Thursday, March 8, 2018

Slam Dunk

No not a basketball reference unless you include the Academy Award to Kobe Bryant who had been accused of rape, settled the issue out of court with I am sure a non-disclosure agreement, so no.  Time's up did not even last a full awards cycle, go figure!

But meanwhile back to the positive.  What I love are two late night shows that both hosts demonstrate an intellect and willingness to embrace that as evidenced by the subjects they tackle and the guests on their show. Okay only one has guests.  Seth Myers is perhaps the most intellectual of hosts currently on late night.  He reminds me of a less pretentious Dick Cavett and frankly part of Cavett's appeal was that pretentious air he still possesses.  Seth reads, he was and is a writer and it is clear he respects those who can do just that.  His writing staff are clearly diversified as evidenced by his bits on the show and alone the man plugs books and journals as if he is at a Whole Foods offering a sample of a delectable organic cheese.

His guest list is frequently dominated by Journalists, a-typical Politicians that one does not see on the daily roundup of cable news and of course Actors who are plugging their acts but often are tier B stars that whose names are slightly familiar but they are very recognizable.  And the interviews show that Myers is engaged and familiar with the subject matter and background behind the material.  I appreciate that even if he has not seen the show he seems aware and knowledgeable.  Unlike say Stephen Colbert who does a great monologue.

But the other host is John Oliver and for him I can sing only praises for the well researched and focus on singular issues that are not Trump all the time despite the fact that all things seem to center around Trump and that I am afraid is Trump's wet dream and fantasy.  Shame how that worked out we are all sleeping in the wet spot now.

The other night Seth Myers had Nathan Lane on as a guest who had to be the funniest interview that I have seen in quite some time.  Mr. Lane was promoting Angels in America and again even that is connected to Donald Trump, dear God help us!  How?  Roy Cohen.  But prior to his interview Mr. Myers Closer Look dives deep into current political issues in ways that are both amusing while reminding us how troubled our situation is in America.  That night subject was about the West Virginian Teacher strike and how that reflects a larger demise of how working class people are surviving in an increasing economically divided country.   I cannot stress how I as a "Teacher," who cannot wait to step away and out of a classroom and find another one that will enable me to both write and teach in ways that remind me of the value of creativity,  was thrilled to find someone recognizing and honoring this sea change of labor.  We still have a long way to go baby and yes Mr. Myers is right we Teachers don't get out much so you may not recall that reference.

But this was a great episode after returning from my pot tour in San Francisco and seeing what wealth and more importantly the aspiration of wealth has done to a city.  Careful it may happen to you and your town, just ask Seattle, Portland, Nashville.  They want all of "us" and that is a large cohort of us to move to where? Wyoming?  Get ready as here we come and guess what the rich will follow as originality of thought, creativity and imagination it all came from "us."  Thank a Teacher then slip em a C note they might need it.   The price of beer is going up.

I have on my desk a picture that says:    IF YOU KNOW, TEACH
                                                                                IF YOU DON'T, LEARN

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