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Defending Nashville is not a pastime of mine.  I have had enough for a lifetime.  Just up the road this morning the convenience store and its adjacent daytime employer were raided and closed today for being public nuisances.  Just the last year they had over 3000 Police Calls and is the number one parasite for Fire Department calls in the city.   It is adjacent to two housing projects, Napier and Sudekum, each with their own issues and problems which has lent to the endless incidences of violence and crime at that intersection.

The endless shootings, petty crime and car theft dominates the news cycle with my personal favorite a day on one station dedicated to cold cases that are decades old.  It is like living in an cross episode of Law & Order Cold Case.

This is from Wall Street 24/7 regarding the 25 most violent cities in America.  Here is where I would make a pun that we are currently 25 but we can be number one with a bullet at the rate we are going as this was before Waffle House.

25. Nashville-Davidson, Tennessee
> Violent crime rate: 1,102 per 100,000
> 2016 murders: 81
> Poverty rate: 18.6%
> Unemployment rate: 3.6%
In Nashville, there were approximately 7,400 reported incidents of rape, robbery, aggravated assault, and murder last year. Adjusting for the population, there were over 1,102 incidents of violent crime per 100,000 city residents.
Both violent and nonviolent crime tend to occur in neighborhoods with very low incomes. Generally, cities with higher crime tend to have greater concentrations of extremely low income households. However, in Nashville, just 7.7% of city households earn less than $10,000 annually, only slightly more than the national share of households with extremely low incomes of 7.2%. High unemployment also tends to correlate with higher incidence of crime, but Nashville’s 2016 annual unemployment rate of 3.6% is one of the lowest in the country.

Then we have this current stat with the contest between this years "it" city as declared by the New York Times, Chattanooga,  versus the one from five years ago, Nashville. This is what you get when tagged "it."  That and being dragged into the sewer.

Chattanooga named one of the worst-run U.S. cities by Wallethub

Posted: Jul 10, 2018 12:33 PM CDT Updated: Jul 11, 2018 4:44 AM CDT
Chattanooga has been named as one of the worst-run cities in America.
Wallethub compared 150 of America's largest cities to determine the best and worst run places.
"We can learn how well city officials manage and spend public funds by comparing the quality of services residents receive against the city’s total budget," a Wallethub spokesperson said.
The research is based on financial stability, education, health, economy and infrastructure, safety and pollution.
"WalletHub compared the operating efficiency of 150 of the largest U.S. cities to reveal which among them are managed best," the spokesperson added. "We constructed a 'Quality of Services' score made up of 35 metrics grouped into six service categories, which we then measured against the city’s per-capita budget."
Out of 150 U.S. cities, Nampa, Idaho, came in at number one, while Washington D.C. was dead last. Chattanooga was ranked 144.

Other Tennessee cities didn't fare well either. Nashville was ranked 111, Knoxville was 125 and Memphis was 135.

This is during the boon time and during a major Statewide election.  Hmm doesn't bode well as this means the former fine elected officials did a shit job!  NO you say!  Let us not forget that Nashville as a result of a said boon is now 35K in debt, so big BOOM!

Tennessee is eleventh in the nation for poverty.  Or 12th depending on the source.  Okay then.

Tennessee has the 12th-highest poverty rate among all 50 U.S. states, according to a new analysis of federal data.
According to On Numbers, an affiliate of Nashville Business Journal, 13.7 percent of families in Tennessee live below the federal poverty level. More than 18 percent of individuals in Tennessee live below the poverty level. Both percentages are the 12th highest in the country (not including the District of Columbia).

And while Nashville is proud of their diversity the reality is that Tennessee is pretty damn American and we spell that with a K.

