Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Stand Up Sit Down

Fight fight fight as the cheer goes.  Here is the real problem facing the American public, the willingness to do so.  The first week panic buying, hoarding and purchasing guns set the tone.  The tone that as Americans we know fuck all what to do in a crisis but go its about ME ME ME!

The endless mythology about Americans includes such Unicorns as Meritocracy, the Paul Bunyan up by the bootstraps or the concept of the American Dream or the national ethos of our society and of course the generous spirit of the people.  (The author of that piece alone says it all, Bennett was and is a fucktard of high order)  And now that is a perfect trifecta of bullshit.

We can now say sitting atop our pile of toilet paper and snacks that we are not the stereotype or prototype of goodness and perfection that we present to ourselves.  No, we are all assholes.

The below is an excerpt from a paper on the concept of American liberty.  It is from a conservative view natch but in reality aren't most "liberals" really conservatives who like Gay and Black people, in small situations, largely confined to sports or the arts but aren't they?

Through publically agreed laws that correspond to a common set of public restrictions, the ‘people as a sovereign body’ serves to protect against violations of individual liberty and despotic power. Where no such common body exists, individuals are deprived of this protection. In such cases, individuals must obey without liberty, while those in power command under a state of license. Neoliberal theorists maintain that any common personality, with its corresponding set of public and arbitrary positive and negative restrictions on liberty, undermines individual liberty. Neoliberal theory only allows for private restrictions on liberty. Against these neoliberal assumptions, we argue that rejecting public restrictions on liberty does not promote individual liberty. To the contrary, it creates conditions in which free individuals become servile and political inequality becomes entrenched, where citizens are divided into those who obey and those who command. Tracing the consequences of neoliberalism, we argue that unless we take seriously both the people as a political category and the right to equal and reciprocal coercion, individual liberty will be at risk. The article argues that neoliberalism ultimately leads to the total exclusion of certain citizens under the veil of full liberty. With the vanishing of the people’s will comes the utter disappearance of certain citizens, who live in a spontaneous society as if they were stateless or lawless persons. To better understand the connections between the rejection of the concept of the people, private restrictions on liberty and the fostering of the servile citizen, this paper considers the political philosophy of Hayek and Nozick. It also considers key ideas from Locke and Kant—theorists who, despite the differences between their philosophical perspectives, and despite the fact that they both provided crucial inspiration for Hayek’s political economy and Nozick’s libertarianism, stressed the protective role of the people with regard to individual liberty.

Now we elected Trump, most of our States are governed by Conservatives with many States super majority ones where the Legislature is about a single color and that usually is the one of blood and it will take massive amounts of blood shed to change this dynamic anytime soon. Americans are not liberal in any sense of the word.   Is Sanders a liberal? Yes and it is why he would never be President as much like the deep in woods Conservative he is true blue.  No compromise, none.  Who is like that? Mitch McConnell.  The only difference is one is in power and one is not.  I am more afraid of the Jowls McConnell then Bernie any day but America the ignorant sees it different.  Americans are ignorant and arrogant traits shared by Jowls and that crosses the political spectrum.

I was concerned that because of Bernie's incalcitrant strident nature little would get done and then I realized Trump is exactly like that and equally stubborn and unwilling to change or budge, the difference is that beneath it all I actually believe Bernie gives a shit, which Trump does not. And his missteps and miscalculations cost him and now we have white Obama only older and less charismatic.  Again I never thought Obama was a liberal man no, he is definitively a neoliberal as described above.    We are fucked either way in  the upcoming election.

But the reality is that we have to actually look to the more "less" liberal countries to understand how to handle the Coronation Virus as it will be a coronation in the upcoming election.  The reality is that we are now in 9/11 years and how do we change our way of thinking to adjoin with the reality of what it means to live in less realized Democracy, which for the record we have been for a decade.

The New York Times did an outstanding job explaining the trajectory of what we need to do to handle this and this is just one of what is more to come in the age of environmental meltdown and our   global economy.

