Thursday, November 7, 2019

New Digs New Life?

I have taken a brief hiatus to relocate from the "vile to Jersey City, New Jersey and I could not be happier.  Well not true as the amazing view I had of the harbor and the Statue of her Ladyship has now been eradicated by a new tower being built in front of my windows.  What I thought was just an extension of the building across which was 5 stories is now over 10.  The Penthouse above me must really love knowing that.  But I still have amazing light and a great location in a fine building which for the next two years I will call home and figure it out later.  I need time and I need to heal from the damage that came from my living in perhaps the most hideous places I have ever been let alone lived.

What makes Nashville so appalling is the sheer level of arrogance that comes from the ignorance, a direct result of defacto education coming from non secular means - aka THE CHURCH.  The role of the Preacher and the Pulpit to defend, excuse, justify and enable the larger population to somehow follow in lock step with the appalling decisions and bizarreness that dominates the City, its elected Officials and the decisions that are made in the name of progress.   In a state that ranks 45 for registered voters but 50 in terms of voting all while possessing the most secure and quality type of voting machines (yes they have the electronic method with a paper ballot to trace and follow votes to prevent hacking and error) is another conundrum of a State that goes out of its way to make voting next to impossible is another irony on top of an irony.  Or just a fact of life in the South.

When I share my stories of my experiences people are incredulous as they too live in a bubble that has enabled them to be unaware of what really transpires in the states south of the Mason Dixon.  I have met just as many individuals here ignorant of their surroundings and that great mega city - Manhattan - that lies just across the river a 10 minute Path or Ferry ride away.  Shocking, I know. Not really.

Ignorance is ignorance is it not bliss it is what it is but the way it is expressed and the manner of how it is addressed are two distinctly differences when it comes to the North versus the South.  They admit it here and are fine with their choices and decisions when it comes to life ones. They acknowledge the defects and choose to either move past them or through them in a way that only I can appreciate.  The South simply turns a blind eye and erects some post or marker to denote what occurred there on that day as if that simply suffices as making one aware of a transgression and then onto to the next.  There are so many markers and signs that I doubt anyone cares unless it is brought up about how much it costs and how it could potentially raise taxes.   That they care about and it is money that they care about more than any Wall Street Scion could ever. And that is the real difference between the poor and the rich how they matter about money, not that they have it and what to do with it but the importance of others relationship to it. And in this case the Church is an acceptable organization in which to give one's money, the Government less so.  The prosperity pulpit works well for those behind the pulpit, those in front not so much.

So as I have to return to the 'vile in the next few weeks I am trying to keep abreast of what is going on in the region and again I find myself drawn into the Church and its never ending cycle of abuse of its members.  From the endless bullshit and lies to the manipulations of truth the reality is that Whorehouses have less sex than a Church in the South.  Sexual obsession is a definitive truth that is equally covered in the Bible which explains oh so much.  So when I read the below article I just laughed and thought who the fuck cares.  And then I read this article about a "Christian" Comedian and that I also found highly amusing. I doubt I would find the same in his humor however.

Pastor suspended from teaching at seminary after pastoral abuse claims
Jennifer Babich, Clarksville Leaf-Chronicle Published 7:35 a.m. CT Nov. 7, 2019 | Updated 8:38 a.m. CT Nov. 7, 2019

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary says his adjunct teaching role has been suspended.
Feltner's current church, Berean Baptist in Burnsville, Minnesota, is now investigating the claims.

Wes Feltner, the top candidate for lead pastor at First Baptist Clarksville, is feeling the fallout of the pastoral abuse charges leveled against him.

In a statement released late Wednesday, the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary announced they've suspended the teaching responsibilities of Feltner, who served as an adjunct professor.

The statement by seminary President Albert Mohler Jr. said that knowledge of the allegations first came to him Monday via social media. It went on to say: "Immediately, I sent the information received to our response team, and within an hour it was determined that credible accusations of misconduct had been presented. Accordingly, all teaching responsibilities for this individual were suspended and classes reassigned to other instructors."

The statement went on to say they'd reviewed Feltner's dissertation, titled "Pastoral Influence Tactics," and determined it was acceptable for continued public circulation.

Feltner, who is lead pastor of preaching and vision at Berean Baptist in Burnsville, Minnesota, has been accused by two women of manipulating them into secret relationships — one of them sexual — while he was their youth pastor 17 years ago at First Southern Baptist Church in Evansville, Indiana.

Megan Frey and JoAnna Hendrickson told The Leaf-Chronicle in separate interviews that the abuse started when the girls were 18 years old and still members of Feltner's youth group. Feltner was 24 at the time.

Both women say when the truth came out at a youth retreat, they were told by the lead pastor afterwards to keep quiet for the good of the church and their own reputations. They say Feltner was allowed to quietly leave the church and move on to another church — complete with severance pay and paid vacation time.

They say they received that same message — to keep quiet — again recently, when they shared their stories with the head of the FBC pastoral search committee, who had reached out to them as part of the hiring process.

It's not yet known how First Baptist Clarksville intends to manage the charges against Feltner. Church officials have not responded to requests for comment by The Leaf-Chronicle.

Berean issued a statement Wednesday, saying in part, "We understand the nature of these claims and we take them very seriously ... We are performing due diligence, and this will take some time. The due diligence is an element of due process and it does include fact finding; it will be complete and it will be prompt but it will not be hasty.

"We have engaged outside, neutral and experienced professionals to perform this due diligence. When this is complete, we will access the implications and potential remedies and decide together as elders what is appropriate," the statement said.

"Please do not take silence as anything other than 'there is a due diligence process underway' and that it is not finished."

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  1. In the world of too much information, Ignorance is a choice.