In Tennessee, 93 percent of adults speak only English at home, and only 5 percent of the population was born outside the U.S.
Tennessee’s high school graduation rates are on par with the national average, but fewer hold at least a bachelor’s degree – about 26 percent of state residents older than 25 graduated from college.
Tennessee is home to more than 40 schools, including Belmont University, Vanderbilt University, Rhodes College and the University of Tennessee. (I think this is irony) 
At $48,547, Tennessee’s 2016 median household income was lower than the national average, while the poverty rate of 15.8 percent was about 10 percent higher than the U.S. rate.

But how about the hospitality?  What you say that is an anathema worn by a Unicorn?  Yes, just reviewing Yelp or Google  for Apartments gives you a wide range of loathing for the varying agents and managers of the super "luxury" apartments that dominate the landscape here, charging rents that are significantly higher than wages.

Here are some from The Gulch area which is the most occupied rental buildings in the city as it is the closest to a walkable neighborhood or masks for one in Nashville.

I've lived here almost a year.
Tldr: draconian lease, sketchy practices, they don't respect tenants and if I wouldn't have been home the day they entered with no notice on a business trip I could have come home to a dead cat

The good: It has 4 walls, and a roof.

The bad: Most other things.
They have events and stuff that are fun and what have you. Thats great. But actually living here and dealing with the place is pretty terrible.

1. You get a whopping 28 page lease thats filled with small stipulations and a billion little rules. I've never seen a lease with more than 10 pages, even in a luxury unit. You cant burn candles inside. You cant have a cigarette on your balcony. Theres probably a stipulation about not being able to sneeze in certain areas I missed in my read through.

2. Its incredibly overpriced for how nice it actually is. The amenities compared to places like Velocity and Icon next door are not nearly as nice for almost-the-same prices.

3. They also have great hidden dark practices like when you pay rent online, it defaults to the option that charges you an extra $50 for using a debit card, and keep the option to just use a bank account incredibly hard to find and it only has a $0.50 charge.

4. If you want to leave, EVEN WITH A SUBLETTER, they charge you 2 months rent and make you give 60 days notice to get out of the lease. I've never seen anywhere this staunch about it with a subletter already lined up. So I couldnt even leave once I _really_ wanted to without massive charges.

They locked my cat in a closet that he was sitting in once after having maintenance come in unannounced with no warning or anything, while I was downstairs. They locked the door to the front when leaving so if I wouldnt have had my keys I was locked out and didnt find my cat til over an hour later. I travel all the time for work and if I would have been out of town for several days they literally would have just left my pet to die in a closet.

Overall, I moved here because I needed a place fast and they moved fast. Theres a reason, though. They wrap you in and you cant get out.

Basically, if you have to live in The Gulch, unless you REALLY need to live here because they will allow it w/o a credit check, ANYWHERE else across the street or in this neighborhood looks a lot better.

