Friday, January 17, 2020

Storm Coming

As I prepare for another trip to Nashville I had to laugh as it, along with the two of the other three major cities in the state - Memphis and Chattanooga - made the list of the worst run cities in America.  Shocking! No, not really.   What is truly amazing is the delusional state the residents and the pols have with regards to the city and its "desirability."  For whatever criticism residents in the tri-state area have in relation to the varying issues that in turn plague our area, I would rather live here than anywhere for the people and the place transcend all its problems by still being better than anyone could ever imagine.  They are genuine, they are real and they are proud; I cannot say the same for those of Nashville for every day another story another incident that continues to prove how they live and work dishonestly.

The place is crime filled and utterly unsafe.  There is little publicized about this as it would kill off the tourism trade for which the city relies but the place is a dump folks.  From traffic to lack of an infrastructure you would not realize how bad it is as the city continues to brag about the endless absurd development centered on the supposed Amazon campus that is coming to of course upgrade the city with high paying jobs and other bullshit that we have heard repeatedly from companies in exchange of tax incentives that never quite work out as promised.

The schools are a shambles, literally, the city run into the ground with endless issues about reconciling a budget when the State Legislature hits the first day off and running into the new year with its first bill another anti gay piece of legislation that has been kicked around the state house as long as I had lived in the area - the prevention of LGBQT families from adopting or fostering children if the agency does not approve of their "lifestyle."  What the fuck is Martha Stewart the doyenne of home lifestyle branding going to give one flying fuck over where one's dick or mouth goes? Really?

This lays in wait with the bathroom bill that has been hiding in the proverbial closet that no doubt will come again and sit next to the one that prevents couples from marrying with non-traditional officials or that Therapists can reject clients based on their sexuality so hey now that Tennessee has a Plumber as Governor, a religious right wing kook as one can imagine, who has no problems signing into laws absurd notions of block funding Medicare/Medicaid and of course vouchers for public education.  All while overlooking varying sexual and racist scandals in the legislature during his first year in office.   YEE HAW!

Is it any wonder that Microsoft canceled its second meeting with the Mayor's office regarding establishing a presence there.  They already have no income tax in Washington where they are located, have no reason to move to the red nut state for that purpose so what? They hope to find ill educated and trained workers to do shit at low pay?  And I do mean shit as we already now that Southern states are at the forefront of the Boeing crisis for their lax workforce regulations and requirements.  For the record Boeing's headquarters are out of Chicago and not Seattle but their legacy and prime manufacturing has long been in the region; However, the 737 Max (among others) was and is primarily a South Carolina project.   Right Lindsey Graham?  And its legacy is one of strum and drang.  Gosh shocking? No, not really.

My personal favorite right now is the ongoing Nissan scandal which Nashville and Tennessee takes quite pride about being the state as it is their home in North America. Well it is no surprise that the number two man in the scandal is a Tennessean.  Greed, corruption and lies are three traits that run through the area like the Cumberland, as deep and as dark as any river could be.  Lying like a river should be the new expression and since they are so religious there it may be time for God to baptism the city again as it did 10 years ago.

Lack of education, lack of support for education, training, consistent classicism and racism, religion and of course sexism and overall just plain fucking ignorance is the consistency in the South.  It would require every single generation to leave the area, find a city, get schooling, work among diverse communities and then return, begin to vote, to organize and of course demand change for this to eerie change.  Not.Going.To.Happen.

I have said that the culture there is one that took me very little time to figure out.  At first I was afraid, then I was petrified to think how I was going to live there (to paraphrase better song lyrics than I could write to describe my state of mind) and cope there for any reason let alone my dental reconstruction. When right out of the bat the Cops are sent to my door by my Dentist's office should have been a warning shot fired over the Fort that we are at war.  Instead I tried to reconcile, reconsider and compromise.  I will say that Vega has never disappointed, adjusting treatment, picking up the tabs for all the mistakes and alterations and just basically being amazing.  His interns were nowhere near as capable nor as engaged or as engaging as for they were often the part of the problem not the solution as they like the workers in the South have no ownership therefore no responsibility about their fuck ups.  It was as if I had a Boeing worker do dental implants and act as if it blowing up was just normal and shit.  Sure.

I respect my Dentist and she is a perfectionist but she is a woman in the South and Asian and that is already two strikes when dealing with the status quo.  Vanderbilt is not afraid to let anyone of another race and/or gender take a bullet when they fuck up. Ask the Nurse on trial for homicide who did nothing but give a drug she was ordered to provide.  Hell had the Waffle House shooter not finished the job, Vanderbilt did it for him.

Barely off the plane, no, not even off the plane I received the bill for my dental reconstruction contradicting the one I had, the one I had at home and informed them that I would send it to them once I got there the following day.  But in ever Gaslighting fashion (a common theme and occurrence in Nashville) I was told I was wrong, no such plan existed and so sad, too bad.  Really you could not wait until I got home to debate this?  This makes me wonder had I taken the Cops advice to find another Dentist for even he knew this was over the top.  I wonder if he was the one the day they found a car parked in the lot that looked suspicious.  That may be the time he realized his Police career was just cleaning up the shit from others mistakes?   Wear waders when you go to Nashville folks as you have shit to step over that is real deep.

Irony a storm is coming as I leave the area and perhaps that is a sign that I need to go to close out my business or simply like a storm, pass over, leave a stain and move on.   And move on I will do as each trip means closer to the end.  And from that I surely will never return.

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