Monday, February 10, 2020

Oscar's Weiner

I grew up loving movies and the Oscar Awards were the penultimate in what I believed was loving movies.  Then I grew up.

I love the Arts, from Cinema, to Theater, to Music, Dance, and Art itself as there is nothing that can give one pleasure celebrating the talents of those who have crafted a life to tell a story through the medium that best enables them to express as such.   For many who toil in said fields there are few rewards or acknowledgements that come when alive if ever and it is not often due to a lack of talent but just simply because the playing field is crowded and there are only so many days and opportunities in which to stand out, to become distinguished and in turn rewarded, be it financially or via a statue or plaque to designate exceptionalism.

Funny how does one decide which, what or who is better?  Hell if I know. In sports its easy, he/she who runs faster, plays harder, scores more points wins.  Some of that, however, is quite arbitrary and dependent upon conditions that rely on judging and the bias and perspective of the Judge.  Skating comes to mind but there are other sports that do the same.

We all carry our biases and prejudices with us, some tucked neatly in a crossover bag and others packed into suitcases stashed in closets and some just wear them as a badge of honor.  You know like the Presidential Medal of Freedom that one wears around their neck.  Hate wears well on the haters.

After being in public education the most overwrought drama filled profession I have been in and that is just the Teachers.   They are the best role models for Children if you want to see first hand temper tantrums, arrogance and sheer lack of empathy exhibited by those who are well past puberty.  I met many Teachers who were amazing but I can count them on one hand.  Funny my mother said that work is for poor people and on that she was right and the other is that you should be able to count on one hand the people that matter, again right.  Also right was anyone talking in telephone numbers about their worth is worth less.  Again, right.  See the Moron in Chief to validate that one.

But every now and then we can put him aside and bask in celebration of the Super Bowl where we watch grown men abuse each other to the point where some will never be fully functional again or will end up owning car lots or if they get the golden ticket be a sports commentator talking about the Gladiators on the field getting traumatic brain injury.  We have the Olympics and once a field of amateurs trying to make a name or work from such sports as Archery now being overtaken by the millionaires who beat them to it.   At least in some levels they are diverse.  Oh wait no.  But one thing they all share are is the pursuit of gold.  And by gold we don't mean those on the cups or medals.  Ah the love of money is that - the love of money.  And yes money can be comforting as it can swaddle you in cashmere and all the hookers peeing on beds you desire.  You can even run the world.  Ah yes Mother was right work is for the paupers so let's piss on them.

I made an hour into last nights Oscar telecast which for me was saying something so I was thrilled to see the Director of Parasite coddle and lovingly admire his statute for best Screenplay the first of what would be more coming his way that night.  Parasite was one of the most interesting movies I had the pleasure of viewing this year.  It was a story that crossed the oceans and anyone with any thought or empathy could relate. Poverty, class and status are all subject that translates well.  But I saw many movies this year and loved many of them for the gift of telling a story about those whom I did not know but understood well.  And some I knew but managed to still give dignity and perspective, ah Judy, Judy, Judy and even Gretchen Carlson who knew?  There was the little lost boy of JoJo Rabbit, the intimacy of men at war in 1917 (which was Gallipoli without Mel Gibson but still an oddly beautiful war film), the bizarre two movies in one, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (maybe one of them was good, I have no idea as I am past caring about Tarantino) and the story of Irishmen played by Italians.  Hey loved the Frankenstein booties that DeNiro wore, it was the one movie I fell asleep in and woke up and not missed anything.

And that is what movies do - entertain, enlighten, educate, bore and kill time.  You connect or you don't.  And most of those up for awards seem to reflect a mirror I don't own.  Funny when I turn it outward I see a lot of colors to my sky.   But those fall to films that are not "art" they are commercial and I don't do horror nor comic book movies and have never seen one of them even those with Actors I love and appreciate.  Don't care, don't need to see them and don't want to.  Pick one or all of the above.  On that Martin Scorsese and I agree, but the Irishman not so much.

Three plus hours for Hollywood to circle jerk and award themselves with pats on the back, snark and interesting dance numbers while occasionally getting it right and some having the guts to actually say what they think at times is entertaining but that has a sell by date and time and that is about 90 minutes for me.   Add the absurd pre-show and really you don't have something better to do, say watch the Super Bowl again and hope for a different ending?  It is like Civil War re-enacters are they sure that this time they will get it right and the South will win?

America is a land of starfuckers it explains Trump.  He was a TV star and we elected that a man whose entire career was that of playing a boss who ended up playing a boss on TV.  Wow just wow.  Americans are obsessed with money and they are obsessed with class the endless drumming of the term, Middle Class, somehow gives the impression that the myth of Meritocracy is real and that you can somehow transcend your status in life.  Really name three? There was a time, once upon time in Hollywood and in America that may have been so but those are outliers.  Watch Judy to remind yourself that not much has changed in America and then go to Bombshell and go nope it hasn't. Full circle.

As the Harvey Weinstein trial comes to an end his Hollywood story is that of legend and of history.  He goes to Los Angeles to be tried again and maybe this ending will be better and he be found guilty.  Will Brad Pitt play him in the movie version, irony there as both his former g/f and former wife were harassed by him.  Remember when he was lauded at these same ceremony's only a few years before.  Ah time changes, people do not.

For here in the East vs West the movie boy here will be likely found not guilty.  He can walk out innocent like Trump only less erect in every sense of the word.  Maybe if Trump was less fat and used a cane we might have sympathy. Oh no fuck that shit we love our rich white men like butter just spread on everything and anything.  Butter just makes it better.

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