Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Psych Much

I loath the armchair Psychiatrists be ones that play on TV, hello Dr. Phil, or those people you know who took a psych class and have decided they have figured it all out.  Wow that is fucking amazing as we know that the human brain is one of the most complex organs we possess and it is the one significant challenge that the tech sect is doing their best at conquering.  The thought of this is not only disturbing it is frightening.    I don't think there are enough zeros or ones that could be imprinted to understand the way the brain functions in each human, there is little commonality and ability to distinguish, determine or know how anyone would react and respond in every single situation over a lifetime.

Shit happens. Period it does and when it does it can affect the function and formation of the brain, from traumatic brain injury which covers a wide spectrum of issues be it external or internal (aka a bomb going off, a traumatic event versus a stroke or other embolism) that even many in the TBI community have a difficult time distinguishing.  Add external elements such as drugs, alcohol, or even polluted water or air which can affect the organs and in turn the brain that process said organs to function all play in a part in the developmental process and in turn the destructive one.

I am not a neuroscientist nor neurologist but even they would admit the limitations of their science and of course the quackery that aligns their field with many medical professionals that seem to study the brain or the emotional receptors of that organ and in turn can diagnose and treat any malady with anything be it drug cocktails to talk therapy.  To each his own and each is the operative word when it comes to actually each individual as they ride the waves of life in this deep ocean.

Now we have nature versus nurture argument and there is no doubt that the lottery card of life can aid in how one "turns out" or well not.  But we have this odd belief that well if you are born to the higher cards in the deck you will be fine. That means you will end up going to the right schools, meet the right people, have the right job and have the perfect family in which to complement all that is right about you.   Why am I thinking of Robert Durst right now?

Anyway when I read this story in The Washington Post I vomited in my mouth as it comes right on the asshole tale (and I mean tale as in story) of Harvey Weinstein.  Today is a break in the courts but back to closing arguments tomorrow and to the Jury and the not guilty verdict by Friday so that the weekend is clear for the three day break.  White male privilege bitches!

I went to the original article in New York Magazine to understand the history of this psychopath and wow just wow, when anyone says, "Were any adults in the room?"  should look back on the history of predators and go, "Oh yeah Michael Jackson."  Then change adults to parents and read this story and go what the flying fuck?

What we have here are neglectful parents and schools despite all the Title IX bullshit of late that just don't seem to think that they have any role in supervising children who have serious mental health issues and other significant problems that include dealing with being alone and independent, finding out their sexuality, drugs and health problems and lastly just providing an education that people can walk out with a diploma and not a six figure lifetime of debt.    I am so happy not to be in college nor work in one with the endless whining and demanding safe spaces I suggest they look inward and fix themselves before demanding it of others.

This has become a culture of laying blame, pointing fingers, mindfucking and gaslighting as a way of avoiding responsibility, taking ownership and admitting one's personal failings.  I have zero problems with that as I look at my own the last decade dating men too young for me, ending up nearly dead as a result and having no network of support to help me navigate;  Landing in Nashville to find myself taking on a boy with problems too big of scope and scale to truly help and then further isolating myself as I trust rarely and infrequently, the  likelihood of that changing is not something I feel I need to address or deal with but will independently and in my own way,  as I have ZERO faith in those one trust to do as such.  Let's get real the medical field is a hot mess of bullshit but it also leave a gaping hole for the mock Doctors... Oz, Phil and the Bachelor to fill in that hole with scripted bullshit.   We used to just leave it to talk show hosts and they were a cross between a Journalist and best friend on whom you can confide.   I think that was a great balance between an afternoon of Phil Donahue and Oprah it covered the spectrum.  Can you imagine what they would do with this story of the elite college with the ex inmate taking over student housing and turning it into the Nexium cult sans branding? Jeffrey Epstein anyone?

How did this adult man, an ex con and clearly with no work, no legal reasons to be on campus live in this arrangement with, yes, legal adults but not one parent of any of these young people bringing this to the attention of Adminstration and when they did know did  nothing?  Now you see why the documentary The Hunting Ground is actually quite appropriate in more ways than one.

I urge you to read the article and if you do not recognize the stories of these young people you clearly need to get out more.  I saw Ethan the boy I tried to help and in turn his peer, Darian,  perhaps the most deeply troubled young woman I have ever met in my entire life. And I have been with kids for decades and had quite a few but this woman is 27 and the phrase "hot mess" is insufficient.  Why she has never been indoctrinated or recruited to cult is surprising as she is very much like Claudia in this story.  

Understanding predators is understanding the mind and again that complex organ that seems to be controlled by the penis as I have yet to find one story about a woman cult leader or serial rapist.  How is that?  And by that I mean how can I do it?  Seriously let's start with recruiting Brad Pitt and Keanu Reeves then I send them out to get Ryan Gosling.  I am fine with just three - Brother Husbands.  But again this has to have something to do with the hormone of testosterone as there is no other explanation.  Well Scientists studying this are largely men so again go figure but Eugenics and other  junk science like waterboarding and torture will be at the forefront.   Quack quack says the duck.

The story is frightening from so many aspects and it goes to show with all the helicopter parenting, stranger danger, yet the overwhelming need for over sharing it has done little to stop these crazy ass fucks from sexual exploitation and financial gain.   Note that most of the cults either preyed on rich folks who had access and availability of what the primary focus was - no not mental growth - MONEY.   Epstein knew that the other was SEX and he found he perfect prey in girls with families that were poor and dysfunctional the same way R. Kelly did.  Predators know their prey and the tragedy is that the use other damaged women to aid them in their quest.  Look at Nexium, Harvey Weinstein, Epstein, and this Larry person.    And yet this one took place at a College where the white and the privileged thrive.  They had access and availability to all kinds of knowledge.  Clearly they need a class for that.  Oh they do have it, its in the Sociology Department and the Psychology one, the classes you take and they make you feel smart just not apparently act that way.

Understanding crazy is well the key to understanding crazy. There are many cults and other fringe groups that prey and attract all kinds of people and in turn get people to do all kinds of crazy things.  We had Charlie Manson who used sex, drugs and fame.  We had the Rajneesh cult in Oregon now featured on Netflix, I can recall the Love Israel Family (another fine Northwest project) and of course the Yogi ones that veer on just plain sexual obsession/harassment to cult.  Namaste! Add to that Heaven's Gate or Jim Jones People's Temple that were not rich white people engaged in some pursuit of a space alien or is that Scientology?  Well all religion is a cult so what have we learned?

Wherever there is a charismatic man who uses his mindfucking power to overcome and overwhelm lost individuals with beliefs of power, wealth, success and happiness you will always have believers.  They flock to ashrams, to camps, to islands or just to houses to find a place to belong.  The reality is that we don't understand the mind's ability to process information we just know how to fuck it over really well.

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