Tuesday, April 24, 2018

I'm Waffling

As the day wore on more information was revealed about The Waffle House shooter and this will dominate the local news cycle for the weeks to come as it was a wet dream for many who have been wanting some type of incident that would rank Nashville as a city worth a mass shooting.

This place has a sick need and the persecution/martyr complex that is a part of all religious doctrine is not missing here in the buckle of the belt.   Nashville likes to pretend that they are above the mystical leanings of Church but that like many other thing I hear here is a lie.

What was interesting was that it took over 30 hours or almost a day and half to find a young man wearing nothing more than a t-shirt and slacks during cooler temps all withing a mile and half of the shooting and his home in a radius that was approximately a football field plus in length and width.

Trying to put things in perspective the Sacramento police using helicopters and night vision goggles found and killed a young man suspected of breaking windows with nothing more than being armed with a cell phone yet here in Nashville a force akin to a small military expedition could not locate the shooter until an individual called 911.    And the Officer who responded was not even a conventional one.  Good thing the dispatcher did not make any mistake it that call and send Police to a Starbucks.

This area of the world reveres the Police and Military.  Yet few questions have been asked as to why this mission seemed to go on past excess.  Secure the perimeter and in turn send in men to shake the trees and turn over any potential hiding spots which includes the nearby construction sites that would enable anyone to hide. 

Again if one recalls the terror of the Boston Bomber that search went on across the city for hours and that ended by another 911 call  by someone who believed someone was inside their boat in the driveway. So much for Police recognizance.

We have seen mishandling of the Pulse nightclub and in Parkland when the Police stayed outside the building and the shooter was found only by accident when a Police car from another area spotted him walking home and he met the description of whom they believed was the shooter.

But when it comes to a show of force with a no-knock warrant in the middle of the night, the show of force and the violence via the Police, et al arrive seemingly is done without effort and success.  Or is it?   And there are numerous stories of these SWAT teams entering wrong houses, destruction of property and killing of pets without recourse as Radley Balko at the Washington Post writes about on a regular basis.

One can see that the issue of racism and discriminatory enforcement coupled with poor training and communication that in cases where urgency versus faux fear coupled with an itchy trigger finger it does appear that Police choose those situations in which to act and in turn overreact.  Funny that in Canada a man mowed down dozens and without a shot fired despite threats by the driver of the van the Officer brought in his man in that ever Mountie style we have come to expect.  But we saw intense bravery in France where an Officer knowingly and willingly walked into a Terrorist Hostage situation and was killed as a result.   But in America a black man waves a cell phone and is gunned down without question so one wonders about what defines heroism and courage versus racism and stereotyping when it comes to law enforcement.

When it hit the 30th hour here I was sure that the gunman had left the area in a second vehicle or did have an accomplice as it was too odd to think that with massive news coverage, tons of Police, ATF, and other affiliated Police forces could not find this boy last seen running into the same woods where he was ultimately found.  Add to this that he had stolen a BMW only days before and the vehicle found in the complex lot after a failed chase by Police who enabled him to get away without recourse and the vehicle oddly recovered without anyone queried about how said vehicle got there.  Sloppy or just lazy Police work?  And once again despite this boy's history with law enforcement and guns it seems no one was accountable as to ensuring someone who had clear mental health issues from finally acting upon his paranoia with guns they could have confiscated sooner.  Again if this was a man of color I wonder if it would be the same?

That said I found the endless race baiting inappropriate as the boy claimed at one point to be a member of the Sovereign Nation crowd which means nothing other than more bullshit that had nothing to do with his act at the Waffle House.  The same with the nonsense of his being a White Supremacist.  At this point he could have sworn allegiance to ISIS and it is as useless and absurd a justification or explanation for someone who clearly had serious mental health issues that despite repeated issues and warnings little to nothing was done.   The same could be said about the family that drove their van off a cliff killing all the children despite years of warning and abuse allegations no one did a thing.  Ask the former Mayor of Seattle, Ed Murray, as well about that one.

And I feel this was with regards to the search. The Police failed to secure the area and the schools and apartments nearby were at risk as the boy had a gun on his person and had not residents been active and observant night could have fallen leaving this maniac to finally act upon further insane thoughts that clearly he has had for years.  Almost every encounter of late were full of delusions and paranoia the point he was fired from his job and a tech from a local computer shop recalled his encounter with this clearly sick man.   So yes in this case mental health was the issue but his ability to keep his guns and his Father for returning to him cannot be overlooked.

Tennessee has amazingly liberal gun laws.  This explains why many minors seemingly have access to weapons and are often engaged in violent crimes to the point it exhausts me.  This is where we are in this Country when it comes to guns, we are sure that they will resolve the problem not cause them.  Clearly this is not true.  A man on his own overpowered a man with one and he was not the first nor likely the last.  This need to be the biggest and baddest happens on a daily basis.  It was Canada's turn and the nutfuck mentioned the Isle Vista maniac who before killing himself gunned down innocent women because he could not get laid.  White boys all in that 24-28 year old frame that for many men mark the beginning of adulthood - first job, first marriage, first gun, first child, first insane episode.  We have a problem and we are not solving it. We have no intention to.

