Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Sweet Tea Lies

I have said since living here that lies are like the sweet tea you choke down after nearly passing out from the hot chicken.   Lies are like a dose of the clap and once you get the antibiotic you are back to fucking in no time.

That is why Donald Trump is so popular in the South, the lies are an accepted part of the culture and when you are rich or at least in case believed to be so, then bring on the lies.  I love that the local scion, the Beaman family is undergoing a sordid divorce.  Payback is a bitch literally in the form of an ex wife and I love it as he is another bible thumping hypocrite that funded the anti-transit propaganda that led to its defeat (well it was like the chicken, a hot mess)   From Preachers to Businessmen, the South is rich with a culture that like the honey on biscuits includes a level of corruption unrivaled anywhere else, well other than the current White House.  Again the first family is like many a Southern family, full of intrigue, family dynamics and multiple wives and children.  Praise Be!  Is it any wonder that women dressed like Handmaids at the Kavanaugh hearings?  Seriously the parallels are starting to become just a little too close to reality.

I want to point out that Serena the Matriarch in that family dominated the landscape and in turn without her and her role the dynamics that led to the formation of Gilead.  The tribalism and nativism are all Southern dynamics and go back generations as a part of both history and mythology as the reliance on oral narratives is another legacy that somehow justifies and explains the level of illiteracy and of course distrust in Education and other sources of information such as books and media.  I want to point out that the stereotype question by Therapists about one's Mother is a million dollar one of late when it comes to the current state of affairs from Male Toxicity to Me Too.

Perhaps it is easier for me to condemn and criticize Mothers for their roles in abdicating Feminism to raising rapists.  The role of the Mother is a strong one in the South and particularly the Grandmother in the lore of family dynamics and tradition, including racism, sexism and any other 'ism you can find.  Sorry men you have been cuckolded here and it might explain your fetish for costumes that are like Priest's cassock which does look one step removed from a Kaftan.  Now lip sync for your life!

Feminism is the enemy as the co-dependency dynamics in men's lives is directing to and with women. From Mothers to Wives men are not bonding with other men in anything other than sports and today we are finding fewer and fewer white kids enrolling in football due to head injuries and in turn young black kids are signing up in record numbers as that is their meritocracy step ladder to a better life.   Already for many in lives lived in trauma add head injury to the mix this should work out well.

And speaking of  Serena as in Williams, I was thrilled to see her stand up and act up in regards to how she was treated as a Woman in the U.S. Open.  Note, no race card needed as she was competing with an Japanese player and of late the absurd criticism she has been facing, from the cat suit to the calls in the match are clearly directed to her as a woman when the men have done by far worse and received none of the same penalties.  That kids is sexism.

When does it become racism? And can a race discriminate against its own.  In a word, yes.   I think the most prevalent accessible example we can all relate is in our schools.  They are bastions of institutional racism from convention biases to full on racism.  And yes I see repeatedly that faces of color are often tougher and less forgiving to those of the same color.  And like all people we have a hierarchical level of import that is more willing to overlook certain behaviors and expectations when money is involved.    So there was some truth to the comment by Trump when he said he could kill someone and no one would care.  The same goes with Police and I am still trying to understand how someone walked into the wrong apartment just that alone and then whips out a gun and kills the occupant regardless. Then three days later be charged.  What?  We got a lot there to look at. Was it because:  A) She is a woman?  B) She is white and he was black?  C) Or that she was a Cop?  I pick C what  do I win Wayne Brady?

And here in Nashville the dumpsters or as they are normally called, Schools, cannot provide a better example.  The city did an audit on the school district (this is akin to Trump picking a Judge in which to Judge him) and they found issues. They were as vague as they were specific as in specifically vague.   Okay then.   The same law firm that works for CBS is doing their investigation into Les Moonves and I am sure that will work out well, for him.    I did see a hilarious Tweet by the Journalist Radley Balko:  Worst phone messages ever:  Hi I think you need to be checked out for an STD; This is Mastercard we are sure that someone has stolen your identity; This is Ronan Farrow.

