.  These are not old crazy folks, they are all well under 25 and they are white religious kooks. And those are just a few.

And Ethan had issues in finding a church for a long time and I used to question that and then he finally joined one and I am sure they are nuts but hey better in a cluster.  And again this woman shares the same weird ideology:

Speaking of how she submits to her husband she writes, “there is no pastor or minister higher than my husband.” In fact, if a pastor claims authority, he is, according to her husband, “a liar and a deceiver.” With the local church out of the picture, there is no court of appeals, nothing between submission to husband and calling the police.

And that explains the domestic violence rates in Tennessee and well this shelter in place thing must be working out great right now!

Some more gems of wisdom from Pearl (pun intended)

  • “If you are a wife, you were created to fill a need, and in that capacity you are a ‘good thing,’ a helper suited to the needs of a man. This is how God created you and it is your purpose for existing.”
  • “The only position where you will find real fulfillment as a woman is as a help meet to your husband.” 
  • “God’s ultimate goal for you is to meet your man’s needs.”
  • “God has provided for your husband’s complete sanctification and deliverance from temptation through you, his wife.”
  • “No single man completely expresses the well-rounded image of God.”
And this explains the rape stats and why I call the women cum dumpsters. See not wrong. 

“Making his wife feel glorious when he touches her is the ultimate test of his manhood—the very measure of the man” and “God made man to need sex. He must be relieved of his built-up sexual desire, even if it means spilling his seed in his sleep.” In her view, men appear to constantly teeter on the edge of control and only a woman’s regular sexual attention will hold him at bay. His sexual desire is a need that a wife must satisfy lest they both suffer the consequences of his lack of self-control.   And of course its all her fault.  “It doesn’t take a good man, or even a saved man to have a heavenly marriage. But it does take a woman who is willing to honor God and by being the kind of wife God intended.”

And of course its all women's fault as she tells a long story about an incident in Church where a woman wearing a tight skirt stands up in front of a young man during a worship service, causing him to spontaneously ejaculate. 

Okay let's talk about the science of this or the oddness alone.  So a young man is sitting in Church suddenly has an erection, I guess the words of the lord are powerful, and then this girl stands up for whatever reason and he just ejaculates? WHAT THE FUCK.. I am not aware of spontaneous ejaculation but add that to list of droplet issues during this pandemic. 

I don't believe anyone in their right mind thinks this shit exists or thinks it is the provenance of old people who are dying on a cruise ships or nursing homes right now. No, no it is not.  Again I can take you to Nashville drop you at Barista Parlor and you can meet the saved and the heathens.  They are drawn together to serve and to school you on how you are a failure in life.  Only one was in therapy realizing he had been raised in a cult and was working thorough the duplicity and bullshit he was indoctrinated with during his life.  And this is no different than Leah Remini and Scientology just less glamorous. 

There was one thing that came out this pandemic and I was right all along about people they are assholes and Christians have the biggest holes of them all. 

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