Monday, May 14, 2018

The Too Many

I have been very distressed about what has become a confusing if not disturbing trend and that is the endless sexual allegations of men in the media and or entertainment industry.  For years I recall the Football scandal after scandal and recall the issue of Title IX being used in these situations to bring attention if not some recourse to those who have been victims of sexual assault.  The term "rape culture" was used repeatedly and even I found that repugnant as when I think of the term culture I think of history, legacy and tradition passed on and along over time. And rape given what we know is very much a part of a genocidal tradition used to decimate cultures. And while I think there is a problem with regards to men and their attitude toward sex is that a culture or a systemic system of belief?  Or is it a lack of communication regarding sexual behavior that has led to the current state of affairs?  I think this piece in the New York Times does a fairly good job describing the game of sex and it is just that a game.  Sick and it explains why we have what we have.

In my days in Seattle Public Schools I knew of some Student/Student sexual assaults that happened but I have no clue to this day if anything was ever resolved and some Student sexual harassment where I know for certain nothing happened despite a Police presence. I knew of some Teacher/Student relationships and in turn Teacher/Administrator ones (although I never got the impression that these were anything but consensual). But the most significant was the two in the last few years that made the National news regarding Garfield High School.  First the rape on the Nature field trip which was settled after a Title IX suit was filed. (I actually heard of it on Al Jazeera America first). No charges against the student were filed and all staff remained on the job.  The next year came the New Orleans field Trip where a Student acted bizarrely in girls rooms and this was followed up by the Chaperones drinking and being helped into rooms observed by the student which led to the Choir Teacher's termination and inevitable re-hire after a series of lawsuits in that case. The Student was never charged nor any Staff or Administrator who knew prior to his leaving on said trip that he was a problem.   Then we had our former Pedophile step down after his issues molesting Foster Boys was revealed and that was the Seattle Sex Scandal of the pre Trump decade for our town.

But since I have relocated to the it town I may have found it alright. We have the Slattern who was banging the Bodyguard, we have had a Teacher take a kid across state lines to ostensibly help her by banging her while professing his love for Jesus.  We have had the acclaimed private academy be sued for letting football players rape a kid but no criminal charges were ever filed. Dozens every week of some Pastor or some other Teacher/Coach dipping their hand in the well and  then we have what appears to be THOUSANDS in Nashville Public Schools.  Which gives one to go WTF!

For a State that is obsessed with Jesus and Conservative "values" as this is bizarre as it goes. They are obsessed with anything sexual including that of ones' sexual identity.  There are repeated attempts to stave off the Gays. Then we have the issue of sex education and of course the moving trend to block all access to contraception and abortion all now coming to a town near you thanks to the conservative bend to the Trump Administration.  President Pence is very busy with his agenda and I have long suspected that something happened there in which led to this and the current climate that is not about change is only lending to that. Well the exception being the President.

Right  now the "it" city is undergoing serious budget crisis, the "Education" Governor has had one problem after another regarding the State Testing, we have crazy people running for office and our School system is undergoing a massive shortfall and is axing programs and people right to left but decides to play a disturbing rap song during a Principal meeting to emphasize his problems with the Bitches of the School Board and their audacity to question his process.  Clearly we go No Money More Problems. And we just give it away give it away now.  I questioned the strange announcement last week of a company for until a week prior was relocating to Charlotte, then suddenly Nashville or bust with no actual commercial space leased or any clear plans explaining what they would do here.  Well that gig is now being exposed as the bribe it was. Whoops! Trickle down economics clearly works out.  Or not.

This is a great piece by Eduardo Porter in the New York Times explaining how these are not the boons for cities as one thinks but it does enable a city to change its dynamic and that is what has happened here in Nashville.  The city grew but the taxpayers are the reason as they rely on sales taxes and other regressive measures to fund the city. The idea that the newcomers will buy homes, cars and other excessively taxes items to fund the city coffers.  Yeah sure.  I haven't and have no intention. When I found out they taxed magazines I cancelled all subscriptions and asked for online only.  Funny how desperate print is to find ways to read them. That Ipod is there for a reason!

As I have written many times  have struggled with my feelings about Nashville largely due to the public school system and in turn my encounters and relationships are colored by that job and how I see everything in relation to that. I am not a hero, a role model or anything but someone who enjoys Teaching.  I like kids and the job of of  teaching is more about learning and there is something pretty exciting to partake in when the stars align.  I have never been about "loving" them or being a pseudo parent , but a Coach, a Cheerleader or just an active listener is all one should be when anyone needs it regardless of age.  We all need those people in our lives.  But when you are placed into situations of impossible odds with challenging students who need more than you are capable/able/willing or trained to give you have to realize how the job is not what you signed up for and in turn find something else.   Funny how that during economic downturns people come to the profession as a cushion while awaiting something else and that is okay and somehow enables districts to treat these individuals as disposable and hence Teach for America another band aid on a wound that is seeping is not the answer nor should it be.

Making the profession enticing, allowing creativity, collaboration, having support and guidelines in place for both Students and Teachers that enable them to grow and develop is what matters.  It is a crapshoot in American Schools and emphasis on crap.  The Ed reformer are sure it is via technology and that it will fill the bill when the bills go unpaid in the larger society is nuts. These are people who have never spent any significant time in classrooms across the country to see who comes in the door and what their backpack is filled with or more importantly not.

We can barely communicate with each other as adults and yet we are supposed to communicate with children in ways to enable them to become fully functioning productive adults. Clearly that has not worked out.  We have teenagers, we have 60 year old, men, 40 year old men, 50 year old men, 70 plus year old men and all of them are really screwed up about sex.  And who did they learn this from? Women? Their Mothers? Teachers? Doctors or Nurses? Gee a lot of them are likely women. We have done a terrible job teaching boys to become men and women to stop them from becoming assholes. We have too many of them in every sense of the word.

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