Friday, March 20, 2020

And So it 8

Irony that day one of the hysteria began on March, Friday, the 13th.  I believe this will go on for another month to end on the 45th day.  This will be enough time to do well what they are still doing but the incubation period will have peaked by then with a 15 day quarantine for every American regardless. Sure that is it.  As then again the "essential" people are still out there so do we come out and take their jobs and send them on a cruise for a rest as I am sure they will want a vacation. No that would be cruel but let's send Trump on one.

Well California is on lockdown as this shit rages on.  Now with dicks pulled out expect more to do the same.   First up Cuomo, then DeWine and of course Washington state where Inslee is still raging from his failed bid for the gig and of course it being ground zero for this shit.

Then we will have the domino affect with State after State going "No mine is bigger no mine!" and I can see again where will all run to stores buy everything in site and sit on the toilet and shit it out but then we have all the toilet paper so that will work out.

This is about a failure to lead and a crisis that was created out of that and that alone.  Had we had Hilary in office she would have faced that virus head on and crushed with her hands.  (For the record not a fan but she wanted universal health care back in Bill's day) Seriously this is  less about the virus and more about exposing how fucked up we are with regulations, permits and distribution of medical equipment and testing. Gee ya think?  So in lieu of having a plan and having clear strong headed wise heads we have a bunch of "acting" morons and that Kushner moron somehow throwing shit against the wall like Gorilla's in a zoo to see which shit storm will crown a leader. Meanwhile we are fucked going to Target and clearing out the shelves.  I never thought I would say this but fuck me, George W. Bush could have well not handled it better so I might have a fever... I recall 9/11 so nope.

What this is doing is buying time to get their shit together, to fix what has been broken a long time and it took a deadly pandemic to expose how fragile and fucked up and unequal our system is when it comes to availability and access to health care, to job security, wages, unemployment insurance and other safety net systems that is and of itself a preventative measure.  When rich white people panic you know its bad.

That said shut the fuck up rich white people.  Again that bullshit with the singing on Instagram and videos with fake concerts and songs (I love me some Bono but that was well Bono being Bono) was enough to make me walk onto a Subway platform and lick the rail, fuck waiting for the train to kill me.  But thankfully while I am very alone I am apparently not that alone in my disdain for that.  The Washington Post covered that and once again the media that is doing something right is covering more than hysteria as we will leave that for Jake Tapper.

And in more celebrity news apparently Daniel Dae Kim test pos. Fuck that we need the names of those in our community so we can fucking get tested and treated sooner than later, keeping us locked up doesn't delay the inevitable is is the inevitable. If you are not aware who has this and where and how they got it and yep and such a case exists.  I have never met, crossed paths with Mr. Kim nor care about him or well any fucking celebrity unless I was fucking them and then we clearly failed to meet social distancing guidelines.

That said if we enacted the tracking policies and testing of say Singapore we might be in better shape but they did this in Italy and found it worked. Gosh give up civil liberties to stop a pandemic? Don't tell Evangeline Lily another celebrity idiot. Adding Idiris Elba as he has a 30 y/o wife and blamed Trudeau's wife for giving him the disease. Okay fucker go fuck your child bride.

That said I did make a quarantine play list of who I would be willing to be in lock down with: Brad Pitt, Keanu Reeves, Gayle King, Rosie O'Donnell, Larry David, Wanda Sykes.  Between cranks and hotties I feel that Gayle would be fun and gossipy and she seems cool no wonder she is Oprah's bestie.

Now let's talk about our wonderful elected officials who we know are idiots and in turn profiting off of this.  First up a Georgia Congresswoman and then another Southern Republican asswipe as undoubtedly he has hoarded them also. Ah the South, they shall rise again apparently by being rich assholes that take advantage of a crisis.  As I have repeatedly said about Southerners they smile to your face while stabbing you in the back.  Charming lot and is why I have ended all contact with anyone from Nashville, to those I loved I wish you well but our time has ended.

But all clouds have a silver lining as Harvey Weinstein spent his 68th birthday behind bars. His gift - this pamphlet:  “The Prevention of Sexual Abuse in Prison; What Inmates Need to Know.” PERFECTION.

And that ends this mornings rant.  I am going to go for a walk and for the record I am careful, I wear disposable gloves and have a face mask (although I only wear that in confined spaces, my apartment building and in stores)  and practice excellent hygiene.  That said idiots with masks and not gloves shove your fingers in your ass as would love a dose of Cholera while I am at.  I don't know how many people I see without even washable cotton gloves it is TOUCHING things or being in very close contact with an infected person you fuckwits. So instead stay the fuck home and eat your hoarded food. So normal people who need to be out and then in turn buy food and shit can function. This Nurse in England has something to say to you.

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