Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Jesus Spares

Apparently molesters, adulterors and rapists are spared Jesus wrath, good to know.

Here in Nashville every day is another special day of crazy.
Harwell calls for Rep. David Byrd to resign ahead of report alleging sexual misconduct
Joel Ebert, USA TODAY NETWORK - March 27, 2018

House Speaker Beth Harwell is calling for yet another Republican lawmaker to resign as he faces allegations of inappropriate sexual conduct.

On Tuesday, Harwell called for Rep. David Byrd, R-Waynesboro, to resign ahead of a WSMV story that is set to feature three women accusing the lawmaker of inappropriate sexual conduct decades ago.

Although the accusations against him are years old, Byrd is the third Tennessee lawmaker to face allegations of sexual misdeeds in as many years.

While the full story is scheduled to air Tuesday evening, WSMV reported during a 4 p.m. preview that the women were teenagers on Byrd’s basketball team when the alleged misconduct happened more than 30 years ago.

More: Tennessee lawmakers tout bill to curb sexual harassment in music industry

Lawsuit: Woman says Nashville nonprofit leader 'masturbated in front of her'

The allegations date back to when Byrd served as head coach of the Wayne County High School women’s basketball team, the Lady Cats.

In a statement, Harwell's spokeswoman, Kara Owen, said, "Speaker Harwell believes David Byrd should step down. The allegations are not related to the legislature."

Byrd is expected to release a statement addressing the allegations.

Byrd, who graduated from the school in 1975 and coached there for 24 years, also spent eight years as the school’s principal.

"They say what he did scarred them for decades," said reporter Alanna Autler, who began investigating the allegations three months ago.

WSMV, which hasn't yet specified the women's allegations against Byrd, reported that one of the women decided to call Byrd last month, during which phone call he apologized to her for what occurred.

The channel, which has a recording of the phone call, reported that Byrd backed out of an interview they had scheduled with him.

As of Tuesday, Byrd still signaling interest in re-election

The 60-year-old lawmaker — frequently referred to as “Coach” — first ran for office in 2014, when he narrowly defeated Rep. Vance Dennis, R-Savannah.

He was unopposed in the 2016 primary and general election. His district includes Hardin, Lewis and Wayne counties and portions of Lawrence County.

As of Tuesday, Byrd was the only person to create a campaign account to run for District 71 in the upcoming primary election — signaling his interest in seeking re-election.

This year, Byrd has made headlines for sponsoring a bill that would allow a select number of teachers to carry guns on campuses across the state.

The women's claims against Byrd make him the third lawmaker in three years to face allegations of sexual misconduct.

In 2016, the House expelled Jeremy Durham after a Tennessean investigation prompted an attorney general report that found the Williamson County Republican had engaged in inappropriate sexual conduct with at least 22 women.

In 2017, Mark Lovell, a West Tennesee Republican, resigned after being accused of inappropriately touching a woman. A House committee found he violated the legislature’s sexual harassment policy.

It is not immediately clear if there will be an investigation into the allegations against Byrd.

In her statement, Harwell did not call for an investigation.

To combat sexual harassment, earlier this year House members were required to participate in an in-person training, while their Senate counterparts watched an online video.

Byrd is married, has two children, one grandchild and one great-grandchild, according to his legislative website.

He has a bachelor’s degree from Freed-Hardeman University and a master’s degree from Tennessee State University.
Note that this fucker was in schools as this should shock me but that would be no, not really. What would shock me is a day where I don't hear about an adult authority figure fucking some kid.  But he is not the only one - Jesus take the wheel.

Then we have the biggest lie that Nashville has been shoving down the throats of the residents more than a Teacher or Preacher here does his dick.

Nashville's population growth drops below 100 people a day
Mike Reicher, USA TODAY NETWORK – March 26, 2018 |

For the fist time since 2011, Nashville's growth has slowed.

The population of the metro area grew by an average of 94 people a day from 2016 to July 2017, according to Census estimates — dropping below the famed "100 people a day" marker synonymous with Nashville's boom.

This milestone is another sign that Nashville's expansion may be cooling. Residential real estate prices have moderated, a record-setting run of monthly tourism growth came to an end in 2016, and the city is tightening its belt. Still, the area enjoys record-low unemployment and a diverse, thriving economy.

In each of the six previous years, the region steadily ratcheted up its population growth — from a 1.3 percent increase in 2011 to 2.2 percent in 2016. Then, the expansion eased to 1.8 percent in 2017.

The newly-released Census data are estimates as of July 1 each year. They account for migration, deaths and births. Nashville's metro area includes Davidson and surrounding counties — from Rutherford southeast, to Hickman, Robertson and Macon. It does not include Montgomery County.

In 2017, the metro area had 1,903,045 residents, up from 1,868,855 in 2016, or 34,190 more people in a year.

Out of the nation's largest metropolitan areas Nashville had the 10th-fastest growth. There are 53 metro areas with a population of 1 million or more. Austin, Texas, with a 2.7 percent increase, had the fastest growth in 2017, followed by Raleigh, N.C., and Orlando.

Again this odd number is cited as something specific to Nashville and I have repeatedly said it is not possible as the city could not handle that kind of influx and where are they?  They live outside of Nashville and dominate the discussion of traffic as they commute to the "city" to work, live no, work yes.  So the transit feedback is largely due to the reality that it does not address that nor have any plans specified to include those areas that are the ones most affected by growth.  The Slattern neglected by intent or by accident to include the Mayors in the most populated regions that line I-24 and I-65 whom would be most willing or able to discuss their role in fixing this chronic problem. Well there are only so many hours in the day and you got to fuck your bodyguard in the cemetery, bitch please!

The reality is that Nashville has tried to make significant changes and they are circumvented by the Legislature to nip any of that in the bud such as decriminalizing marijuana, plastic bags, minimum wage rises, sanctuary city or anything progressive and liberal.

The transit bill is one such example of the division that exists in the City. The rich really don't want it but the poor are convinced by the rich that they don't want it either.  It is a bizarre co-dependence that is reflected in the increased violence and culture of a city in conflict. 

The city that Nashville aspires to be is unclear but Seattle seems to be their one they have focused in their rear view mirror. Well never.going.to.happen. The education factor alone is one reason, the other is the bullshit laws and right wing agenda that holds this region back.  Seattle now is one of the top five cities/regions in the nation that are growing at a rapid clip.  And as I have written before the exodus from San Francisco is largely a factor in that as Seattle always had that city in the rear view mirror.

Nashville is a tier B city and should look to Madison, Portland and other cites of comparable size as a way to understand the necessary infrastructure and social demands that these cities have that Nashville fails to meet.   They will always have the Jesus factor and the reality is that I am afraid that may be the single reason this will never truly be an "it" city and I cannot wait to leave "it."  Spare me Jesus, just take the moving van's wheel.  

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