Wednesday, October 2, 2019

The Power of No

Much is made of the belief in the power of yes with this idea from some bullshit Ted talk that gave us such other memes as Grit or other Malcolm Gladwell nonsense.  And the idea that somehow we can reconcile our very existence in some superfluous pseudo intellectual babble dished out in twenty minute increments means that we should be in much better shape than we currently are.

What I find interesting is how most millennials are the least curious individuals I have ever met. They have no sense of self, they have a place of arrogance with the least amount of depth of intelligence that can be found on a magical 3x5 card which they use to gauge knowledge from the media that is all things social.   The pursuit of knowledge is an afterthought to be gained from leeching it off of others, then promptly ignoring it or demeaning it while simultaneously contradicting it.   Case in point:  Ask a Millennial about their average day.  What do they do all day?  When do they do it?  How often?  And what is their passion, interests and/or hobbies.   You will get gibberish in response or what I call the dopey pony look.   It is surreal to realize how stupid they really are and then you realize this is why we have Trump as President.

I look at the last six months and my desperate need to somehow reconcile my time here in Nashville befriending a boy whom I thought was likely Gay only to find out he was a Fundamentalist Christian disguised as a hipster.  Well at least he wasn't a White Supremacist so there is that.  But from him his other friends, largely a crew of girls I have labeled the Pussy Posse who alternatively chased him and he them in an attempt to validate his manhood while also violating his Biblical oath of virginity until marriage.  I have never met a more motley crew of girls all equally young dumb and cum dumpsters in every sense of the word.  If there is one common quality that these Southern religious freaks possess is an obsession with sex.

Again yesterday in my conversations with one of the rejected posse I realized how sad, tragic, grim and pathetic she is.   Clearly abused in some sense that she has no women friends, that boyfriends ran the gamut from abusers to her most recent a functional illiterate it does not show strong sense of self worth.  No wonder she thought Ethan was intelligent as at least he can read, true its the Bible but he does read.   At some point, however, pity turns to distaste as you simply cannot believe that someone made it to adulthood being that stupid and self involved.   Again this is the South so perhaps that alone explains it.

And today her colleague who goes to a local Christian school who also appears to have issues regarding sexual identity asked me for a reading list.  How about you ask one of your Professors?  Why I would spend any time putting together a reading list for a college student is beyond my grasp.  I have been asked by this same cohort now numerous times about varying activities and goings on that I attend in Nashville, most of them free and most of them every other day, from going to Yoga to how to go to the Library and yet NONE of them every follow through as they have to check Instagram to make sure its cool and on the list which appears to be eating Tacos at Maz Taco and going to one of two dive bars in Nashville, Mickey's or Dino's and then home to pass out in a smell of cheap beer and Mexican food.  Gosh this is a big day then!

I have had enough and the power of no is in my vocabulary from this point on until I leave.  I am exhausted being de facto parent, mentor, guide for these Sychophant's any longer.  I realize I am bored, longing for work, friendship and some sense of community but even this is pushing the goodwill boundaries.    I own my own evil here and now I am done.  I have to come back to Nashville to finish my dental work and I may or may not look up any of them but keeping my distance and my time is mine to throw away or keep and that is a valuable asset. 

Ask yourself do you know these people and the concept of reciprocity and respect are short to come along with thank you's that mark acknowledgement of your efforts and kindness?  This is the land of Hospitality with emphasis on the SPIT part of the word.   There is a layer of constant moral superiority that comes from their religious bullshit and the other from a false sense of superiority that everyone who is everyone wants to come to Nashville.  Sure what.the.fuck.ever.  For the record the big population boon is largely from the Midwest and the five corners of states that have massive unemployment and drug addiction.  So in other words a highly educated and intelligent lot.  Or maybe not.

Finding boundaries, lines in the sand and the power of saying no is all a part of establishing one's sense of self and worth and I found mine taking a hit of late and now it is time to say goodbye to it all and move forward to a better place and life.   For it truly is what YOU make of it.

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