Wednesday, September 19, 2018

So YOU Say

I spend the better part of the day shaking my head at the endless bullshit they peddle here in Nashville. I suspect it is largely due to the superiority complex the powers that be here think they be having.  They have for decades never been questioned, challenged or threatened in a manner that would risk their position of authority to jeopardized.

Look to our current election cycle and the candidates that have emerged for Governor, Senator and other gigs that include positions for City Council, Vice Mayor and School Board.  Normally these are not that significant but here they all take on a new level of crazy.  My favorite was the school board official who said she was going to "whip it good" on her challengers.  Since losing she or someone "else" dug dirt on the winner and found a series of issues and problems that if were that important should have been addressed and exposed sooner.  They have no problem doing that in any other elected office just ask Kavanaugh about that one.

On that note, what someone did at age 17 if they are not doing it now deserve a chance to move on.  In fact at any age if they have made improvements and changes in their lives to demonstrate growth.  However, bring that up yourself and own it so it is not taken from you to appear that you have something in that closet other than that skeleton.  Makes one wonder why you believe you are so perfect as all of us carry baggage from place to place and we deserve the chance to unpack and toss those things that don't belong or fit anymore but do so that is an ethical honest manner.

Here in the Volunteer State we rely on legacy and history and again the more money you have the more forgiveness you are bestowed as the Church here runs the game plan and their buildings are bigger, shiner and dominate the skyline in the way Government buildings once did.  Then again this is a Church state so that makes sense.

Our current Mayor who was "elected" post appointment of the Slattern's indiscretions and has now informed us that he plans to run in the regular election beginning next year. He is a legacy family name and that pretty much defines his qualifications for office.  There are two standards - rich and/or connected.  The exceptions are whose connections to Church are critical when the other two are less obvious and again that includes both gender and race.  The Church rules the Vatican State and they are the richest resident.  Well the only but for a few centuries they had a pretty good ride on that one.  Other than his endless running and losing previously for the job and now falling into it I am unsure what skill set or even personality he posses that enables him to do what is also a stepping stone job into a life in Nashville politics.  In Seattle no Mayor ever went on to bigger houses but here in Nashville the Mayor is the entry level gig to higher ones - ask Bob Corker about riding that Chattanooga Choo Choo right into Washington.  Tennessee and its history of elected officials run the similar track all with destination Pennsylvania Avenue.  Train stops at the station but the last time it stopped it made a wrong turn just ask Al Gore about that one.  Now the Gore name does not adorn any streets or public buildings that I know of and frankly I have seen him only once at the Southern Festival of Books and it was about a book.  If he or any family has any presence here you got me.  They probably left wisely and I can't wait to follow.

But the one thing regardless is that they share a disdain and discursiveness about the great unwashed. The lack of education, the literacy issues and the history of poverty and its inexorable link to racism is still very much a part of the landscape today.  Many exchanges between City Council members, School Boards and others seem to demonstrate a belief that the cognitive functioning of their constituents is lacking and they are unable to grasp the complex nature of being a civic leader and doing the heavy lifting.  I find it ironic that they are in the very position to change this but have no intention of doing so as if they did they would be out of a job.  It is a bizarre form of job creation and retention as our current Congress demonstrates. Again the only gig you can die while doing it and be respected for it.

Nashville despite a 35M budget shortfall, schools with sexual incidents at an all time high, crime and violence still at high levels mostly perpetuated by youth, the issues about infrastructure and pedestrian deaths, traffic problems that contribute to and of course the issue about Police are just side notes to the "It" song they never stop twanging.  Dear God the 100 people a day moving here is a misquote that is 100 people a day are the average population stats for the GREATER metropolitan area which includes not one but 5 counties and does not include or at least mention that many are students attending the many many colleges of the Athens of the South (laugh at that one) and the temporary or short term workers who are here as consultants or workers on larger scale projects. Or as they are officially noted as Service providers. They just provide a highly educated and technical based service.   Heard of pop of shops? We have pop up offices much like We Work or in actual space that house many operations and offshoots of larger companies headquartered elsewhere. I am not sure how successful that bullshit regarding the tech sector is here but they are ever present as the bro culture is everywhere.

And that also describes the South after years of being the butt of the joke the joke is that they take all of this very very seriously as the growth, the incentives, the crushing of labor, the enhanced wealth and import of Southern culture and politics and subsequent media attention is all still rooted in the war, not the Civil one the one for Rights.  That reality is what drives the incessant back slapping, grandiose bullshit you see in the White House as well.  The Civil War is not the reason the South acts the way it does it is about the entire civil rights movement that circumvented their states in determining their own way of dealing with race (which was do nothing) and in turn the whole focus on faith and religion that has been pandered to since the Reagan years to show that the South is a viable entity on par with its Western and Eastern major metro cities.  Surprise folks why do you think they went off the deep end with Atlanta as that period marked the most significant rise of a Southern city. What they fail to mention it was reverse migration that brought that but hey you go with it. And now "it" is Nashville's turn.

So when I read that the median incomes have risen THE FASTEST IN THE SOUTHEAST I was surprised and they are now bragging it is over 63K and fifth in the nation. Take that Yankees!  Funny how that has worked out given that with growth after languishing in the mid 40s for decades it took a jump as did some of the rest of America, go figure.  That said the breakdown of jobs tell the story behind the wage growth and neglects to mention the second biggest industry - hospitality - still hovers well under than mid rate.

From The Tennessean:

The fastest-growing industry was "professional and business services," which covers a broad swath of highly specialized jobs and others that support companies. Included are lawyers, accountants, architects, engineers, veterinarians, office administrators and cleaners. The Nashville metro area, which includes Franklin and Murfreesboro, had the nation's fastest growth in this sector in recent years. Already one of the highest-paid industries in Davidson County, this sector didn't see much wage growth. 

The next-fastest shouldn't be a surprise: construction. Look any direction in downtown and you'll see cranes swinging to build another office building, hotel or apartment building. Builders are redeveloping urban core neighborhoods with infill housing, and vacant land is quickly disappearing. Construction also saw the fastest wage growth, at 19 percent between 2012 and 2017. A tight labor market for construction workers has forced up wages across the U.S

The industry with the third-fastest growth in Davidson County was financial activities, which includes banks, insurance companies, real estate management companies, and others. Nashville’s financial market is on the rise, with industry experts forecasting more national banking companies will look to the city for expansion. This was the highest-paid sector, with an average annual salary of  $82,269 in 2017, but wages grew by just three percent in the past five years.

Total Employees in Davidson County industries, 2012-2017

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