Wednesday, March 18, 2020

From Russia With Love

Well the Putin bots are working overtime to feed the bored, the poor and the incredibly dumb.  I would include Jake Tapper in the latter category.

Interesting that the one country seemingly not infected or as affected by the Corvid virus is Russia. Maybe its scared of Putin and they are not a country afraid of draconian measures but there are some missing facts and figures in this data driven world.

Meanwhile Reuters has found that in an EU document the bots are alive and well and using this crisis to sow a blanket of discontent and then in an article in the Washington Post I found this comment:

I am enraged that our testing still lags so far behind that of other developed countries. I am enraged because I am awaiting the call that our friend, who was taken off life support this morning, has died. He caught the virus while visiting one of his children in another state. It  He returned home, not knowing he had been infected, and was out and about in our community for several days before collapsing from pneumonia and  being rushed to the hospital. His child received her test result 2 days after he was placed in intensive care. He was tested on admission 5 days ago by the hospital’s in-house  testing, and was positive, but as of today, as he is dying, the result has not yet been confirmed by the CDC. 
Most of his family lives in our town- most have been exposed, as well as many other people, but, with the exception of his wife, I do not believe any have been tested before today because they previously did not show symptoms and had not been in contact with a “confirmed” covid-19 patient. He was the first person with covid-19 in our community, which may well now become a hotspot.  This is how the disease spreads even further, and the delays imposed by our insane testing process are certainly a direct cause of this spread. What does it matter if there is drive through testing if there is such an unconscionable failure to receive the results of the test for as long as a week? Our Senators, Congressmen, Governors, and other leaders need to be inundated with letters, emails, and phone calls to convey our outrage and demand immediate action to speed up our testing process to match that of the rest of first world countries, or they will pay dearly at the polls.
Examine that post closely.  In town, what town? The wife was tested or not tested as there is a remark that only his child was tested and was given the results two days after.. the test takes 72 hours actually.  So if he was on life support and died the CDC was  notified but they cannot confirm his death or his positive diagnosis?    But he was tested five days ago, upon admission, and found positive when again it takes at least 72 hours to confirm so he died 2 days later after the test results came back positive?  And he was walking around then collapsed from pneumonia which apparently came on suddenly, no flu like symptoms nothing.    Follow the dancing germ trails here as if you look at how the  disease does progress there are some missing steps and what was the child's results or the wife or what the fuck ever in that clearly English is a second language post as indicated by the confusion of past and present tense.  Folks I was an English teacher for a long long time and I read everything with an editors eye.  

The reality is without again confirmation of who//what/where/when I am not sure who to believe. While there are valid points in the post  I am a skeptic by nature and a contrarian I just am not sure what the real purpose was except to inflame an already hysterical nation.  And while I support some of these oddly draconian measures for health and safety it is the inconsitent and conflicting messaging that has me at odds with some of the directives.  We have no time line, we have massive disruption and we have potential for chaos without clear leadership and again given Trump's adversity to Government and Democracy this seems to be another opportunity to wreak havoc with human livs as pawns.   And now with Putin and his crowd posting shit like that I can see why gun sales are up.

U says pro-Kremlin media trying to sow 'panic and fear' with coronavirus disinformation

By James Frater, Mary Ilyushina and Hadas Gold, CNN
Updated 1:13 PM ET, Wed March 18, 2020

London/Moscow (CNN Business)Russian state media and pro-Kremlin outlets are waging a disinformation campaign about the coronavirus pandemic to sow "panic and fear" in the West, EU officials have warned in a report seen by CNN.

The European Union's External Action Service, which researches and combats disinformation online, said in an internal report that since January 22 it had recorded nearly 80 cases of disinformation about the Covid-19 outbreak linked to pro-Kremlin media.

"The overarching aim of Kremlin disinformation is to aggravate the public health crisis in Western countries, specifically by undermining public trust in national healthcare systems — thus preventing an effective response to the outbreak," according to the report.

The report, dated March 16th, said that the campaign is "designed to exacerbate confusion, panic, and fear." The report outlines how pro-Kremlin media have been working to amplify an array of often contradictory narratives which "hijack" the information space in order to diminish Europe's ability to act in its self-interest.

When asked to comment on the allegations in a call with reporters Wednesday, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov denied that Russia is undertaking such an effort and called the accusations "unfounded" and a "Russophobic obsession."

"If this document contained at least one concrete example, and a link to some specific media, I could say something specific," Peskov said. "This kind of Russophobic obsession should somehow be going away given the current situation, ideally, but apparently it isn't," he added.

The EU report states that pro-Kremlin media are not authoring most of the misinformation themselves, instead "they are simply amplifying theories that originate elsewhere."

It adds that Russian state media network RT Spanish is the 12th most popular source across Facebook (FB), Twitter (TWTR) and Reddit when it comes to the coronavirus.

Much of the disinformation pushed by the pro-Kremlin media claim the virus was created by humans and "weaponized" by Western countries, the report states. The disinformation has targeted international audiences in English, Italian, Spanish, Arabic as well as Russian and other languages, the report states.

European Commission spokesperson Peter Stano said the center has seen a "flurry" of disinformation about the spread of novel coronavirus over the past weeks.

"The EEAS Stratcom had intensified the monitoring of the information flows and its sources and publicly identifies, exposes and raises awareness about coronavirus-related disinformation spread by Russian sources," Stano told CNN Business.

An explosive US State Department report from last month said thousands of Russian-linked social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter were spreading disinformation about the coronavirus. But Facebook and Twitter said the State Department has not provided evidence that would allow the companies to investigate and possibly shut down the accounts.

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