Thursday, March 19, 2020

Fries with that?

While we are all now a to go nation it is ironic that unless you are serving food to go you are unemployed.

The safety net that we frequently refer to means that motherfucker has a lot of holes in it.

I link to this story in the Washington Post and well its nothing I have not heard before.  I have already written about Substitutes and other hourly employees in school that do not qualify for UI benefits ever thanks to a wonderful law written by legislatures across the country that have this type of verbiage:
“if there is a contract or a reasonable assurance that the individual will perform services” in the following academic term. 
This language means public school employees aren’t eligible for unemployment benefits if they worked in the spring and have “reasonable assurance” of continued employment in the fall.

Which is why at the end of every term a district sends out a notice asking you to sign it if you are available, if you aren't then it means you are working and hence they are still exempt and if you do sign it it means you are assured that you will be employed by the coming year.

See that applies to self employed, to the gig employed and to many many part time workers.  You may have three jobs and you will have to see which if any qualify you.  So again its all up to the State and they are fucked up times ten as we have come to see and red state/blue state, good luck with it.

The service industry is the most hard hit and this article as well discusses its own failures and issues as we go forward post coropocalypse.

Now lets move on to the medical field or not as it has finally proven that with all the bullshit about we have the best care in the world it appears no.  So you can just look to the varying articles or watch the news to learn about how that has been exposed to be a soft underbelly of bleeding tissues.  And it is that reason alone why many die often by their own hand.

Now with holes we have loopholes and in turn sick leave. Again that one is a big game changer as many have it established by law in some communities and by policy in others but there are always an and if or but and those are black holes in the world that well once sucked in you infect all the others.  Neil deGrasse Tyson should study those.

Well if you are rich you get that test faster and furious than Vin Diesel could even challenge. In America one day you are sick and the next day you are not.   Yes Heidi Klum you are America's top model and nothing should stop a German citizen from her rights to health care. Wait is she? PAPERS PLEASE!  And I share the sentiment that seeing the rich sing to me online does nothing for me or with me so fuck me.  No really fuck me as at this point I am losing my mind.  Is sex safe? No really is it?

The Gig Economy another brainchild of the Silicon Valley elite is showing its ugly underbelly too well that is not news to those who ever followed half the scandals over the last two years is this news? But to some in the Valley it is business as usual.  

Where will be when we finally emerge from our house prisons?  I assume like many convicts we will be very confused and angry. Social isolation is not healthy and with that old man who is the supposed President of the United States rambling on with shit that is so over his head, his son-in-laws head (who apparently is the great mastermind of this shit) and those with whom he has failed to hire and instead put his cronies in their jobs I can't see this ending sanely.

I have again ceased all communications with anyone other than my few service providers and for them I am eternally grateful.  I have nothing further to say to anyone unless it is business related as frankly people are so fucking stupid, so afraid and so self involved what can I say.  The road runs in two directions and yet after I did reach out to those in Nashville post Tornado, San Francisco post lockdown and of course Seattle ground zero but since that I have heard nothing from them to ask how I am or even just to simply touch base.  So I am done why pretend I have never been a good phony or liar as well I don't give a fuck about them or their tragedies.  Quid pro Quo. Well finally a chance to use that term again!

Let's see about old people of which I am one. When I read this my head imploded and this may be why no one gives a fuck about me as clearly I am not that.  What a fucking sham and what we do to people who are suddenly thought of a useless.  Here is this fact all 55 or over .. Brad Pitt 57, Keanu Reeves 56, Chris Rock 55, Sandra Bullock, Oprah Winfrey, etc etc.. so let me see they are to sort through photos while waiting to go on a cruise or check into the petri dish of the oldster homes.  I see normal people cannot be attractive, intelligent, interesting, funny or they would be a celebrity. WHAT THE FLYING FUCK???

I should go to my corner and die now and that is how I feel, dead inside. When I emerge from this cocoon in spring I can assure you I won't be a Butterfly.  To those who have never said a kind word to a stranger.. DO SO.. from of course acceptable social distance but otherwise go fuck yourself. So next time I am out and you are waiting on me.. yes I will have fries with that and then I will throw them in your face as you deserve nothing more or less for not giving a shit about any of this.  And that should remind you I am not invisible nor a sad case who needs to get to Target early to shop.  Well I am doing that but shit who wouldn't.  I still and always will have a sense of humor despite all the Celeste's of the world telling me not.

Start reading, giving a damn, learn something, talk to someone, start voting and start annoying them to actually do what they do to the rich which is apparently nothing but blow them and it up their asses.  As long as the check clears right? No cash but hey isn't a check paper?  Is this finally the tipping point to start the revolution? Yeah and Joe Biden is just the one to lead it right? Wrong again I may be old but I am not that stupid.

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