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Do the Math

Here in Tennessee lies are as big as the liars who tell them. Among many problems here - illiteracy, health (both mental and physical), traffic and pedestrian fatalities, low wages disparate to the cost of living, poor education, registering and in turn voting, inadequate infrastructure, violence both domestic and societal we have massive problem in our schools when it comes to openly discussing gun and sexual violence.

I have written that in the last few years there are over 1000 cases of sexual assault cases that have gone unreported with the Director of Schools here, Sean Joseph, failing to report to the state incidents of Teachers assaulting Students, verbally sexually harassing Teachers and Students and I suspect this would follow through with issues surrounding guns or other issues.  I know of two such stories where Teachers have been high on the job and another who brought a gun to school for protection.  I doubt even with the news reportage of both incidents mattered as there is little follow up and few demands for public records to see if in fact the district has done its duty.  And I know Nashville is not the exclusive although even a Prosecutor quit as he felt that the District Attorney here buried reports intentionally.  So while every sentence ends with "Be Careful, Be Safe" I wonder if they are advising me or warning me in a darker meaning.

A Lyft driver dropped me off at a High School the other morning and he said those very words and I actually concurred that it was something that passed my mind on a daily basis whenever I walk into a Nashville Public School and with good reason.

There were 470 incidents involving a real gun reported in Tennessee schools from the 2011-12 school year to 2017-18, according to the Tennessee Department of Education. That’s about one real firearm — as opposed to a BB or toy gun — at a Tennessee school per week during that time period.
The department is required to track gun incidents at schools under a federal education law. That same law insists states report that data to federal education officials.
However, U.S. Department of Education statistics reported 46 more gun incidents than local officials from the 2011-12 school year through the 2015-16 school year.

A Public Broadcasting Service report in March showed how many states failed to accurately report incidents of guns at schools, as is required by federal law. 
A National Public Radio report in August revealed how unreliable federal education data on school shootings can be. While the U.S. Department of Education stated for the 2015-16 school year that “nearly 240 schools” reported a school-related shooting, NPR could corroborate only 11 of those incidents.
So here in Nashville those stats are shared by all counties and we have some rural schools where guns in vehicles used for hunting/target practice are counted but then again where have the shootings been in Kentucky and Tennessee? Rural Counties.

The urban school districts here under-report all school violence again I have the proof with the recent stats from our Directors failure to report Teachers under "investigation" so I am sure any discipline records regarding schools are equally fudged.

They exaggerate however and confabulate numbers about the City, its' financial well-being and the state of costs of living and wages as the endless humble brag or self congratulations that seem to be so much a part of the culture that I again wonder what is the point other than revenge or some other weird fuck you about stereotypes regarding the South.  And irony is that once you live here you you immediately see confirmation and validation of said stereotypes and archetypes and in turn actual contradictions to the ones that were positive, such as Southern Hospitality and good food.    Neither of which I have experienced but again basic courtesy and fried Okra are measured by one's personal tastes.

Here is another one of the stories that made its way to the news and the hilarity of it was almost tragic if it wasn't so idiotic.  7 people our of 10000 via Linked in moved to Nashville from Chicago.. gee ya think and are they bringing the violence with them? That might explain the uptick there.  And note that Linked In fails to give total numbers. Out of 10K from what?  Just 10K? Per 100K U.S. residents, global or what?  So using this made up number that says out of 300K  Linked In members we then would Nashville have, if I have done my math right,  2500 plus a year moving here?  That is way more than the 85 a day. Which again doing the math means (85*365)means over 31K annually? 

Oh wait if you just do the annual number of 10K how ironic or coincidental that is the same number that Nashville is shoving down the throats and up the asses of the populace here for the last three years.  They just said annually not daily.  Hmm.   In English, per means "for each." It's used with units to express a rate. From the Latin per meaning "through, during, by means of, on account of"; perhaps a better expression is to say out of to be clear with numbers.. in this case the average. God I am sick of doing math to explain shit and even I double check it three times which means I triple check it. 

***Note that most often Seattle is the number one obsession in Nashville for reasons I am not clear but honestly I think it is football over weather.  I am asked constantly what brought me here which I always disappoint when I say medical and in turn when asked if I am going back the answer is no.**

Nashville ranked third among U.S. cities gaining workers in the past year, beating Charlotte, Las Vegas and Seattle.
More than 85 people per 10,000 LinkedIn members moved to Nashville in the year through September, according to a report from LinkedIn. Nearly 118 moved to Austin and more than 96 moved to Denver. 
Nashville attracted the most workers in the last year from Chicago, Knoxville, New York City, Los Angeles and Memphis. For every 10,000 LinkedIn members, nearly 7 people moved to Nashville from Chicago. 
Seattle dropped from No. 1 to No. 6 as people moving to the city are faced with limited housing, according to the report.
"Seattle is now witnessing similar challenges as the San Francisco Bay Area: huge talent inflows combined with limited housing supply are restricting affordability and slowing migration growth," the report stated. "Conversely, Nashville, Charlotte and Las Vegas have strong job opportunities coupled with more affordable housing markets."
Nashville lost the most workers to Denver, Melbourne, Fla., and Pensacola, Fla.Nashville had the greatest migration to and from Atlanta, with nearly 27 workers either moving between the two cities in the last year out of 10,000 LinkedIn members. New York and Knoxville had the next highest overall migration rates with Nashville.
"As labor markets tighten nationally across a growing swath of industries, occupations and skills, more cities are reaping the benefits - especially cities with warm weather and affordable housing, like Nashville, Charlotte, and Las Vegas," the LinkedIn report said.
The LinkedIn report pointed to Nashville's growing tech sector and demand for data science skills. There is a shortage of about 900 people in Nashville, according to the report. Charlotte needs 1,900 with those skills and Las Vegas needs 500. 
Wichita, Kans., State College, Penn., and Bryan- College Station, Texas, lost the most workers, per 10,000 LinkedIn members.

