Monday, August 13, 2018

The New Millennium

I have no problem admitting I struggle with Millennials and while they are the largest cohort I communicate with in Nashville I often blame the South/Nashville/Education or lack thereof as the primary reason behind my issues with them.  To say age is a factor is something I struggle with as I love kids and until I moved here never had a problem communicating with younger people or so I thought.  And that was after observing  children behave in manners that were truly disturbing and troubling and most if not almost all the children were faces of color and that color was largely black.  The violence and aggression crosses color lines here but again as they are the largest cohort in the dumpsters I call schools here it made me wonder what this all meant.    As a result, I went on a self examination and introspection that had me questioning my attitudes toward race, religion, gender and what I thought was poverty.  And since that time I have found that yes I have changed towards all of those things and mostly just a hyper awareness of it and in ways that does affect how I interact and engage with those who I decide to communicate with.   So in other words I self isolate and upon occasion share a thought or two, often regret it but still try to manage a positive sense of being in which to rescue myself from self hate as I don't want to become a different person from this but it may be too late. 

So no I cannot blame Millennials solely for most of my failures to communicate as I have tried to communicate with those closer in my peer group and that too was largely a dud so now I just put on the happy face and talk about "stuff" like free concerts or other bland observations that frankly is boring but better than nothing.  But I still look to the largest population cohort in the U.S. and shake my head as this is not a good thing. 

But again I spend most of my time lecturing, scolding and reminding the millennial to register to vote and in turn vote.  Here in Tennessee they don't do either and it shows.   But there is more to it here than age it is a type of resignation and frankly laziness that dominates the culture here.  I have never met so many people so marginalized and so unwilling to ask questions, seek resolutions or grow in their pursuit of knowledge. The fear that dominates the landscape here is like the endless dark that dominates Iceland for several months of the year and yet they seem to function fine and why those without such isolation cannot boggles the mind.

I was watching CBS Morning News and they had sponsored a survey with Refinery 29 about Millennial women and voting patterns and the answers were surprising.  Well if you actually knew the real ones that you don't work with but the ones who work in the community you live, that hold marginal jobs and are partnered in relationships that they play at unconventional but are as conventional as the ones the generations before had then no you would not know how conservative, pedantic, dogmatic and provincial they really are.

This from Refinery 29 regarding Politics:

Right now that is an open question. According to the Refinery29/CBS News poll, the women of this generation hold the most negative views of the Trump presidency of any age group. By more than 2 to 1 millennial women want to see Democrats win control of Congress. And yet: While 70% of millennial women said they are "dissatisfied" or "angry" with the direction of the Trump Administration, only 30% said they will “definitely” vote this fall.

 I am not sure what to make of this other than laziness and complicity that I find throughout Nashville which now at least makes me feel slightly better about Nashville as I blamed the city for what is a larger scale problem statewide but the new folks migrating here only further exacerbate the problem.

Again I meet many people and again the Doctor who I encountered and was looking for love in all the wrong places seemed to be oblivious to his own City and well anything going on in his own backyard.  That did not seem to stop him however from wanting to get into my backyard so again his behavior led me back to Nashville as a city in flux and the people even more confused as a result.  What dominates is the concept of opportunism and in turn that struggle with what that means and in America it means one thing - wealth.  An absurd concept linked to the lottery mentality of Meritocracy. 

The other day I met a family that have never set foot in the public library located in Downtown Nashville despite the fact that their daughter lived in the apartment building right next door.  Intellectual curiosity much?   They were from St. Louis and have lived here two years and were nice people but stupid, they fit in well.  This is America.  As I have come to learn the illiteracy that dominates this culture comes from history where oral stories and histories compensated for the laws that prevented many from reading and writing.   Well this is the new millennium and that time is gone but history like the water runs deep with the blood of the past. 

And now this area of the country has money pouring into it thanks to legislative acts to give as many tax breaks and perks for companies to relocate here and in turn exploit the ill educated workforce to pay them substandard wages and in turn make the states "right to work" to prevent union organization securing low wages indefinitely.   And now we have a growing city and people commuting hours to minimum wage jobs as they have relocated here from their varying shitholes to find work.  When you move from Minneapolis and Florida to get a waiter's gig here you must have been living in a shithole as that makes no sense.  But sense is for Horses clearly here.

Millennials will follow sheep as long as its cool. The ones who are ill educated and ill informed need this and they do little to change the reality.  It's thumbs up or down and a world of like or followers is what matters, they see the immediate not the long term and hence they don't give a flying fuck.   Anything that is done to improve the quality of life doesn't.   I am seeing it here with one business opening one after another and I wonder who is funding all this.  I see major issues coming if these businesses cannot sustain the loans or payments to investors in reasonable time frame as we are seeing with regards to Gibson Guitars what can happen.  So you see why they don't want change as change only brings the small kind and that doesn't trickle down.

We have a wealthy adjacemt county that I keep hearing about and supposedly should go teach at struggle with funding education and in turn their students in need of hygiene products. Really you are that wealthy and can't get a girl a feminine napkin or tampon?  Interesting.

And it appears the bloom and the rose are meeting to discuss when those petals will fall as the growth is on the decline which means more low paying jobs and more businesses shuttering. But that is okay as another will open in its place with no more logic or reason.  And try discussing this with Millennials - crickets.  For the supposed enlightened ones they are in need of new bulb.  I have no energy anymore as how can you rationalize with people who don't see the need to be rational.   And to prove this I had a discussion about kids with a young woman who informed me she hates kids and when she has kids she will make her husband raise them.  There is so much wrong with that statement it was hard for me to even try to explain that loving your own children is not a healthy thing as you want your children to be well adjusted socially and if you hate other children how does that work when it comes to school, to social settings and other times when you must mix with other families in which to enable your kids to participate?   She had not thought of that.  Okay then.

This is just one of many conversations I have had since relocating here.  They have no value of education and the outgoing Governor's Drive to 55 pledge goes with him.  There is no way 55% of the population here will have some type of post secondary education. They haven't needed it now and they see no need for it for the future as clearly they don't have a Magic 8 Ball in which to see what happens in the new Millennium.


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