Friday, March 13, 2020

Panic Yet?

If you have no set your Apple Watch to panic mode now might be the time.  As of yesterday New York City and surrounding areas are on lockdown.  This will end well I feel it.  And for those who have no depth I am being facetious.

Two days ago a Broadway producer set tickets for five of his productions at $50 for the remainder of the month, to say I took advantage would be affirmative.  At that point Ed Harris could come out and simply read To Kill a Mockingbird and I would think that it was amazing.   Within 24 hours that is now on hold.  All Broadway productions are closed until April 12. Irony as that was the same date I had selected to end my "quarantine" from my Yoga studio. The same studio that only several hours earlier sent ANOTHER email saying class packages were on sale and they would have no closing date and we could come and practice as she was still maintaining a cleaning schedule of deep cleaning every three days.  Really?  What about the asshole who shows up on day two with a virus and forgets, neglects or pretends that it is just a minor cold?  Then what?

The asshole in New Rochelle seemed to think that and well the National Guard has the city on lockdown and that is what kids we call Martial Law when law enforcement does not let anyone in or out without clearance, handles all deliveries and maintains a law and order oversight over all activities.   To think that is where Dick and Mary lived in the 60s.  Well times have changed and for the record the current outbreak is all tied to high holy days at a specific Synagogue.  Next up the Covid Virus is anti semite.  It seems to target elderly and now Jews so clearly it has targets.  I said that if this virus had begun in a say Oklahoma or Memphis it would all be nods and winks that is what Okies and Blacks get as they are well Okies and Blacks. But to hit a white suburban city with nice old white people whose families have money to put them in a fine lock down facility as a way of still pretending to care about their aged Granny while allowing them to live at ground zero for shit is hilarious, why not a trailer park?

Again Seattle for all its progressiveness needs a reality check as the Measles, Whooping Cough and other preventable diseases all blew up out of control the last few years so again tell me how that works again.    Then we have rich folks and athletes owning up they tested positive and suddenly I am harkening back to another shame virus of decades ago and how it took the life of a nice white boy named Ryan before the former dead Voodoo President to declare it a crisis.  We always seem to have at the helm old white dudes when this shit hits and it is clear that again that seems to be our only choice.  And they are the same ones who want to stop any more of that choice shit when it comes to our bodies and our health.

Lets talk about the real issues health care, medical leave, lost wages, closed business and the larger financial impact of this.  We cannot even escape now as the current Voodoo President has stopped that as well. WHAT THE FLYING FUCK?

But then again an asshole who knew he was sick, felt compelled enough to get the test still got on a plane to of all places Palm Beach (say Hi to Donald asshole) and while on said plane the results came back and he tested positive.  WHAT THE FLYING FUCK?

What is wrong with that picture?  Well rich white men get on planes, trains and subways and in turn don't give a flying fuck about anyone else in their pursuit of money, holiday or whatever else they are doing so we must all pay for their vice and their stupidity.

Panic at the Disco when now in Jersey City we are on curfew and all clubs, bars and restaurants must close at 9 to stop the disease.  I see said the adult in the room.  I am not able to make decisions for myself and in turn care for myself by not going out if I was sick and thereby making others sick and for those who are well well you just sit in the corner there by baby until we decide the panic is over. WHAT THE FLYING FUCK?

Again if I had a head cold, a skin infection or some other illness that is not Covid virus not that I could know as a test is around 400 bucks and even if I had health care insurance it is not covered or I had not met the deductible anyway so fuck it do they have a DIY one like 24 and Me.

So dear  owner of my Yoga studio WHAT THE FLYING FUCK do you think now?  Maybe shut your doors and say you are closed for the month and in turn all the Teachers and clients who are not sick who respect themselves and pursue Saucha (Sanskrit for cleanliness) can just do Yoga at home and not pay nor get paid for the service.  Let them hang out with the unemployed/laid off Waiters, Broadway theater Ushers, Staff and others who are not rich and/or famous, along with all the other professionals who work in Museums, Libraries (as yes in Seattle they are closing the Libraries) and any other facility that serves the public who will have a lot of spare time on their hands and hands that will also be missing wages so at least we won't have a food shortage says the rich.  Well they are saying work from home so let's do that says the cashier at CVS where they are out of toilet paper, I kid not.

Yesterday I started a petition to ask all Comedians, Late Night talk show hosts to not joke about the Covid virus as this is now serious, little did I know it would actually get worse and I did so in the name of safe spaces like Yoga studios and Gyms where people go to find their zen and their health and they need to have a place to go that is somehow in a bubble that ignorance is accepted there as a way of coping.  I have zero signatures so far.  But it is not a laughing matter now that the bars have closed too as where else can I go.  Oh wait my coffee shop where I had a meltdown over how this has finally cracked me in a way that Nashville could only have accomplished.  I am starting to think that Tornado was nothing compared to this.

***for the record only two people I know in Jersey City knew of the Tornado in Nashville, one a Musician/Barista who played the now destroyed Basement East and his fellow worker an artist who had two gigs cancelled due to this.  So namaste bitch as being ignorant is what? Ignorant.  And you have the audacity to scold me. Maybe that is why no one is signing the petition as they need a laugh right now. And for the record my former studio in Nashville had a sign on the door saying that they asked for silence upon entering to respect the dynamic of meditation and thought upon entering so on that note I am taking a vow of silence for a year.... just there until my membership expires****

Lost wages, damage to the economy, a morality upheaval, marshal law, curfews, failed health care system exposed, famous people coming forward this after a Basketball mocked the reporters for inquiring about his health and then in turn admitting he was sick. Thanks fucker that helped a lot in fueling paranoia.  What the handsome PM of Canada is also in quarantine?  Ce'st La vie!  Meanwhile our Voodoo Daddy is running amok doing nothing to calm this ship on these waters.  Can you see Biden or Sanders doing it better?  No, me either.

