Thursday, November 8, 2018

First Responders

Are not the first to respond to an accident the victims?  The reality is that many of the dead and some of the survivors do more in the first moment of a shooting then those who arrive after the shooting is done.  We saw this in Las Vegas, we saw this in the Pulse nightclub and in Parkland.  So now its all hands on deck and Cops are racing in and getting killed and shot to add to the victim count.  This happened in Pittsburgh and last night in California.  Funny the maniac who starts all this shit offs themselves and the answers desperately needed to the question why are never given.

Cody Coffman, a 22-year-old who had been talking to recruiters about fulfilling his dream of joining the Army, was among those killed, his father said Thursday morning.
“I am speechless and heartbroken,” Jason Coffman said outside the Thousand Oaks Teen Center, where families were gathering in the wake of the attack.
Coffman, at times so overwhelmed he could not speak, leaned on his father-in-law to steady himself. He said he last saw his son as the younger man was heading out last night.
“The last thing I said was, ‘Son, I love you,'” he said.
Sarah Deson, 19, said Cody Coffman stood in front of her as the shooter approached from the front entrance. Coffman yelled for everyone to get down and told her to run for the front door as the shooter moved farther into the bar, she said.
“Cody saved so many people last night, he was shielding people and getting them out,” she said.
So this young man did what we expect trained professionals to do and now bars are starting to train staff to handle these kinds of emergencies. And none of that with guns in hands as they have suggested with Teachers. Again that is a bad idea on a shitty one.  More guns means more problems. 

And with more guns on the streets this of course gives carte blanche to cops to go off the deep end with any perceived threat and can call open season when they see a dude with a phone, a hair brush, a pen knife, a BB gun or just being black.   I am not sure what to make of this and when I read that a man with a broom and a vacuum stopped the Yoga shooter or a young man with his hands alone another I have to say to these Cops what the fuck are you afraid of with your military grade weapons and protections? 

Another day another shooting and more mourners and bullshit prayers and thoughts.  Take them and shove them. I am really worried and then to come home and find out that Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg took a fall in her chambers today I wanted a quick inventory of the Trump staff to see where they were when this happened.

Today getting on the bus a black man said, "No white people on the bus today" then laughed and kept walking. Not funny and I am sure this is the start of it.   I said yesterday that the list of targets are as follows:  Latinos, Muslims, LGBQT, Jews, Black people and finally Women.  The last three can rotate as needed but in reality we are heading into dark times and I am finally admitting that I have no clue what to do.  I live in Nashville where people cannot restrain themselves from commenting about anyone all while they are still in earshot.  I catch it so often I am finally commenting on it as I hit the exit as they need to know that yes people we hear you loud and clear.  I realized when the Cops came to my door that my gig of guilting, shaming or at least embarrassing people was up as the trash bags in Nashville are utterly devoid of compassion or empathy.  They are self involved, narcissistic and idiotic with a touch of moral superiority and I am not joking nor exaggerating.  Again look to whom was elected to office.  Nuff said.   They either vote or don't the emphasis on the latter is part of the problem but lack of education is the primary reason.

By the way again the shooter in last nights mass attack was in the sweet spot - 28 years old, already had a mental health check after an encounter with the cops and was former military which means guns and issues built in.  Again what in the flying fuck are Cops doing mental health checks for and who was this person and how was he cleared and good to go?

What could have motivated the attack remained a mystery to authorities, Dean said.
The Marine Corps said Long served between August 2008 and March 2013. He served as a machine gunner in Afghanistan from November 2010 to June 2011 and became a corporal two months later. California State University Northridge said Long was a former student there who last attended the school in 2016.
Dean said Long lived in Newbury Park, Calif., a town near Thousand Oaks. Police have had “several contacts” with Long over the years, Dean said, most of them for minor events including traffic accidents. In April, deputies were called to Long’s home for a disturbance call, Dean said.
“They went to the house, they talked to him," he said. “He was somewhat irate, acting a little irrationally. They called out our crisis intervention team, our mental health specialist, who met with him, talked to him and cleared him.”
Part of the discussion among those responding to Long’s home was that “he might be suffering from PTSD,” Dean said, pointing to the 28-year-old’s military service. But “the mental health experts out there cleared him that day,” Dean continued, and no involuntary holds were placed on Long.
The gun used in the bar massacre appeared to have been purchased legally, Dean said.

 When Vanderbilt called for my "wellness check" after my outburst which was me talking shit.. I said "What do I need to do to get people to return my calls, answer my questions and treat me with respect? Blow my head off?"  Okay that was hyperbole but if you thought it was legit you are a hospital with mental health people just down the hall call them and set an appointment for me to be assessed before you continue with treating me.   Try that fuckers.  No they sent Cops and I could have had a bastion of arms tucked away and blown my head off and others after they left. They are not professionals and I am not crazy but I could be and be smart enough to lie. Fuck this shit.  Seriously I am that shocked and angry and because what happened to me shows that these calls are useless and dangerous in more ways than one.

So now just a brief review, this from the Washington Post:
The carnage added Thousand Oaks to the seemingly endless list of American cities to experience a mass shooting. This violence came just days after 11 people were gunned down in a Pittsburgh synagogue, months after 17 students and staff were massacred in a Parkland, Fla., high school and a year after rampages in Las Vegas and Sutherland Springs, Tex., killed a combined 84 people.

The latest attack carried echoes and reminders of others. The descriptions of chaos inside the club were similar to those reported during the slaughter of 49 clubgoers at Pulse nightclub in Orlando in 2016; the rampage in California occurred about 100 miles away from a community center where 14 were killed during a 2015 terror attack in San Bernardino, Calif.

I believe the incendiary bullshit that Trump spews encourages lunatics to act upon their psycho fantasies and in turn the NRA while declining in popularity are still funding many of the candidates who were elected this week.  The kids who Marched for Our Lives had mixed success but again had this shooting happened a week earlier that too may have ended differently.  We are the first responders and as I have already said that if I was in a school I would walk out the door and leave the kids I have no intent of putting myself at risk for the horrific children here and you may hate me but they have done little for me to earn that kind of respect in which to do so.  I have a bad feeling it is coming as the morons in Nashville are desperate to be on the front page and they need attention in ways that often inspires acts that are less worthy and more insidious.  I suspect this is akin to what I call the Boston Common meaning that for the residents of Boston the moral superiority comes from being in the yard of Harvard and believing that you are special just by being there in the periphery and the same with Nashville regarding the country music scene.  In L.A. everyone is in the industry so it becomes less noticeable not less annoying but the desperation still permeates that like the smog.  Fame is a fleeting identity and people often confuse infamy with that concept.  I am sure that is why the people here like those I met in Boston are arrogant, they just assume you are a wannabe and not worthy of respect as they are natives man and they have seen your kind before so fuck you.  Yes I agree, fuck you.  I cannot wait to leave this vile place before I too find myself a first responder. 

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