Then we have the City Hospital that the former Slattern/Mayor tried to close as its budget was so in arrears that she wanted to turn it into an outpatient clinic.  Funny then she was tried for taking money to use "inappropriately" and dismissed from court without an ankle bracelet but without a job.  So the new Mayor-in-Charge took over and firmly restored the City Hospital to its glory?  Well that is debatable as many in the board have quit, accusations and allegations made and the City again audited itself and found "issues."  Now again the CEO of the beleaguered hospital did not get arrested and charged nor has the Director of Nashville Public Schools despite also failing to follow State laws regarding reporting legal issues to the State Board, so go figure that two Black men were not shot, not arrested nor charged nor even questioned about their business practises for fear that the race card will be tossed like Serena's racket and then what?

Here is what I see and think.  Regardless of color or gender or any other extrinsic factor that has little to do with the day to day management and operations of a major business or government entity and they fail to do their job and serve the community they are hired to serve then they need to go.  So in the case of Mayor Berry I was not sad to see the Slattern go as I am not paying for her fuck trips to Greece.   And when someone actually tried to excuse/explain that as Nashville has business there I asked what kind?  To get good Souvlaki?    I do find it interesting that she was immediately held accountable, charged with criminal theft and in turn forced to quit.  Have men done the same?  Come on yes.  What about this dude Duncan Hunter?  Really? Not the first nor last in the Trumplandia world.

Race was a factor that led many to vote for Barack Obama and he never acknowledged that until much later but it had nothing to do with his Presidency, as that was his own intellect and ability to reason and rationalize without needed to rely upon lies and mistruths.   You may not agree with him but if it has to do with the color of his skin then you are a racist.

That said the varying scum of the pond in Trumplandia have found many white men in serious positions of criticism, some charged, some plea deals and found guilty and all of them were assholes regardless.  The turnover is now reaching new heights and once the lie detector arrives this should go well.  They should use the dude often on Howard Stern since Trump has a connection there.

As for Dr. Ben Carson I have one question is he qualified to lead a complicated department as HUD.  No.  He would not be qualified regardless of his color or gender or even his religious weirdness.  Not qualified.

I watched last week two people get into argument over nothing.  One was a black woman currently studying to be a Teacher and the other a black man who is a Counselor at the alternative school near my home.  The school is a dysfunctional mess and the former Principal is on medical leave as well her husband recently left the Nashville School he was in charge of due to his own sexual toxicity.  Charming family no doubt and I have heard several stories that praise him and others not so much.  What.ever. But these two were arguing over this little girl who is clearly damaged and is going back to her "regular" school in a few weeks after being suspended for cyberbulling.  This girls history goes back to age 8 where they failed to serve her and appropriately test and diagnose here learning disorders, yes plural, and in turn get her on a program where she could at least function. Right now she can barely manage sitting for 15 minutes.  She has no focus of attention, reads and performs grade levels below her age and in few weeks she turns 17 and can legally drop out of school.  She is the symptom of the problem that marks decades of systemic institutional racism that defines the Nashville Public Schools.   So while these two railed on over a girl leaving in a few weeks, the woman is just a sub as I, the pointless level made me wonder if this was some of the problems I see repeatedly resolved in the Black Community via violence?   I frequently go to Scoop Nashville on Facebook to see the endless parade of racism on display there.  And what is truly distressing is that is black faces filming these outbursts and in turn submitting them.  True this "Scoop" page needs to not but they do so under the guise of news.  Ah yes "news."  I wonder why this is allowed and yet it is.   The status quo likes things the way they are as it defines ones role and place in society and in turn enables one to know what they need to do and who to blame when it fails.

The reality is that regardless of who sits in the "Director" Chair the schools will have to be burned to the ground, completely rebuilt and start anew in which to change the level of dysfunction I have experienced.   And regardless of who is the man behind the curtain, who is again the paternal figure an irony not lost, the faces in front are the ones I hold accountable and they are faces of color.  So I am the racist for pointing out that fact?  No I am intolerant and in turn demanding, two truths the South does not want on their plate of meat and threes.

The schools and the city hospital serve faces of color, they serve the poor and they in turn serve the community.   They would be fired at the Waffle House with this kind of service.   So would you like a glass of sweet tea with your order? 

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