1st time I entered my new apt, the floors, counters, baseboards & bathroom were covered in grime like dried egg yolk, dirt, dust - filth, old price tags in the closet, ants due to a broken balcony door that would not shut properly or lock, etc. So I proceeded to take very detailed photos of the filthy apt & send them to the person who had checked me in that morning, expecting that someone would be up to take care of the issue immediately or that I would be moved to another apt. She replied that the apt must have been overlooked by the staff & that she could have someone clean it in a few days. Ok. So I was supposed to just live in this for a FEW DAYS? It was an absolute insult that they expected me to sleep on a floor full of filth & ants. So I found a Target nearby & wasted over $60 dollars on cleaning supplies I already had on my moving truck, then spent at least 4 hours cleaning the apt from top to bottom. It wasn't but a few weeks until someone hit my car in the parking garage. No note. Nothing. Hit & run. Once again, the office did not help at all. Just brushed it off & claimed it was not their problem. I can name 3 other residents this has happened to at PSF.
The gentleman in the office with a shaved head is one of the rudest people I have ever met. Every time I speak to him he acts like he is better than you and is very short with his answer like he does not have time for you. I think that he should be replaced the only time he is ever nice to you is when he is trying to get you to lease a apartment. If I could put 0 stars I would. This is not the person you need to be at the front line of your company.
I have lived in this complex for over a year now and it saddens me to write a negative review about a place that I initially enjoyed living in. This property was brand new when I moved in but in less than a year it's has began to look rather worn out and filthy due to poor management. The carpets in the hallways especially on the 5th floor are heavily stained with trash leaks from the Trash Ferries who pick up rubbish. Despite resident complains and the strong smell, the Gossette management has refused to clean the carpets or replace them. The gates, elevators, key fobs, and other utilities are frequently out of order. I understand that things happen, but it doesn't help when you have a rude staff that is not understanding or apologetic of the inconvenience caused. Recently, they began towing and booting RESIDENT cars from the garage. Yes, Residents. It doesn't matter if you have a valid parking sticker, if you tires are a few inches on the white marked line, you get a ticket + boot or towed.
Living here has become a source of stress and anxiety as I don't know if my car will be available for me to drive to work or if I'll have to Uber to work for $45. The towing/booting company takes their sweet time to respond after a boot is placed on your car so you'll probably get to work late if you have to wait for them. The management has taken a hands off approach, claiming that they do not have control of the actions of company that they are contracted with and is obviously working on their behalf. Several individuals have moved out of the property due to similar issues and I plan on doing so once my lease is up. I need my safety and peace of mind and cannot subject myself to harassment of any kind from a tow company or the management at the Gossette.

I've been a resident here for 4 1/2 years. I have been extremely happy here in the past, however over the last 6 months I have experienced and noticed several changes that have taken place in the complex that I decided to shop around. I found better quality for lower price in the same(actually better) location. Eleven North will offer competitive pricing to new residents but to loyal, long term residents, they continue to raise the rental amount.
The grounds are not kept like they used to be, people are not cleaning up after their Pets inside the building and certainly not outside. The garbage chutes have been on and off working for a month now, and there are bags of trash constantly aligning the hallways.
The pool area was at once monitored (but always a fun place!) but this last summer it was closed it seemed every other weekend and sometimes for a week at a time due to glass or some other disruption... Eleven North itself was also using some of the units as airbnbs or hotel like units so if those visitors caused problems the residents paid the price. The quality of these apartments is going down so fast that I am moving out prior to my move out date. The staff has always been very friendly and accommodating, I will certainly give credit where it is due. Do yourself a favor and check around to get a better quality for your dollar.
UPDATE: MY HOW THINGS CHANGE. They have literally gone through multiple (4 I can count) managers, and pretty much everything in this building seems to be falling apart. I have literally had my lock FAIL multiple times after a late night out, and had to sit it my hall for 90 minutes at 4 am so the maintenance guy can drive 45 minutes into town to drill it out (they never even bothered vacuuming up the shavings). THIS HAS HAPPENED TWICE. The fire alarm always goes off, and the parking garage is a mess with exposed building materials everywhere. It's horrid. Total attitude from the staff. Currently looking at other units here in town and will be breaking my lease shortly. These people SUCK. DO NOT COME HERE.

New Update: July 3rd, ALL, let me repeat ALL, of the elevators stopped working. As usual, we get fed a bunch of lies. As of today, July 6, the elevator closest to me is still out. To add insult to injury, please observe the cup full of urine and human feces that has been sitting in my hall for 3 days. Yep, you read that right. Take a look for yourself.

You could go across the city to East Nashville the last happy "it" place to the Nations and regardless the same generic loathing is at least consistent.  To unresponsive leasing agents, to rude ones, to neglectful ones. To  Tenants who walk their dogs and leave their shit everywhere, the lack of security for packages and the sheer lack of communication that exists in Nashville that apparently defines the "Nashville Way" or "Nashville Nice" neither of which seem to be nice in any way.

