Saturday, April 21, 2018

The Golden Rule

Remember the Golden Rule?

Matthew 7:12 English Standard Version (ESV)
The Golden Rule

12 “So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets.

The irony once again that I live in the heart of the buckle of the belt, better to beat you with, where I have seen little of this demonstrated in the face of Southern Hospitality, Professionalism or even common courtesy.  

As I wrote in the Starbuck Moment, I knew eventually that this day would come.  I am over Teaching, over the South and more importantly over the constant need to apologize for being white.  I have zero privilege, zero authority and zero capability to change anything about anything. I can, however, change how I treat people as that reflects upon me and who I see myself as a person.

I have tried kindness, I have tried wit and I have tried being abusive and I cannot reach out to the Children here be they black, white, or purple. They are damaged beyond my capability of understanding and reasoning.  I find the Adults who are charge of them be by relation or by connection (aka Teachers) culpable and in turn accomplices to the crime.  The children here are violent and dangerous and I am afraid of them.

I walk into every school waiting for the proverbial shoe to drop. I watch children walk into a room and act utterly insane and say and do things that are surreal to watch.   If I say anything, do anything I am labeled, ostracized, and in turn as marginalized as the children who stand before me.   Again watching a Woman, who is Black and a Vice Principal of a School be addressed by children of Immigrants with utter disrespect and dismissal was cold comfort and she was only one of two Administrators I have encountered here that have treated and acknowledged me with respect.  Two, both women and one of color.  So again why do I have to prove anything to anyone.

I have enough intelligence and faith (without the whole God thing) that one persons act is just that one persons act it is not the act of many.  That aside, in Nashville the news on a daily basis is filled with one story after another about the crime in the area and it is all by teenagers, some not even yet into puberty.   I have likely encountered them or ones just like them and they are truly disturbed individuals who anyone with common sense would and should be afraid.  The kids yes, yes they are largely Black and Hispanic and yet I still don't see those races in a prism that colors them all the same. Again that is that intellect common sense thing coming into place.  

I was nearly killed by a boy who was half Muslim. Guess what he was and so what.  It was one white person after another and one a Woman who did nothing to help me, let alone believe me.  If you have the misfortune of entering the system regardless of color they will not release you.  What the difference is is the getting caught thing.  We have no real numbers on those who are caught and released let alone those numbers on Police Shootings.  But thanks to the Guardian UK and the Washington Post they did keep a record and found that there were 1000 deaths for two years running and yes they were largely faces of color.  So who is the problem here and what is the solution? Starbucks not seeing it.

Yesterday the Kids took to the streets again about Gun Violence and here in Nashville they barely addressed it and again it was only the two schools with a largely white student body that were mentioned.   That again is not my problem ask the media who went ballistic over situation at a Starbucks but the Walmart shooting did you hear about that this week?

I could not believe what I witnessed on the news at the Philadelphia Starbucks and yet I saw it nowhere else. The girl had been fired, the men caught and released and they met with the CEO privately no Lawyer in tow. They had dignity that the girl who filmed this entire encounter posted it yet never got up off her ass to intervene to address the Police with concerns and the White Male with whom the men were meeting was never interviewed by the Police or the Media. Why is that?  They made the call and the kill the rest was superfluous and a distraction.

When I agree with Glenn Beck then the earth is ending but even he is right sometime - note no plural just singular. 

The incident at the school troubled me and I fucked up trying to be sarcastic to a group of kids who entered the classroom in insanity and right then I  should have just pointed to the papers and let them alone.  That is my need to have some sense of order and again a belief that this time it will be different.  It wasn't. What I have witnessed and experienced throughout Nashville in their Dumps they call schools was chaos and insanity and it was guess what not different. I had the same bullshit in the first block but I saved that and thought I could do it again. Nope, this is Nashville that never happens in the dump trucks.   It is Lather Rinse Repeat.  That is how it is here survival of the fittest.  It was Tennessee that had that whole Darwin thing Scoped out.  

This State is so red that it is a perpetual stop sign.  I know that in every encounter with a Black person they will assume that I am a Racist and that I can do nothing about it.  What do you suggest?  Oh wait treat them how I wish to be treated?  Good luck with that. Ask the Starbuck employee who did not harm the men but had a bull horn shoved into his face and called a Racist.  As for the Manager she was following a policy that seemed inconsistent and that may be the problem. But ask the Starbucks folks who clean bathrooms and find the waste of needles and the like and I am sure they were good people too. 

I have been passive aggressive, been micro aggressive, been a victim a victor and prosecuted for a crime I did not knowingly or willingly commit.  Ask this man who spent 17 years behind bars about how white privilege worked out for him.

Tough words tough talk but I do think we have become this snowflake nation who can believe we can talk this shit to death and then what? 

When I read this op-ed I felt that it was some half assessed attempt to duplicate the NAACP and ACLU work in the 60s to root out discrimination in housing.  Seriously no white person is yelling anything to me at a Starbucks other than my name and let's keep it that way. And what about me going to a Black business?  A hair salon?  A clothing store?  A food shop?  If in fact Hotels are treating others "differently" perhaps it is because they don't want to offend and suggest a restaurant that is Asian for an Asian person or a Soul Food place for a black one.  This is where actual job training would come in handy by simply having a routine in place and a list of establishments divided by cuisine types and simply asking the customer what type they prefer?  And let them set the tone and in turn if they like Italian have that,  Asian that and so on.  Don't over analyze and read too much because again did they actually interview these people and ask them why?  No so keep up that good work.

Again when I walk into a business whatever the major clientele and owner are I am there because I am a customer. I f I was treated "differently" I either did not care or did not notice or some combination of each.  If I am there and treated openly rudely then I am out.  I don't go off the deep end I just walk out with my wallet in hand.  Ultimately, however,  I only care about how I treat people.  A Student once said to me when I said I didn't care about his being actually tardy it was that I thought he was dead and that bothered me; his response: "Oh I get it it's about you!"  DUH KID!

I cannot nor will not apologize for being me.  I am who I am. I fucked up with my snark but I thought I would try being snarky as in my past life as a Teacher I could do so but here humor and intellect are sorely lacking.  That and literacy, common sense and respect for anyone different not like them.  And by them I mean anyone just like them, regardless of race, gender, etc etc etc.  The exceptions are rare and like gems hard to find but shine as bright.

The truth is a dish here served with sweet tea, oppressing, cold and tastes like shit so I will take a pass on that thanks but here let me tell you what I think, God Bless y'all, Ma'am! Or code for Go Fuck Yourself Bitch.   When I heard the term Bitch by one of the kids yesterday and I repeated it they went into histrionics and hysterics and I go, "Did you not say it first?" Then one kid admitted he heard it too and he was black, logical and reasonable he was one of a few.  Again I made sure to tell this to the woman whom to this day I have no idea who she is or what her job was at the school, and guess what - Don't care.  I apologized and was contrite but it was an act that we will see more of if this continues and then you can only keep that bottled up before long and the steam and kettle explodes. It explains Trump.  And yes he will be re-elected if this goes on like this.

So kids get out your ruler and measure the length of rope you will need to hang yourself.  He is not going anywhere unless you start communicating like a normal person to a normal person and offer them a shot of Starbucks and see if you get a Thank You. That might be a start.

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