Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Deny Lie Ignore

Are those qualities of a criminal or of most of the residents here in Nashville?  I can’t frankly distinguish the difference as the level of ignorance here almost seems deliberate as it somehow absolves them of responsibility and accountability.  “Did you eat the pie Johnny?”  “What pie?” Says Johnny.

Living in Nashville I found three standard responses when directly confronting anyone (any questioning is considered confrontational here in the South).  Any observation, random comment, passing opinion is duly treated as an annoyance and one is given one of three responses: “I’ve never heard that before” thereby denying knowledge and feigning ignorance. This precedes the what I call Dopey Pony where in true passive aggressive fashion puts ones  head downcast and look like a pretty pony confused by the human.   The other method is Gaslighting to convince/bully/intimidate you. My personal favorite which explains the domestic violence rate here.  This also explains the Southern indignation response that is often violent in response which also explains the endless violence plaguing the city, from physical fights to gun or knife fights.  The origin   of this is the British concept of the Honor Code - in other words dueling sans banjos.

As I release myself from the hostage situation that has been going on now three years I was told that it’s all over so I can move on.  It is? Gee I have no final bridgework and am a month away from that happening nor has the billing or as I call it gouging been decided and given what has transpired now I can actually say with conviction that pulling teeth is easier.

And this may explain why I simply hate being here as few if any encounters end pleasantly.  I walked into one of my few coffee spots left and immediately saw more idiots I wish to avoid and overhearing the conversation continued to confirm my assessment as it included a discussion about being pre approved for a home mortgage, a 20 year old part time barista who has an Instagram account where she plays photographer.  Wow that is amazing and I can’t find a decent Accountant but sure.  Then she asks the other former member of the pussy posse to be her roommate when she buys said house.  Then they plan for this for a moment but realize said house needs to be bought and moved into first.  Good plan.  The other future roommate and pussy posse member have at least two things in common, they worked at the same Barista Parlour shop and fucked the same boy, Ethan, who they thought I was paying to fuck.  Stupid is as stupid does and this inbred town defines stupid.  And it continued with more lies and false promises when naturally as all girls here do (they are far from being called women) complain about their last most recent failed fuck.  I laughed as I have been gone 8 days and called that one as I knew one of them could not sustain it even that long.  Her comment was he needs to work on some stuff, that I’m sure but start looking in the mirror.  More lies and more stories and I left thinking that at least I can leave as my hostage situation is coming to a close.

But even walking to the liquor store last night I walked into another Nashville moment - a robbery.  Race cards tossed which of course led the clerk to lessen the grip on the bottle (he asked for money first before bagging and handing the bottle and then called racist) and then what happened? He grabbed it ran out the door.  This is everywhere and it is denied, ignored or simply accepted as a part of living and doing business in Nashville.

Tennessee made another top ten list-one of the least educated States in America.  Where I am from, Washington, and where I live now, Jersey, made the top ten of most educated.  And this morning the Governor signed into law another hate bill preventing adoption by LGBQT people by those faith based groups; logic behind the hate was religious freedom. Sure what.ever.

Come to the south and get some spit in your coffee followed by a brain freeze.  I never contracted Stockholm Syndrome and it explains also why I needed a drink yesterday but it was hard to find just one reason.

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