Saturday, March 21, 2020

In the Dark of Night

We are not in the light, out of the weeds, in the clear or any other expression that marks a place of hope or optimism.  Nowhere near it.

In the meantime as people try to navigate waters that are way to deep lets look at all the stories that have come out of this.

First up the failure of our Government to follow a protocol that they had in place during the Obama Administration in response to Ebola. **I urge everyone to read that article** Again this indicates the resistance by Trump and his bizarre group of cronies and loyalists who seem to have not a fucking clue on how to do well anything. On that note I have now reconsidered loathing Rex Tillerson thanks to revelations about how he tried to stand up to the dozing Grandpa.

Next up the Cruise line who seemed to be confused as to how to handle this crisis was like a floating Titanic down to buffets and music.  What I found fascinating was the idiots who actually booked trips during the early stage of the virus as it was a deal.  I have so many comments about this story that it may require a separate blog.  But it does bring laughs when you hear Trump suggest that vacant cruise ships would be excellent hospitals.  

And we have the hidden agenda. Kentucky is working to suppress voting rights  and with that I have another expression:  No time like the present!  But they are not alone as Trump has some other interesting policies that are quietly being shoved up Mitch McConnell's ass.  Funny he is the Senator from Kentucky as is Rand Paul the asshole who well does what he does best, be an asshole.  But he was not alone in wanting to see the aid bill shut down, Lindsay Graham, John McCain's former work wife is another but he is now the First Lady so it all worked out there.   But that has not stopped Congressional members  from exploiting this for their special kind of crazy - from making mad money to exploiting fear. 

Meanwhile in Tennessee the Plumber in pursuit of religion and freedom merging with state continues to dismiss critics/science and safety to keep those Churches open.   Pray for the soul mine to take as that will be a hotbed in the next week.  To my former friends - well voting is your friend now.  Maybe that is why Kenny Roger threw in his hand as he had enough of gambling.

More lies, sex and videotape as we find further stories behind the Life Care facility that was ground zero in Washington State.  Again regulations and guidelines put in place during the Obama years (clearly even then insufficient) would be relaxed.   Well Dozy Grandpa needs to check in clearly as well that might end all of this sooner versus later.  Here is my idea we empty the nursing homes put them on the cruise ships and use the nursing homes and hospitals.  SOLVED!

Of course Dozy Grandpa is suggesting unproven medicine or drugs to treat the virus which again is up there with take three aspirins and call me in the morning and other wonderful advice that Physicians have given over the years.  Again this is not the only medical mystery, ever watch that show on Discovery?  And that seems to be still a standard when anyone calls anyone to find out anything about symptoms and other issues about health let alone the virus. Hello? Are you there? Hello?

Spain is on full blown military lockdown and this will be next here folks.  And the ability to actually tell the truth makes this I bet a real plus for Dozy Grandpa who hates the media, so that should be up next.  China has already revoked and evicted some US Media from the country.  And Dozy Grandpa's daily press briefings are nothing more than propaganda and I simply refuse to watch them, although the exchanges by the two Physicians are producing some great memes.  

So now what? Well shelter in place and eat yourself to be a fat unhealthy fuck (I mean you have all that food you hoarded), or just phone fuck or you can go out for now and work out. Can I just say that will be the two cohorts that survive this.. fat fucks or hot fucks.  Man the eye candy I saw on the piers yesterday made me throw my neck out from double taking.  Can I say that I need a massage and would you mind less social distancing hottie jogger?

And today I am staying in and only going for a short walk to drop off my Voting by Mail application well in time for the Jersey vote on May 12th.  This was utterly unpublicized and must be done at least 7 days before the election. Sorry but I will vote from my socially distant isolation home jail regardless of the virus.  And yes, I am exhausted from donning costumes to go for a walk or to shop, to get my mail or just to dump garbage. Yes I do and I hope this is a next challenge on Drag Race and Project Runway, designing a pandemic outfit.  But it is exhausting just watching insanity in front of stores and in places that are still open for essential business (two men asked my coffee shop Barista where the chairs were to sit.. they are clearly not from the world I live in or are just really fucking stupid, I go with the latter) as it exhausts me the same way the virus would if I knew I had it.  Again how would I? I might be a carrier and asymptomatic, I could be clean and if so with careful precaution still remain alive or could I still contract it if I have some type of exposure once and then now another opportunity when this time the dice rolled red. Again if you are sick and pre-symptomatic that opens another door as how would I know if I did contact someone and who/when/where? Again who is in charge of that? No one so if some asshole was out at Walgreens and go sick three days later and I was there buying all the rest of the cold medicine and toilet paper how  IN THE FUCK WOULD I KNOW?   Again we have couples where one is infected and another is not and so forth.  And again they must quarantine for 14 days and then what go out and get it again or not.  So in other words never leave the house. For how fucking long runs 45 days to never.

This is so fucking confusing that again I have no idea what will keep me healthy other than not leaving my house.  Well again I could be bringing into my home with all the food delivery and all the rest.  To be ideal this has to last 18 months or longer based on population and density.  And again comparing China to say England does what?   Well it means nothing as the English are predicting 10 times the number of deaths that occurred in Hunan  based on their data predictions due to the way the English travel and work and live.  Basically it is a guessing game.  Okay then.   Good times folks good times.  

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