For the second time in six months, Tennessee community experiences a mass shooting

by Brandon Gee and Abigail Hauslohner April 23 2018
The Tennessean 

ANTIOCH, Tenn. — Travis Reinking, suspected of a mass killing, was on the loose in this community on the outskirts of Nashville for 34 hours before police found him lurking in the woods with a loaded handgun Monday afternoon. They said the 29-year-old was armed with an assault-style rifle when he stormed into a local Waffle House early Sunday morning, killing four people.

The arrest allayed the immediate fears of a community gripped by unease over the course of a tense manhunt. But the sense of fear lingered.

They were concerned that Reinking, who was not supposed to have access to guns after he tried to breach the White House grounds in July 2017, was able to get his hands on those guns again so easily. They were concerned that Reinking is white, and all six of his victims were people of color — five black and one Hispanic — in a region with a history of racial tensions. And they were concerned because Antioch, a quiet working-class town of 93,000, now has witnessed two mass shootings in six months.

As the nation grapples with the root causes of a spate of deadly shootings — many with the same type of gun Reinking allegedly used, the AR-15 — Antioch is at the center of it all again. And the community is struggling to come to grips with its budding notoriety, its causes as elusive as the motives for the shootings.

On Monday, theories — and worries — grew across town: Maybe it’s the prevalence of guns that has caused two men in their 20s to go on shooting rampages at gathering spots here, one in a church and the other in a restaurant. Maybe it’s the dearth of mental-health services for those in need.

Angela Marie Durand, a former pharmacist, suggested that it could be related to the opioid epidemic. Clarice Grooms, a real estate agent, said she thinks the violence is related to rising crime and gang activity. Leah Chay, a 38-year-old mother, said she just can’t believe this would happen here, twice.

“Nobody is taking any steps to get at the root causes,” said Mikal Rios, 50, who lives a mile from the Waffle House, where four people were killed and two were injured Sunday morning. “We need to take more steps as adults to address kids that have issues. We need to listen to kids more. We need to listen to what they’re saying.”

Antioch is a 30-minute drive from downtown Nashville, home to auto plant workers and a growing immigrant population, which has led to a smattering of notable Ethio­pian and Mexican restaurants locating here. The Waffle House on Murfreesboro Pike — one of several in Antioch — is a popular late-night hangout for local college students and a regular breakfast and coffee destination for their early-riser parents.

There are a lot of churches here — almost two dozen — and like many other American towns, they fill up on Sunday mornings.

Now both of these local mainstays have been targets. Both shootings involved a young man storming into a crowd with a gun, and both involved an unarmed hero who stopped him.

In September, a man identified as Emanuel Kidega Samson walked into the Burnette Chapel Church of Christ and opened fire with two handguns, striking seven people and killing one. Samson, who is black, had attended the church. His victims were white. And police, who have charged him with murder, aggravated assault and civil rights intimidation, told The Tennessean newspaper that his car contained a letter referring to a 2015 shooting by a white man targeting black churchgoers in South Carolina, raising the possibility of a racial motive.

A month later, a group of white supremacists rallied in nearby Shelbyville, which they hoped would attract recruits, in part, because of anger at the Antioch church shooting.

And so, as police searched for Reinking on Monday, Rhonda Miller, who lives in the same apartment complex as the alleged shooter, couldn’t help but wonder whether race had something to do with his attack. Miller, who is black, is a regular at the Waffle House. Had Reinking shown up three hours later, she and her husband might have been there having their morning coffee. And her daughter, Nikia Woods, said a group of her sorority sisters had also just missed the shooting, leaving the restaurant at about 3 a.m., shortly before the shots were fired there.

“It just kind of crossed my mind, like: ‘Wow, did he just target the black people?’ ” Miller said.

Ryan Gatlin, who also lives at the apartment complex, where a majority of residents are black, said he is ready to move.

“Seriously,” he said. “It’s too hot over here to be living next to murderers. Not feeling too safe, especially with all the victims being minority.”

For much of Monday, police were involved in a manhunt. A helicopter moved steadily overhead, and swarms of police, a SWAT team, sheriff’s deputies and FBI agents staged their operations from beneath tents and alongside vehicles in the grocery store parking lot across from the Waffle House.

Mountain View Elementary School, half a mile from the apartment complex where Reinking lived, was in session, but it seemed cloaked in an unnatural silence from the outside. Its playground was empty at lunch hour, and a sign on the door in English and Arabic instructed parents that only students and staff would be allowed to enter the building.

Mizelle Calloway, whose three children attend Cane Ridge High School, said they didn’t go to school Monday because the family “didn’t want to take a chance.”

“It just had everybody up on edge,” said Calloway, who owns a barbershop a mile north of the Waffle House. “I’ve been making sure I’m on point with everything, watching my whereabouts.”

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