Monday, March 26, 2018

The Weather Report

Well I realized this weekend I have turned into my Mother and Father who adored salacious gossip, speculation and reading the varying tabloids that sat on our coffee table with the other esteemed magazines and journals that were also must reads in our home.   My father digested all reading materials and my mother perused more and was more into photos versus words as those were to say the least eye catching.  I suspect today both would take high amusement over the current state of the Idiot-in-Chief, Donald Trump.

The weather report this weekend was high on storms with a chill due to the 60 Minutes interview with the adult film actress whom the IIC had a ONE NIGHT STAND with years ago and was paid to be silenced by one of the many Trump lackeys who was stupid enough to take our a second mortgage on his home to fund say pay off.  That 130K was considered a campaign donation and that is the real issue as it violated campaign finance laws and moron laws as this is dude is an "Attorney" and should be able to read law.  Law? What's that said most Attorney's just let me talk around it!

So like all gossip mongers I tuned into 60 Minutes to watch Anderson Cooper weather the Storm and I was duly unimpressed.  I had already read an odd article in The New York Times that was almost akin to the one they did on the White Supremacist a few months ago.  This one however was in the Style section which portrayed her as intelligent, ambitious and highly focused.  Well to fuck on camera and make it look real is hard! I saw it in Harry Met Sally and same diff.

After realizing that my beloved New York Times has lost its collective marbles of late in an desperate attempt to generate readers I actually considered condensing my subscription to weekends only.. then I realized no its the weekend editions that suck the life force out me much like Stormy Daniels does.

What a fucking hot mess of a joke that interview was. The real revelation and real affair was Cooper's interview the former Playboy bunny who did have an AFFAIR with the Trump.  Even she questioned some of the aspects of Stormy Daniels story regarding where the fucking took place and that was cleared up at least in the interview.  I needed to know the details people which well I already knew from the earlier Wall Street Journal which included shark week and other salacious details that Cooper did not bother to go into as clearly he did not believe a word she said. 

Some of the more bizarre elements was her claims of threats and her denial of this being a pitch for money.  Funny in Trumps encounter with the Bunny she was offered money after fucking  him which she refused.  The Storm did not mention any money offer nor did she have any other sexual encounters with Trump other than what we have been led to believe was an invite to the Trump lair for an attempt to get spanked again or whatever he is into.    Then suddenly out of the blue  her attempt to sell this story to the tabs was suddenly circumvented by the payoff.  Meanwhile 17 other women had filed lawsuits, the Access Hollywood tape was out there and pretty much it was "old" news about Trump and his sexual idiocy.   So why the secrecy? It only led to the belief that there was more behind the story than an old man fucking a professional whore.

The timing of this was odd and in turn another smokescreen to blow over what exactly? Trump's infidelity or his inability to run a legal professional campaign.   I go with the latter and that only seems to lead to more trails that when a wind blows it picks up a lot of shit and this storm is not over when it comes to the campaign and his involvement with Russia.

As the winds calmed this weekend after the Storm hit the reality is we have a sick old fuck in office.  The man is a weird pervert or just a man and seems to compare professional whores to his Daughter.  All I could think of was Chris Rock and his aspiring goal to keep the kid off the pole.  Donald Trump seems to think otherwise.  Do men actually do this while looking for women to fuck?  Wow that is some sick shit.   But no I do not think that Trump molested or harmed his daughter and those who allege such shit need to realize that this is now the proverbial line in the sand.  Ivanka is complicit in the Grifting of America by the Trump familia but she does have children and a Mother who would not be afraid to say something at this point.  Maybe the Thugs threatened her and Jared too?

Trump is a crazy motherfucker and talking about the current President of the United States fucking a porn star is akin to children finding out that their parents still fuck.   I often think if the walls of the White House could talk what shit would they say.   I wonder if Anderson Cooper could hire one of the Real Housewives Mediums to read the energy in the Lincoln Bedroom?  Yowza!

The best article I read this week was the interview with the leader of the Gay Mafia, Barry Diller.  I loved that they avoided that question about him being gay and married to a woman but hey the Times they are a changing.  But his observations about Trump were the most interesting as he discusses how that during their encounter all Trump did was rave to Diller about Diller.  That was a contrary picture of what we have learned about Trump with the professional Whore and the Bunny (a great movie title I think) where he talks incessantly about himself.  It shows how Trump has no ability to converse with people and very much discriminates and in turn is needy regardless.    It explains why he seemingly switches positions given on whom he is speaking with.  In other words a moron with no clear concept, thoughts, values or beliefs.  Its all smoke, mirrors and ass kissing.  Or spanking.

Meanwhile in America we are getting fucked and getting the bill that could lead us to war, annihilation and disaster which we have not seen in over a half a century.   For morons who are educated in American schools that is 50 years.  There is nothing I can say that it is the kids in Parkland who may save us.  Yes these kids getting people registered to vote, to inspire, to activate, to participate in the political spectrum is what we need.  I have said repeatedly that a Politician given 2000 votes or a check for 2000 dollars will take  the votes as that is what guarantees a win.  So are you with them or against them?  The storm is coming.

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