Okay then and Linked In is a great measure of all things important. Like Facebook but less corrupt.  What I love is that I just spoke to the woman who worked at my bakery and she and her boyfriend have lived here three months, he came for construction work from Virginia to do skylights at the Green Hills Mall project.  He was recruited for the job as there is a shortage of experienced workers with this skill set in commercial properties and now the job is done and they are moving back home.  This is the great migration, people coming from Knoxville an hour away and many who went to school or are going to school or here for an assignment from their employer.   In my building I know of two who were here for employment reasons and have since moved on transferred by their employer and again in a major transitioning city that would be normal but that is not normal here.  Nothing is.

And why New York? Ask Donald Trump about those taxes and the cuts he arranged that penalized New Yorker's the most.  So why not "move" to Tennessee where the property taxes are by far less and in turn establish residency and avoid income tax.  Your job however remains firmly in New York or you are traveling there where you have a second home and in turn that is one owned by the business and you rent it Air BnB style to avoid taxes.   Ask Donald Trump about that one.

And here the business crowd is equally duplicitous and wealth conscious as the Trump family is.  Our current Governor is from a family where his inherited wealth comes from Truck Stops.
The magazine reports Haslam is worth $2.5 billion, the same as last year, compared to President Trump.

This from the Nashville Post:

The magazine reports Haslam is worth $2.5 billion, the same as last year, compared to President Donald Trump's estimated $3.1 billion. (For what it's worth, Bloomberg estimates Trump is only worth $2.86 billion, so the governor could close in on him soon.) However, Haslam still lags behind his brother Jimmy, the CEO of Pilot Flying J, who has an estimated net worth of $3.4 billion. Both Haslams' billions are largely due to investments in the chain of truck stops their father founded.

But neither Haslam is the richest Tennessean on the list — that honor goes to Hospital Corp. of America (HCA) co-founder Thomas First Jr., who ranks 156th in the world with $9.6 billion in wealth. Below him is Memphis's Fred Smith of FedEx with $5.1 billion. Martha Ingram comes in just below at $5 billion.

Chattanooga's Jeffery Lorberbaum of Mohawk Carpets is, like Haslam, estimated to have $2.5 billion. Two Franklin residents, discount cigarette magnate Brad Kelly and casino video gambling entrepreneur Jon Yarbrough at $2.3 and $2 billion, respectively. Cleveland's Forrest Preston, the founder and CEO of Life Care Centers of America, rounds out the list with $1.5 billion.
The Flying J truck stops had some problems of late with the former CEO going to jail. I am not sure why Haslam hasn't pardoned him yet but there is still time. 

Then we have the Ingram family who are the leads behind the lamented and debated endlessly issue around the MLS Stadium coming to a fairgrounds near me but they are a family with  a hand in many pots.   The brother is natch a lobbyist.

The Ingram Group, founded by prominent Republican political consultant Tom Ingram, will expand with the acquisition of Poe Consulting on Oct. 15, company officials announced.
The merger brings together two of Tennessee's most influential political lobbyists, Ingram and Alexia Poe.
The pair previously worked together under U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander, and both have held leadership positions with Gov. Bill Haslam's office.
The Ingram Group started 35 years ago and has overseen winning political campaigns for Sundquist, Haslam, Sen. Fred Thompson and Sen. Bob Corker. It opened a Washington, D.C., office eight years ago. 
Most recently, the firm lobbied Metro Nashville government for incentives for Google Inc. to bring Google Fiber to Nashville, Ryman Hospitality Partners and the television show "Nashville."

Now let's look at the credentials of these two.  He is lobbyist for the private prison cartel whoops I mean group CoreCivic that sold their building and moved out of Nashville to a more secure location (wealthier and more Republican area Brentwood) to stop all those nasty protests.   And for what other company does he lobby?  Well Flying J. SHOCKING!! I know, not really.  I suspect the Governor will be needing that lobbying very soon to clear his family money name.  She (who must not be named.. points if you get the joke) was the consultant to the failed transit initiative so I suspect it was time to fold the tent of her single shingle.. not really an acquisition more a employment issue but hey whatever.  So again just softening the edges is something they do well here.  Basically getting more tax incentives that bribe companies to do stuff here in the case of Ryman building a large swimming and water slide for private use using public monies. As for the one with the show Nashville, they tried to stop or not as it is hard to say. But right now the real city of Nashville is putting a moratorium on said incentives to follow the money trail. 

Now does Tennessee have a land lock on stupid? No they don't as there is equal amounts of stupidity to go around.  Let us point to New York which gave us Donald Trump.  There are stories in every city of every corrupt wealthy person who has used their position to influence those in power. Remember access and availability are two different things.  Here in Nashville there are many schools that you have access too, the availability part however comes with stings, in this case the string is attached to money.  Money is the larges factor in that math equation.  Shit I knew it would get back to math! 

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