Three words about this: Check Yourself Bitch! This is the card I will be passing out and it will stop the mindless chatter.. theirs.

Lack of paid leave will leave millions of US workers vulnerable to coronavirus

Low-wage workers in service industries without proper medical benefits and sick leave will risk getting sick or spreading the virus

Michael Sainato
Mon 9 Mar

Many low-wage workers, such as airport workers, are on the frontlines of the coronavirus outbreak, yet are left unprotected from contracting the virus.

For over 30 years, Joyce Barnes has worked as a home healthcare aide in Richmond, Virginia, without any paid sick days. She makes $8.25 an hour and often works through illnesses because she can’t afford to lose income from taking the time off.

“I can’t afford to miss pay so I have gone to work before several times sick as a dog, masked up so my patients wouldn’t catch what I have,” Barnes said. “Every day I pray and I ask God to give me strength that I won’t get sick so I can keep on making it and that’s the way we have to do it.”

Last July, Barnes contracted an illness from one of her patients that caused her a stay in a hospital for over a week. She relied on family members to help with bills to make up for the income she lost from missing work, and still has to make regular monthly payments toward the thousands of dollars of medical debt she accrued, despite having health insurance.

“I have a lot of medical debt I have to pay. They had to do a test on my stomach when I was sick. That one test cost me $3,000 and I’m still paying it because I can’t afford to pay everything back,” Barnes added.

As the coronavirus outbreak (Covid-19) has begun to spread through the US, millions of low-wage workers in service industries are left vulnerable due to lack of proper medical benefits and paid sick leave. There are growing concerns that these workers will be extra vulnerable to the disease themselves, or, due to lack of health insurance and poverty, help its spread by continuing to work while ill.

More than 32 million workers in the US have no paid sick days off, and low-wage workers are least likely to have paid sick time. These workers are also significantly less likely to have access to healthcare and medical benefits, making them potentially especially vulnerable to the coronavirus outbreak as it spreads.

According to the latest data available from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 69% of low-wage workers, those in the 10th lowest percentile of median wage earners in the US civilian workforce, do not receive paid sick leave benefits.

“Their earnings are low so they can’t afford to take unpaid leave and when they are sick they have to keep working and expose other people in the process,” said Harry Holzer, a professor of public policy at Georgetown University.

“That’s the reason advocates for paid leave make the case – it’s not just for the worker, it’s for the public good. There’s a reason for the government to help provide it.”

Dr Erica Groshen, a senior extension faculty member at the Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations, explained changes in technology have made it easier for more professional workers to work from home, making them less vulnerable to getting sick and able to cope with the potential quarantine conditions of a coronavirus epidemic. Already King county in Washington state – which includes Seattle – has recommended its residents work from work.

But low-wage workers are increasingly more vulnerable as they feel the pressure of the threat of having their work outsourced to contractors. They also often do work – fast food jobs, manual labor, care work – that cannot be done from home. That means the coronavirus could cost them their livelihoods, as well as their health.

“That’s what we’re seeing, a widening of inequality on that front,” said Groshen.

Many low-wage workers, such as airport workers, are on the frontlines of the coronavirus outbreak, yet are left unprotected from contracting the virus or receiving adequate medical treatment.

Leila Benitez, an airplane cabin cleaner at Miami international airport for eight years, has no health insurance or paid sick leave.

“When I finally do take a day off because I’m so sick, I have to pay hundreds of dollars in medical bills to get a doctor’s note,” said Benitez. She often travels to the Dominican Republic, where she is from, to receive medical care because treatment and prescriptions costs a fraction of prices in the US.

“When I’m cleaning the planes, there are bodily fluids, trash, dirty tissues. We don’t get enough time to wash our hands in between planes. The protective gloves are thin, and often don’t fit correctly.”

Several states and cities around the US have passed laws mandating employers provide workers with paid sick leave. A 2017 study published in the Journal of Public Economics found US cities that mandated sick leave for workers experienced up to 40% declines in seasonal flu rates. But many low-wage workers in these areas are still in positions where they have to work through an illness.

In Maryland, the state passed a paid sick leave law in 2018 under which employers must provide one hour of paid sick leave for every 30 hours worked, but adjunct professors often only accrue a few hours every semester and have restrictions on when and how they can use it.

“This past month, I had to teach while sick and it prolonged my illness. I was worried my students were going to contract it. I felt like I couldn’t take off because I can’t afford to lose the money,” said Val Pappas-Brown, an adjunct professor in the Baltimore area for two years.

Joan Bevelaqua, an adjunct professor at several different colleges in Maryland for 20 years, explained she has never taken sick time off for fear of losing income. She currently has health insurance through medicare, but is now missing work due to a fractured femur.

She is currently trying to schedule extra courses to teach over the summer to try to make up for the income she is losing this semester, while pushing state legislators to pass the Time to Care Act, which would set up a sick leave insurance program for workers in Maryland.

“Being an adjunct, we all went into this profession hoping to become full-time professors and more and more you remain an adjunct,” she added. “We are much cheaper, they don’t pay benefits, and we don’t have adequate sick leave so we come to school sick.

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