They made some points that only a few days ago I had shared with my only person to person contact the Baristas at my coffee shop.  I said it will go on through May and into June and that we will have civil unrest, I predict around the end of May, by Memorial Day as the weather clears and that will be just over the two month mark where many are now unemployed and been housebound for over 60 days; Along with the added mixed messages and the endless trolling on the internet with Russian bots stirring the shit so expect a Charlottesville in a city with a well established Chinatown such as San Francisco or New York, even Seattle as that was the first city with the noted outbreak.  But yes it is coming and it is here. 

The next borders will be closing state lines and yes indeed Florida has declared mandatory quarantine for any resident from New York or New Jersey entering the state.  How that will be enforced and secured who the fuck cares, I knew that was coming once the local cities in New York and Jersey said to the rich folks, stay the fuck away from your second home.  And sure enough Westport, Connecticut is now ground zero there tied to a party from a wealthy woman and her international guest list.  Again I called it - rich white people problems.  And you thought those spring breakers in Miami were the virus whores. Wrong again.  Idiots yes and they will spread disease but they will also do so in STD's.

And to do that we are going to have to start tracking people and that is not going to go over well but in a moral panic there is no better time in which to do it.  It is coming, it is here. 

So lets get out of here well, Jesus better take the wheel or not. I had said that many of these outbreaks were tied to the incest communities that I call religious sects or cults. as well they are just that. Yes including South Korea, I just thought that boy band was annoying but I recall the group marriages and shit of my youth.  They are all the same with the touching, the tribal nature and the endless bullshit that somehow makes them think they are exempt as Jesus is their savior and what-the-fuck-ever they believe that is all bullshit.  They actually think they are an "essential service" as this idiot did in Mt. Juilet just outside Nashville.

And as already mentioned Ohio has already found ways to stop abortions, Kentucky voting and now add another state to the right wing oppression virus, Texas, as it too is stopping abortions under the guise of elective surgery.  I have said that if one thing conservative religious kooks love is getting up into that vadge however necessary.  I used to say that in Tennessee endlessly and again proven not wrong.  But then again Texas get up into the anti vaxx crowd, they are the problem. But hey you old people you can die the Governor has given yyou permission to do that to save the economy. 

Bill Maher was joking, or not, that if the election was held and Trump lost he would not leave but hey what happens if they decide to forestall the election.  There are already issues surrounding voting and we have this Wartime President with all these powers. Hmm makes you wonder.

But let me ask the most critical question:  Who are "essential workers?" Well that is now going to include all food service workers, from Grocery Clerks, to Barista's to anyone who handles both food and medicine. So that would include UPS/FedEx/USPS, Uber and others who are delivering all of this to us in lockdown who can afford to be in lockdown while this shit is going on.  They are all going to need to be thought of differently as then what when its over? Really?  Really?

I said to my wine vendor (between coffee and booze I do my part) that out of this will rise a new power broker, the small business that kept going during this shit and if they let this slip out of their hands cause the gloves were slippery they are making a mistake. The Dry Cleaners/Laundry, the Baker, the local Pharmacy and of course our Bodegas and small restaurants that pivoted so well to keep employees working and food being served are going to be a powerful force to reckon with if they choose to unite and demand change.

If not expect wages to fall again to 2008 levels and the excuses by big business about the closures, the endless bailouts to the big companies as they have the lobbyists patrolling the grounds of Congress like a virus waiting to attach to an unsuspecting Congressperson.  Where is the Small Business Association and the local of Chamber of Commerce when it actually comes to representing and voicing the concerns of those who are the ones they are supposed to be caring about.  Funny if same small business folks hit their meetings up and joined and starting changing that dynamic once meetings are allowed.

So you have a choice, to stand up or just sit down on the couch and stream something as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon are cleaning up in this crisis without ever getting up off the couch.

So I leave you with actual data and stats about Covid and compare it to other viruses with often worse outcomes. So wear a mask, gloves, stay at least 3 feet away and if you are sick with anything stay the fuck home and monitor your temp and in turn if not sick clean your house you have time and hoarded supplies so there you go.

And again change in behavior and in turn personal responsibility will do wonders on both health and mind going forward regardless.

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