Friday, June 22, 2018

The Weak End

This week has put me through a series of emotions that ended up with me yesterday tearing up The New York Times front section as a way of calming down, excising the anger that I find myself having reading the daily exploits of the Horror Movie that is the Trump Administration.  There is not one person who seems sane, rational or even remotely intelligent in which to render a decision, explain or in turn justify why these policies were made.

I am not going to go into the Stephen Miller Frankenfurter justification of this policy of which he is so proud.  But apparently it  seems to have something to do with being bullied as a child and of course long standing racism coupled clearly with sexual frustration.  Is he an Incel or whatever the fuck those are?  Uh you are now a grown man and to misdirect all this suppressed rage is something people do on in the internet or they take guns a shoot up public places; Miller, however, devises ways to denigrate entire races and religions in which to compensate.  But then again Trump is not much different at age 72 he is as petty as a child, throwing candies at Angela Merkel seems to prove.

We have the odd seemingly out of their minds, Kristen Nielsen, going to a Mexican restaurant of all places the same night as defending this bizarre policy of separating children from their parents as legal after originally saying they were not.  What there are no Chinese or Indian restaurants in DC?

But this seems utterly benign compared to the First Lady's visit to the detention "camps" wearing a jacket that said "I Don't Care, Do You?"  YOU have gotta to be kidding me?  This is utterly idiotic and expected given that she is a war bride or whatever one calls a former model who married up. Give her a trophy.

Then we have the death of Charles Krauthammer, one down some more to go.

Oh womp womp!  That again is the most disturbing response by another one of the Trump tards response to a child with Downs being removed from his mother.  Really?  Really?

Or we have boarding school references, the concept of camps versus jails and even debates if this akin to the Nazi's and their segregation policies.   Well we don't need to look to Germany people as we did this in America, it was called INTERNMENT.

Next up on the endless saga of shit storms that dominate the news I will go local.  My favorite bucket of cunts, Diane Black, who is running for Tennessee Governor is against Gay couples adopting.  This is not news, this woman is bizarre and a tard of Trump in every sense.  From posing with guns, to driving down highways searching for traffickers to wanting double decker highways, she is a never ending news cycle of stupid.   I am truly enjoying the endless political ads here in Nashville that evoke Trump and Jesus in the same sentence.  My favorite is Randy Boyd, also a candidate for Governor, who says in this ad:  "I believe in work and I started working as a teenager for a dollar a week in my father's warehouse"   Ten points if you can find out what is wrong with that sentence.  If not him, Bill Lee, praising Jesus while threatening Immigrants is an irony that is not lost one iota.  They may be rich but they are both pretty damn stupid.

Tennessee never ceases to amaze me.  I love that just north of Nashville they are literally using an area for a dump.  Well they used to in my neighborhood but as it gentrified they pushed the faces of color south to Antioch and North to Bordeaux and the garbage followed.  This is how they view the poor and the faces of color here which explains why I call the schools dumpsters.

But then again just like the Board of the City Hospital, the area of Bordeaux or the HIV program, Nashville has a problem keeping qualified staff as who wants to work for these fuckwits?

In my discussion about the endless cycle of hysterical growth of Nashville, I walked by a shuttered once acclaimed restaurants last night in the precious Gulch (now vacant going on 6 months), a bakery that has been closed for months in both downtown and in the established Hillsboro Village, as well as one empty building after another.  I was talking to a  shopkeeper of a charming store I like in Hillsboro Village about the endless churn and burn given the growth shows there are real problems here in maintaining business and she had relocated her shop from the "hip" East Nashville area in order to get more foot traffic as that is the real problem why.   And we discussed this issue about the lack of infrastructure and the parts of town that while all the vendors seem stable they don't communicate or have any method of encouraging and supporting each other.  Other than the bars as that is the million dollar driver of the business here.   And the fall back to the outlying areas - the Gulch, 12th Ave S,  East Nashville/Fatherland, they can't maintain business on solely tourists.  And we thought this may be why many fail as they throw dice to one section of town as the "it" area, build massive overpriced apartments and in turn retail spaces that remain empty or turn over after the lease expires.  There is no single cohesive message or plan here in Nashville as they have none.

