Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Shaming Sluts

While this pejorative is often applied to women I am fairly confident that men are also a part of that category but we simply refer to them as studs.  Funny when I think of a stud I think of a building structure that supports the framing and of course a structure that sits upon it, usually a home.  Studs are significant, important and an asset.  They are the key to the foundation and   I know of few studly men who fall into that category of being a strong aid in building a foundation.  But again I know few men anymore and I have worked to change that in which to remind myself it is not about gender it is about being a human and we share that much in common and that is one stud that is firmly in place.

As of the last few weeks I have been away in Nashville where the euphemisms for women are often dismissive and resolutely a way to put a woman in her place, the epitome is the Southern Belle most representative by Scarlett O'Hara.  The Jezebel is the biblical term to point out she is a whore and heathen and not one I heard much as they just went with the whore/heathen thing right out there.  Of course none is ever said directly to one's face as the South is a place where passive aggressive takes on new heights.  But in the South if one is a woman one is either a wife, a mother, a grandmother or a cum dumpster.  Men marry the girls they envision as the primary and fuck around with the secondary as they excuse their behavior as just being a boy/stud or just an asshole.  Ah Christianity, he who accuses excuses

I did not meet one single woman that had any true backbone, intelligence or work ethic that was not tied to finding a man, fucking a man and fucking over anyone who got in their way of doing so.   Women are their own best enemies and in turn no woman does it better than a Southern Woman.

My first example is the woman I know who owns a retail store and it is tanking, tanking hard.  I spent the better part of my time trying to help her find ideas to stave off bankruptcy, build her business and find ways to make it work.  I stood in the store and actually talked customers into buying items while she stood blithely by doing nothing but complaining.  The complaints veered about customers to other nearby store owners who were also struggling, shutting their doors or restructring their businesses to keep them alive.  When a major retailer, Macy's, admits they too are in trouble  and are now following well trod footsteps of many other retailers in this age it is time to find a wheel to reinvent.  The one advantage  a small business owner has is the ability to pivot quickly  if they willing in which to avoid the failures of their larger counterparts; However,  it takes both smarts and capital and in turn an ability to find partners and others willing to lend a hand or a check.  Complaining does little but as I watched her and listened to her endless complaints they were excuses simply to admit she hates doing the job and no longer wants to but doesn't even know how to end it.   I finally said, see ya and let her commiserate on her own time.

The next is the young woman who works at a friends bar/coffee shop. Again the hybrid business model that is a way of keeping a business going at some level while trying to do a passion project that  is now a vocation.  In this case its beer making and while its fine I don't get any of it but I wish them well.  That said the young woman who works there is a hot mess who mauls men in the same way Harvey Weinstein mauled women.   She is a stalker, a predator and chases boys like she is in a foot race.  From giving them idiotic nicknames, Rocker Boy, Skater Boy, fill in the blank boy, it is obvious that they are simply dicks to fill a gaping hole and by that hole I mean pick one.  She is clearly afraid of being without a man and has no concern of their own issues only that she is there to shove pot, booze and pussy down their throat or on their dicks as she has full expertise in the Southern habit of sucking, fucking and humping til Sunday when then they all go to Church to thump the Bible to make up for the sucking, fucking and humping.  She is a slut, she is damaged and I suspect like many women there are - victims of sexual abuse.  Tennessee is number five in Domestic Violence rates and they have definitely earned that from what I can observe.

The endless parade of girls who worked at the local coffee shop where I hung out defied tragedy and it now is a comedy to me as I tried to give them cast off clothing and other things while being a regular and being generous with tips it was all for naught as they spent most of their times mocking and debasing me for reasons that are laughable if not absurd.  The Southern Belle is a Jezebel and they are indistinguishable.

So this week as I watched more of the Weinstein trial unfold the story of one victim whose histrionics shut down court one day even I became doubtful of her version of events.  As in all stories there are three sides - his, hers and the truth.  And in that vein the Defense Attorney for Harvey Weinstein portrayed the victim as a willing participant in the encounters and yes there were those but the issue is why she enabled, allowed and continued is the tragedy as we learned she had been sexually assaulted in the past so it was embedded in her head already about her worth and that it is tied to her vagina, a state I found quite common in the South.  Her backstory despite being from Washington State is a parallel of those I heard while in Tennessee, bible belter, sheltered and aspirational aka money and class obsessed.   And of course Weinstein like all predators can quickly assess and in turn manipulate women like that effortlessly it is why they maintained working for him and stayed in contact as many victims do have odd relationships with their abusers despite their awareness that it is not sane, rational or real.  Ask a wife about that one.

Understanding the situation is like understanding Stockholm Syndrome and how captives become like their captors.  I had spent the better part of three years totally struggling to understand the why and wherefores about my situation there and the last two weeks finally provided me with an epiphany - people are really stupid there and they just assume you are as stupid, a liar and user as are they.   So of course why anyone would be treated as the exception is a presumption of arrogance and no one has a presumption of arrogance and ignorance like a Southerner.  I never met anyone of genuine intellect and open mindedness. They were rude, had a superiority complex and utterly the most unkind people I have ever encountered.   I have zero tolerance now and it is a trigger warning for me to even handle anyone who even jokingly tries to cut me down.  Sorry but the bullshit remark that precedes an insult, "I was just playing with you" is not someone I want to play with.  Go fuck yourself and let me know how that worked out for you.

I don't think the Weinstein trial will end with his guilt it will be like Trump the reality is that white men with money have a Get out of Jail Free card on the Monopoly board of life and when Jeffrey Epstein had played his already he chose the final way out as when all else fails in the game of Life or that of Monopoly just toss in your cards and game over.

As for women - own your evil.   I own mine, I am a bitch and proudly wear it.  I mask much of it with a sense of humor but I also do it to unmask one's lack of intellect and nothing does it quicker than making yourself the butt of a joke while watching one be confused as to what is the joke.  Ah humor is intelligence and those without it lack intelligence.  Remember the redneck comedy tour? Find any of them funny?  When it comes to careers I would rather be with a Dave Chappelle, Chris Rock, Anthony Jeselnik, Seth Myers than a white trash redneck whose name I cannot remember and don't even have the inclination to Google it.  Funny the last female comic I loved was Wanda Sykes on Netflix so again not a big fan of the more pretty younger versions.  And yes I love women comedians, Joan Rivers anyone?  Funny is not a gender choice.

But as a woman who finds most women loathsome I find it interesting that while I prefer the company of men as friends it is women who find it most suspect and of course they have few friends of either sex in which to contrast or compare.  Friendships are mirrors and of course levelers that offer perspective and in the case of men like Weinstein and Epstein who were their friends?  Well it appears men just like them, angry fucks who like to fuck over women too.  Again shame or slut, the Angels of Victoria with her secrets are not much better.  How those models today feel about their role in that slut shaming of America need to own it.   Imagine if the Models had rallied together and spoke out, walked out and told the truth maybe some of the pain would have stopped.  Nah, the fucking check cleared so fuck those bitches.  Never shopped at that dump and maybe I have good taste and once again I was proven right.  Slut wear does not look good on me.

Women are the biggest shamers of women and they are why we have what we have an out of control male dominated society where men can run over anyone and grab pussy, rape and harm lives without regret or remorse.  Women own your evil and stop men from doing it.

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