Sunday, March 15, 2020

Fragile White People

I received this email in the endless ongoing slew of emails from varying providers, including my Gas and Electric company which is bizarre but then again it seems to be a parade of businesses seeming to want to aliviate panic but instead doing nothing but fuel it.

I have said there is no love loss between myself and Nashville my service providers that contributed to my wellness were stellar and beyond the pale of quality this only proved my point.

 Our community is facing some scary and uncertain times. Last week we were in awe of a city that comes together in the face of adversity and we know we will make it through this next challenge together. In order to do so we must think about our community as a collective whole and take precautions to protect those most vulnerable.
Steadfast & True Yoga has been doing our part to contain the COVID-19 outbreak while still holding space for you to cultivate joy, peace and compassion. As a team we have been:
  • removing hands-on assists from all classes and keeping our physical distance from students when possible - no hugs or handshakes please!
  • limiting class sizes to ensure maximum space between mats
  • boosting our disinfecting efforts: cleaning door knobs, counters, and other commonly touched  regularly throughout the day
  • disinfecting props daily through the use of sprays and asking students to wipe down props they've used after class
  • if/when we need to cancel classes we will
  • limiting prop usage where possible and cancelling prop-heavy classes (like Restorative) when needed
From our community we are asking:
  • Please STAY HOME if you are exhibiting any symptoms at all (not just cough, fever and aches). Please keep your fellow practitioners in mind and exercise abundant caution
  • In addition, if you have been traveling or actively work with those who may be most vulnerable to this virus, please stay home
  • If you have been to class in the last two weeks and test positive for COVID-19, please inform us as soon as possible
  • Please wash your hands before and after class or use hand sanitizer
  • Please help us keep germs at bay by wiping down blocks and other props with wipes after class or choose to forego props
  • Please bring your own mats and props when you can
We may consider limiting class offerings in the future as we learn more about the needs of our city and this illness. As always, please check MindBody and our social media pages for updates before coming to either studio. 
We recognize that for many of you our studio is your safe place and refuge from stress and anxiety. And the conversation around this virus is extremely anxiety inducing for many of us. As such, we will make every attempt to stay open for you as long as it is wise to do so. If something needs to change or you choose to stay home, we are happy to provide suggestions for online resources, private or small group lessons, or even potentially teach via remote technology like Zoom. We will keep everyone updated as we learn more. 
Take care of yourselves and have compassion for your neighbors who may not have the same privileges you do. We love you all,

And it signed by the owner and the staff manager, two women I adore and love.

Then this arrived in my box moments later:

Temporary Closure
We've been asked to close. But that doesn't mean your yoga + meditation practice has to stop! Join us for our online, on-demand classes, launching on Monday.

The City of Hoboken's Office of Emergency Management has just today released a mandate ordering all gyms, health clubs, recreation centers, movie theaters, and day cares to close (as a "health club", that includes us) 
We're hopeful that this closure won't last more than a week or so. However we will have to wait for further notice from the city to let you know when we can re-open. 
Although not heard anything from Jersey City officials, we have decided to pro-actively close both our Hoboken and Jersey City studios for the protection of all our staff and students, effective immediately. 
Notes to our Unlimited Members: 
We very kindly ask you to please hold off on membership freeze or cancellation requests during this very difficult time. 
In order for us to survive this, we need your support. 
This is why we've created online classes and they will be launching this Monday!
All of our online, on-demand classes are free for our unlimited members. 
This will be a great way to continue your yoga and meditation practice without interruption.
And, online classes will continue to be available after we re-open, and new online classes will continue to be released - consider it a new perk for members! 
Notes to all other clients: 
You can continue your practice by joining our online classes! Each class will be available to purchase for a small price, and can be utilized anytime - as many times as you want. 
We've eliminated expiration dates on all class packs. If you currently have a class pack, it will not expire. And, if you purchase a new one during this time, it will never expire.
We are also running a 20% off class pack sale that ends tonight at midnight. 
We appreciate your continued support and very much look forward to when we can re-open. We love seeing you each day, we love teaching yoga, and we will miss you very much during this time. Though, this too shall pass. Take care, and we'll see you real soon. Much love to you all. 
May we be happy, may we be safe, may we be peaceful, and at ease.