I have repeatedly said that Nashville fears conflict and hence they avoid communication that goes beyond the basics as in turn requires and investment into that person and attention. I can try to talk but I see the eyes pass over my head, I have seen eyes roll in my presence and sense the discomfort when even trying to have a simple exchange about dental care. Seriously this happens in the dental office.  I want to say I am overly sensitive but I am just highly aware, years of teaching does that.

But my conversation yesterday with the shopkeeper and her assistant was because one was a girl who had relocated from Philadelphia and the owner who had lived in New York City for years.  As a result I was able to have a rational dialog with people vested in finding ways to maintain business, build customer base and improve the city with regards to growth.   I urged them to read the New York Magazine piece on the failures of urban planning here and more importantly the lengthy and comprehensive article in Harper's Magazine, The Death of a Once Great City, about New York City to one of blandness and of one for only the rich.  This is the aspiration of all cities and what I describe Millennials as being - the aspirant class.  This is the group that re-brand items and try desperately to spin something that has existed for decades but do so that "everyone" can afford them. TaskRabbits (aka assistants, handymen) Uber/Lyft (aka Taxis).  Bird (aka razor scooters/hoverboards).  It is boring to see endless cycles of this current fad and idiocy come along as Chicago has agreed to have Elon Musk finally build his transport tunnel he has fantasized for years.  Really can you work on Tesla and get that shit fixed first?

Kevin Baker says this in the essay:   

By trying to improve our cities, we have only succeeded in making them empty simulacra of what was. To bring this about we have signed on to political scams and mindless development schemes that are so exclusive they are more destructive than all they were supposed to improve. The urban crisis of affluence exemplifies our wider crisis: we now live in an America where we believe that we no longer have any ability to control the systems we live under.

What plagues New York, though, is not only the astounding rise in housing prices, disruptive as that is. It is also the wholesale destruction of the public city. Many of the city’s most treasured amenities, essential to its middle-class character and built up for decades through the painstaking labors of so many dedicated individuals—working people and philanthropists, labor leaders and social workers, reformers and politicians—have now been torn away. Look at almost any public service or space in New York, and you will see that it has been diminished, degraded, appropriated.

There are many other such salient points made throughout this piece, it is lengthy, comprehensive and well written from one who has a personal investment in the City of New York but his observations can be applicable to many cities undergoing the same.

Again in my discussion about housing the reality is that we do not have the wealthy individuals and jobs that provide incomes to sustain the costs and rents and without public transit we have a true problem getting people affordably and sanely from point A to point B.   My bus driver and I also shared this as the failure of  the transit bill shows and what is truly demonstrates is that bus service is not serving the community as it is.  There is a need for better and more frequent cross town bus routes, fuck light rail, try a bus running on time and more often with better connections.  You don't need to build it you need to offer it.    And that point is made in Mr. Baker's piece with regards to Subways.  This form of historic and traditional public transport in the City is one the other is the buses which he does not address but is also suffering for a failure to serve the community.  Not everyone lives near a subway stop and you need to get to one in which to use it.  This is a major issue in New York but guess what it is here in Nashville as well.   Seattle did figure this out and they have done it better than most.  Funny how Nashville copied their transit plan but did not look to the guts of it to see how that worked.  Or we could go Silicon Valley and just have private ones that we can scoot (literally) to and from from our overpriced apartment.

I see why I have issues communicating I do this thing called reading and reading other than the Bible.  When I went to the Church my Barista invited me to that was laughable when he said to the congregants: "Get out your phone and pull up the app so I can have you read scripture with me."  Okay then.

And lastly I was sad to hear about another Police shooting of a young black man in Pittsburgh.  I had such a joyous time wandering throughout this once steel town and thought that it was a way more diverse city than I had anticipated and then to hear about this I wanted to be shocked and then I realized no this is America.  Shoot first ask no questions even later.   We hate each other and we especially hate people who are not like us.  And guess what there are more not like us so get over it.


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