Wednesday, September 26, 2018

I Have a Headache

That old meme has been used for years by women to get out sex and frankly it doesn't work. Men are convinced that all you need is a good fuck to clear up anything that ails you.. anything and everything. This shit has to be in the DNA as it crosses all the lines where men meet. We have maniacs killing for sex with a 1000 virgins, men fucking a glory hole as to avoid any intimacy, men who drug women to fuck them, men who shove drinks down their gullet in which to shove their dicks down them later, men who throw women in bushes, down wells, in basements, in trunks of cars, in their own homes and rape them repeatedly. This is what men apparently do to unwind.  Good to know.

Women drink, take drugs, take to prostitution, fuck men professing they own their sexuality, become adult film stars, post endless photos of themselves as sex bots to attract men.  Women act out, dance and wear clothes that encourages men and act provocatively to entice and seduce men.  Then when someone condemns that behavior they are enraged.   Well men are stupid ladies but they don't need encouragement they just need opportunity.  Good to know.

Women who are mothers are raped, sisters raped, daughters raped, wives raped, aunts raped, grandmothers raped, friends raped, co-workers raped, and the only equivalent that men seem to find is via Priests.  Good to know.

Men do rape boys, they are not gay, they are Humbert Humbert. But boys rape other boys in locker rooms, in secluded places and do it as some type of initiation and outlet.  Good to know.

Another ongoing drama is taking place today, Bill Cosby is sentenced with the issue of him being declared a sex offender and being placed on the registry.  Well again if he was just an ordinary black man regardless of age/health he would be on that list and living in a trailer park so fast your head would spin.  I doubt at this point it matters as the jail sentence is akin for life to Mr. Cosby, which does that mean cruel and unusual?  The Judge declared him a predator. Gosh a little late but hey whatever.  But  would any woman in her right mind take a drink from that man?  Then again I am never shocked as regardless of all of this they would as they are special/different/it won't happen to me.  Sure. Good to know.

Then we have the Kavanaugh saga which is now up to three women with tales of concern that centered on the issues of drinking during his college days where the good Catholic boy lived up to the Catholic mantra - take it and they will like it.  Say a prayer of forgiveness in that confessional and remember a Madonna is only your mother not the mother of your children and whores drink and go to parties with boys so have at it.    And the Moron, the Fucking Moron, the Idiot in the White House who has his own strange issues regarding women supports this white elitist fuck who simply refuses to step down for the good of country or family.  Dragging us through the mud is Congresses job and they will do it as only old white men can.  Good to know.

I read this piece in The Guardian by the idiot girl who created the infamous slam book called, The Shitty Media in Men List.  Here is the deal have some guts and face those whom you accuse.  As my mother used to say:  He who accuses, excuses. But she makes some salient points and she too did pay for the idiocy as many of the men have.  So Et Tu Brutus?    The reality is that online shaming and bullying done anonymously is unacceptable and it was only of late when I decided to name the two Attorneys who did nothing to help me when I faced the same issues that many of the women in #MeToo faced. The difference was I quite clear with them.  I tried to communicate with one of them, Ted Vosk, prior to his entrance into rehab and he threatened me with Police intervention and cried about how in his defense of me he could have been sanctioned!  So yes white elite men are out of touch and I have nothing to say to either attorney, Kevin Trombold or Ted Vosk, as I have to their face and well they did nothing.   Well cashed the check which apparently Ted's share went to drugs which may explain some of his insanity.  Note: Some

To try to rationalize, explain, justify and excuse this shit as the boring rambling piece in Harper's does on romance, being a quad as a teen, movies, the era, feminism, hippies and my personal favorite the book Lolita.   Dude really? Good to know.

I had already a heads up when t The New York Times Review of Books landed on my door as the editor had already been fired.   He sounds like an asshole and this shit could not have happened to a better dude frankly. The essay by the whiny Jian Ghomeshi was of course excuse blame making lesson number #1. There is your hashtag.    Rock on asshole and he is Canadian no less.  Gee and they have such a nice reputation.  I know differently, was married to one.  He was an asshole.  So Canada not as nice as you think. Good to know.

The insane self serving and blame seeking seems to be the new posture of men in America.  The nice thing is that it is not just the provenance of White men.  Here in Nashville the Director of Schools is Black and he seems to have taken the posture of lying and abusing Journalists during a Press Conference in Trumpian Style.  It is a new style since the prior encounters where he was forced to be confronted with sexual assault allegations of staff, budget discrepancies and other problems faced in the Nashville School District threw down the race card, so now just whine, abuse, belittle and say nothing of import it is the new way.  Good to know.  

Men are you infuriated by my remarks?  Good.  You need to know that you are responsible for this and only you can fix this shit.  I am exhausted hearing about it.  Fix this you fuckers you are such great leaders, so wise and so much smarter than us the Whores, the Madonna's, the Mothers.  We are not all three we get it.  I remember the expression, "Lady in the Living Room, Whore in the Bedroom" as some type of marital advice to keep a man.   Well here is mine - GO FUCK YOURSELF!  I have a headache.   It's good for you to know

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