Most of the complaints are people like me, from outside the State, those who have professional backgrounds, decent incomes and a rental history.   Here they are unfamiliar with this so they hire third party background checks, expect endless financial records and in reality it is all bulllshit.  The companies change hands on a dime with a rotating door of agents who are paid minimum wages and often write positive comments one finds on YELP or Google.  I have never dealt with such functionally illiterate people in my life.   When I mentioned that I would from now on have an Attorney look through these idiotic leases (as mentioned above) I have never heard a word from the leasing agent since regarding renewing my lease.   This is also odd as the check I mail monthly and have flagged to notify me when cashed has not been or perhaps Wells failed to advise (this is not surprising either) but its consistent when it comes to the ongoing communication here.  So at this point I assume the check cleared as it did when it left my account via bill pay.  Again all my vendors are paid the same and yet not once but twice Elmington Property Management claimed to never receive the check.  They are our third company to take over "managing" the property and in turn a new player in the field of taking over and running properties into the ground, posting fake reviews and training staff.  My favorite incident is when I began to send my rent check via Certified mail to ensure delivery they seemed confused as to how to get that type of mail delivered via scheduling it online.  It boggles the mind the stupidity here.

I can discuss my experience with Vanderbilt to continue to further illustrate how the behavior here transcends sanity and the lack of service in most of the establishments in the city follow similar patterns.  And this is a health care facility and I suspect few that line the landscape like the colleges are much better.    And this is due to two factors:  Wages and Transition.  When you live and work in a city with a transient nature largely due to the hospitality industry with its natural high turnover and the reliance on college students as both customers and workers you have no one vested in ensuring that both workers and customers are having a positive experience.  The belief here is that most of the customers are in fact visitors and in turn the demeanor and attitude reflect as such.   It takes inordinate patience to see how indifferent and rude clerks and servers are and when you say you live here they are sure you are just as insignificant and indifferent to the environment so you will put up with anything and ignore it.  And this may be why long term restaurants and businesses are now closing up across the city as they once relied on a specific clientele and local and now those people are looking outside the city to eat or find resources and businesses to meet their needs as well as costs.  It may explain why adjacent communities such as Bellevue, Donelson and Murfreesboro stepping up to meet that gap and often small and local owners which is something worth noting in this time of online shopping.

 And today this only was another illustration of why people do shop online.   I went to the Goorin Brothers hat store to buy another cotton cadet hat I like and the clerk said that my ATM card is on hold and then he said the same about my Visa.  I was shocked and his response was, "Well when you are traveling banks frequently put cards on hold when they are overused."  I go, "I live here and you sold me the same hat,  the one on my head a week ago."  He said, "Well I can hold and you can go home to get another card or to the bank to get cash then."  Why?  I just used the card only moments ago.  He said that the bank does that too when they are worried about theft.  "Theft? What theft I was buying a bage two blocks away."   He goes, "Well it may be that retail is flagged as we get a lot of deadbeats trying to use stolen cards."    I see and I left.  So I am a deadbeat and stealing a credit card? Frequently I hear comments and remarks that I have to ask what they are inferring, what they mean or did they know what they just said.   So while waiting for the bus  I bought the hat cheaper on Amazon called Wells who said that the card went through and he was the one who canceled it.  So he wanted a cash transaction apparently.   Again, never will set foot in the Goorin Hats again.  Bought many a fedora in their stores over time and I won't again.    And that is what defines service in Nashville from the high to the low it is a panoply of  levels of ignorance, oblivion and rudeness here in the land of the nice. Again define nice.

This city is directionless, confused and hungry. They are greedy children waiting for their hand outs  and are lazy, indifferent and sloppy.  The streets are filth and they have no respect for their environment or for others who share the space.  17 months and counting.

“If you stay around, you’ll move down here,” Gene Faulkner, a retired 89-year-old cemetery owner, said when we spoke near his wife’s grave. “We invite all you Yankees, baby! Bring your money. Stay down in Dixie. You cross the Mason-Dixon line, you’ll never go back.”  (Umm no)

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