I am not sure what to make of the contrast, the unsigned letter, the push to sell class packs and the vague re-opening date that at this point seems to be useless as the entire city of New York has shut all public facilities until April 12th.

NONE of this will help anyone.  NONE of it.  Again we understand the idea of flattening the curve but at some point if you are an adult and functioning you are ultimately responsible for your own behavior and your acts have consequences.. you know cause and effect.  So true we take risks every day but with change in behaviors and more importantly acknowledging and being honest about your health, monitoring it and reducing exposure in situations where you put people at risk when you think you have been exposed or not feeling well is a start.   So if you are asymptomatic show no signs of disease you have a 14 day window where you are at risk of effecting others.  But wait so how would I know I was potentially at risk... well asshole ask yourself if you have been to a nursing home lately to visit grammy, been on a cruise, traveled to China and/or met anyone who in turn has since been diagnosed for the disease.   Say I just had drinks with Rita and Tom before they left for Australia, or was in the audience of Rita's cabaret act that night she got sick. Well I need to lock down regardless.

But this is the first time people of means have ever had to face the consequences of their actions.  While my Yoga Studio owner here reprimanded me for joking about Mike Pence and Trump's handling of the outbreak I never mocked any old person, a rich white person on a cruise or an asshole who gets on a plane despite having been tested only moments early and was pending results that he received on said plane. Really fucker? Really?

But in this world we don't know about bad things unless someone forces us to.  Celeste my Yoga Teacher informed me to not read news or watch news if it was upsetting me.  Yes that was the cure.  She is so ill informed that she knew nothing about the tornado in Tennessee the week before or that Seattle my home town was ground zero.  So clearly that Ostrich head is buried deep.  Again that letter  demonstrated idiocy and the reality that my former studio did not display. And why the difference I suspect white privilege and Jersey bubble ignorance.  Going to India and studying Yoga does not make you smart it makes you a Yogini but go through America and meet those who are "Nashville Strong" or Refugees in their own country when Katrina hit and it will make you see your world a little less myopic.  Myopia os big disease that white privilege has been suffering for years.

Well I got my wish there and her doors are shut.  Saves me the trouble of trying to get kicked out for good.  **Still doing the silent vow there, however, as I never want to talk to her again, my cure for my rage is silence is golden. 

And it is obvious here in ways I fear more that the virus.  The panic has set in and the shelfs at Whole Foods demonstrated how white people with money handle a crisis.  The shelfs at Walgreens are devoid of cold medicine, toilet paper, hand sanitizer and gloves. Amazon is as well and the same with CVS.  They are rationing water at Costco and other vendors that sell the same.  WHAT THE FLYING FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?

Andrew Zimmerman on Bill Maher spoke of the issue of food and social isolation and how that is a gift for the wealthy as they can afford to but the poor has been facing this for decades, access and availability from health care to food has been a desert in poor communities for years.  And all the paranoia will do little to change that.  We have been socially isolating them in our own communities and this will do little to change that. For the record the food and toilet paper runs have not affected my minority owned Bodegas, I have had no problem getting anything there but the white stores, well run on the shelves.

The whole thing smacks of white privilege, from cruises to old folks homes in white suburbs/cities you would think the outbreak began in a Walmart and Trailer Park.  Funny Missouri the poorest state in the union has zero and a surplus of tests, go figure.  Maybe poor people have better immune systems as they are not as fragile.  Irony that being healthy and eating properly do to build said immune systems but now we can't go to gyms, get decent food so maybe we have found the loophole. Yoga in the park anyone?

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