Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Daily Blues

Today the Boy Scouts of America join a long line of organizations that file Chapter 11 to stave off obsolescence and financial destitution. Much like the Catholics that preceded them requiring them to selling off properties and examining the long term legacy that pedophilia brought the same goes for the Scouts. They tried to allow Girls to join to prove they were a modern organization (or have a bigger pool in which to catch fish) while eschewing those kids who identified with the LGBQT community and in turn continuing to ignore the rot within. The fish always stinks at the head first.

Yesterday I was thrilled to buy some Girl Scout Cookies and my Scout was a child of Indian descent really proving that I live in a diverse community and that the Girls appeal to all girls everywhere so thanks for those Tagalogs and Thin Mints they remind me of my days hawking cookies and well I don't miss it but I appreciated the time I was a troop member as it taught me that basically girls are bitches when in a cluster but if you are secure in independence you are secure overall.   I am sure that is not what they wanted me to learn but my lifelong suspicion and loathing of my own gender came long before the concept of mean girls ever came into existence.

As the news continued to air the story of another Mother taking her son to a hospital  for help with her son who was having a mental health crises and of course ended with the child being arrested, beaten and pleading guilty in court; All for a crime that will sit on his record until 18 where he can of course if has the money and ability to have it expunged.  You know like Trump wants to do with his impeachment.

Well I could also have a unwanted pelvic exam I mean I am just laying there. Again the medical field never fails in its horrific manner of first doing harm.

But I have one better a 6 year-old being taken to a mental health facility when the school called 911 on the girl who was having what we used to call a tantrum.  There is nothing in that story that makes me feel better about being a Teacher and in Nashville this happened quite a bit, not the Police and Mental Health facility where frankly they needed to go but the Thorazine to the demeanor of the little girl that demonstrated she was well normal. Again not the first.   In fact one of 30,000. This takes the concept of zero tolerance to new heights.  Again in Nashville the children are exceedingly violent and dangerous and show signs of deep mental illness but nothing was or is done.  They got other shit to do,  like worry about soccer stadiums and Amazon coming to town.  Maybe they should look inward as the state is run in the same way the United State is with a moron in charge allowing legislation to pass without any second look and the new rash of lawsuits will eat up more money that could be better spent. But fuck that shit we got the MLS and the Predators.. whoops we mean the hockey team not the other kind.

Ah Nashville in a week I will be there for my last visit and there are no mixed feelings about it as the last hostage payment will be remanded and I will be free.  Funny I don't feel that way as it means now I have no excuse to move among the living but how does one after three years that were part of the seven where I felt that those who should have helped failed and the pain that I doubt will ever heal. It appears as I review story after story of Police violence, Prosecutorial Misconduct and Medical Malpractice I am one of many and if we had a conference Madison Square Garden would not be big enough. But sadly we would have to have a section roped off for those who could not be their physically as they did not survive their encounter and in turn a life ended prematurely because of THEM.

I keep thinking of the lyrics to the theme song from the Ghostbusters: Who ya gonna call? Well clearly not 911. Shit if I want to end up dead or beaten then yes but then again I prefer my beatings to be from professionals so a Dominatrix might be a better bet and come away with far less bruises.

What the last three years did teach me was the power of lies by those in power.  It is amazing how they can wield their position to cover up their own malfeasance, their own crimes and misdemeanors and in turn lay blame, point fingers and utterly ruin lives all while having the audacity to present a bill to you, to the taxpayer or to larger state and be compensated for it.  Wow, just wow.

Yesterday I did laugh however at one news soundbite and that was from Ted Cruz, the Senator or other moron from Texas who decided to express his anger at a bill being presented in Alabama, a state ground zero for zero tolerance of civil rights, women's rights or just any right of an American not white nor male.

Ted Cruz, the Republican Texas senator, has given an unwitting boost to an Alabama lawmaker’s attempt to push back on restrictive abortion laws in her state, by tweeting about her proposal to force men to have vasectomies when they reach the age of 50.

Democratic representative Rolanda Hollis introduced the measure to the state House last week, intending it as protest against a law passed by the Alabama legislature last year to outlaw abortion in almost every case unless the life of the mother was at risk.

“The responsibility is not always on the women. It takes two to tangle [sic],” Hollis wrote in a tweet acknowledging that her long-shot House bill, which would also a mandate a vasectomy after the birth of a father’s third biological child, was intended to “neutralize the abortion ban bill”.

Senator Cruz took to the medium most common to idiots these days, Twitter, to write: “Yikes. A government big enough to give you everything is big enough to take everything… literally!”

Naturally the crowd bit back and this is my favorite response:  “It’s outrageous to have government involved in these personal reproductive decisions! So glad you are pro-choice, Ted!

I am trying to recall if I ever met anyone from Alabama with any type of sanity and intellect and the answer to that is no.  The two individuals that come to mind are so damaged, such prodigious liars and have drug and or alcohol problems I can see why few individuals are elected there to actually represent the public.  Rolanda Hollis is the exception there being both a woman and one of color to actually get that the bullshit associated with the reality of women having the right to choose, to make their own decisions is no ones business but those she CHOOSES to share that with.  I think of another infamous Alabamian, Jeff Sessions, who redefines idiot.  But my personal favorite will always be Roy Moore a man who could always become a Boy Scout Leader, oh wait his prediction was for young girls.  Maybe he could convert and become a Catholic, the Priesthood is calling.

That said the controversial Alabama abortion measures, signed into law by Governor Kay Ivey in May 2019, was struck down by a federal court judge in October, two weeks before they were due to take effect.  The law, which threatens doctors with up to 99 years in prison for performing abortions at any stage of pregnancy, is intended by its supporters to bolster efforts to have the US Supreme Court overturn its 1973 Roe vs Wade ruling, the landmark case that legalized abortion across the country.

Ah yes the Evangelical movement who cares only about the baby in the womb but little about it after birth as almost all of these fuckwits don't want to pay taxes for pre-natal care, post natal care, education, child care or any other matter of import that contributes to the long term health and growth of the child. Again,  I would visit Alabama to confirm my worst fears that the concept of developmental disorders are rampant but then I don't have to as  I can walk into my friends bar and watch Darian molest young men or go to my coffee shop and watch Ethan have a meltdown and self medicate with alcohol.  Sounds great! I take a pass I have better things to do than watch, hear or care about the Southern drama kings and queens.  They were harmed as children and as adults can choose to do harm or fix the damage done. They made their choices and I want no part of it.  I recall everyday in the schools there and I know who they will be and again I am afraid and so should you as this shit stinks that no pot pourri can ever cover up.

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