Thursday, February 13, 2020

Oh Really?

I spend most of day hearing that remark from most I elect to engage in conversation. In Nashville it was, "I've never heard of that."  Meaning that they were utter morons and two were dismissing you as a liar.  Its a charming dance where you dance in a circle jerk until the mindfucking or gaslighting portion of the conversation finally ends the waltz.  I have written about this so many times that I realize my pet peeve of repeating myself is something that is an end result of living there for three years and its something I need to work on.  That and unrelenting rage about that situation.

But it happens here in Jersey City just not as much as well I actually don't talk that much as  I don't feel as isolated or as targeted, where the best defense in Nashville was to be purposely offended every moment of every day.  And people here have a sense of humor so when they are unaware they are not offended or defensive they just get it and we move onto the next.  I used to think I was being punked and then well now I just laugh that everyone is a punk in Jersey and it is a good thing.

But that said I am the single person who reads a paper.  My favorite bar has commented that I am the only reader of The New York Times that they have ever seen. Now true that is a morning paper and while I normally do read it in the morning it hinges on the front page that may have me put it off until the evening when a glass of wine and some bar scene behind me suits my mood with regards to that particular article.

And yesterday was no exception.  I was treating myself for Valentines day to see Hadestown the musical again. I sprung for the good seat, front row center and was no less enchanted and amazed at the gifted storytelling via music that was literally an arms length away.  I do see that as privilege and I am more than grateful that of all my life the worst thing that ever happened to me is now long past and fuck what is past but focus on the now to remind myself of my good luck.  And it is all luck.

That said I stopped for a coffee on my way into Manhattan and the front page once again was a story of a predator only a French one.  At least that was a change and then again not.  It was all about sex trafficking and using children to find sexual gratification the only change was that this fuckwit (what is the French word for that?) actually published books or his diaries on this subject. MERDE!  And irony that he was reveled not reviled in France for his honest gift of a skill set that seems less literary and more pornographic.  I don't recall Hugh Hefner ever getting a Pulitzer but then he had the grotto and women who were his sex slaves but they were over 18.  

This story was so disgusting but what is more disgusting is that the police cannot seem to locate him living in his bunker so to speak on the Italian Riviera.  If I was going to be on the run there could be worse places.  And the Times reporter seemed to just walk right up to him and interview him openly about his predilection; Or is that predicament?

What is more distasteful is the intellectual elite that guarded this man while he traveled the globe to procure sex with minors.  Where under international law is that acceptable?  I love France and the French but you have got to be fucking kidding me?   I think what was more upsetting was that my all time favorite fashion designer, Yves Saint Laurent, was one of his protectors.  Viva La France!   Well Yves actually lived in Morocco and had his own demons I just hope fucking minor boys was not one of them but now having been to that country I am not so sure.  MERDE!

Again I want to point out that most of the crimes du jour (keeping it French) are all decades old. That all of these predators, Weinstein, Epstein and now the Barnard College fucker went on for years.  People were aware of it and law enforcement was aware of it.  Epstein was convicted of sex with a prostitute (who just happened to be under 18 but that enabled him to excuse and justify his bullshit for years later) and of course R. Kelly was also tried but found not guilty.   So while authorities were aware, families were aware the prosecutions of these individuals seem to lack the same verve that the regular population receive.  Ask Harvey about that as the Prosecutor is retiring after this fake trial ends this week. But this was the same with Michael Jackson and he too went to trial,  found not guilty and they thought that ended that. I want to point out that Juries who find innocent people guilty of crimes they don't commit occur all the time and have led people to go to the their death and that while an "expert" eschews memory of the victim fading over time, funny the witnesses to contradict said version seem to not have that same problem.  How is that exactly?  They were not fucked over so they have perfect vision and memory 20/20?

I have long asked where are the adults in the room and the answer is they were there all along.  When parents who are I assume footing the bill for their children's college and living expenses find them living with an adult of questionable background why did the checks continue to clear? How is that that wealthy heiresses have access to funds that they can pass on to their kidnapper or where is the family member who is not afraid of his brother to allow it to continue.  They have no desire nor willingness to change the status quo as in reality we are lazy fucks who do nothing to stir the pot or bring conflict into our lives that might make us look really bad. So let your kid get raped, let your family member be indoctrinated to a cult they will eventually figure it out and leave of their own free will.  Let kids learn about sex by getting drunk having some half assed non consensual//consensual experience and then of course take films/photos and broadcast them over the internet as revenge and to never enable anyone to get past the worst time of their life.  Or just write a book or books about being a raging maniac and be applauded for your honesty.  Again if that was a woman doing any of this shit she would be sent to prison and burned at the stake.  Oh wait she has.   We are obsessed with sex and money and whoever has the most of it wins.  Oh really? Oh yes, really.

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