Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Gun Crazy

While America struggles with the reality of gun violence with regards to mass shootings its the small stuff stupid regarding guns that needs to be addressed.

The morons keep citing the Second Amendment.  Yes that was written at a time when a country needed to have a citizen armed in which to form an army after establishing a new Country and secured by way of a War.   The idea of independence and that security that comes from a nascent country  led them to come up with the plant which ensured some legal means in which to mobilize should another country try to threaten its existence, say Spain for one.  And without the established resources in which to fund, organize and establish a state organized military against that of a country with the history of said army and the resources to mobilize and utilize one was the reasoning behind said amendment.

The reality today is we have State Police, City Police, County Sheriffs, full Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force and of course National Guard which we can rally at any time should another country attempt to invade our shores or our current Government go insane and to enact some type of repressive act against the citizenry of the United States.  And we know for a fact that we don't need any guns to do that anymore thanks to the cyber wars that do as much damage without bloodshed so who really needs guns?

No one does and if you hunt you need to not you sick fuck.  Hunting down and killing animals is a sick blood sport and frankly has no place in modern society.

But if they come for one Amendment will that mean they come for others.  Yes and I can see that free speech is equally traumatizing but we heal faster and with less damage so I would be willing to fight for that one, not just with guns.

I have said and will say again to my Doctor unless there is any medical necessity for me to remain in Nashville after next year she better provide a compelling reason for me to stay beyond that. As of May my last appointment for my reconstruction is complete.  I have committed to a year for follow up and observation to ensure all the parts are functioning and I am complying with what I need to do to be healthy.   At that point I can assess if further treatment is needed and do I actually need a Surgeon with the skills that Vega provides to finish the work or can I find someone equally capable but I am sure less adorable to complete the work.  At that point I plan to come home and pack my shit and close out my apartment and go.

I am selling everything prior to that and mostly through Consignment as no one in their right mind would have a moving sale as that is an invite to be robbed here.   There is so much petty ass yet still violent crime here that it boggles the mind for a city this size.  The youth here are batshit and in my discussion with another Teacher yesterday she and I spoke about the Students this year and she thinks that they are by far more violent and dangerous she has seen in her 20 years of teaching.  She too was like me a professional who became a Teacher later in life and has a perspective that enables her to realize what it means to be successful and productive in the workplace and how the changes in social and economics have affected the city and the schools.  She has had enough and is leaving Nashville schools and the city; her son is a Teacher here and her Significant Other runs a business here  but she cannot live and continue to work in schools here that drain her on a daily basis and I agree wholeheartedly.   And this is from someone who was born and raised here.  Enough said.  

Everyday there is some "incident" at one school after another.  Her school has again an issue with a Teacher and Student relationship that is crossing boundaries and she can do nothing given their history with regards to this issue.  But then I reassured her this is not just at her school. And she knew as it was at her son's school as well.  Add to this the increased violent and aggressive behavior exhibited by students of which she again can do nothing thanks to the SEL plan that is now the new go to. The very plan that the staff is being laid off from due to a 7.5 million dollar shortfall.  A shortfall due to 500 hundred drop in enrollment.  A per cap of funding that is average $2,800 a student so do the math.  Those are some expensive kids or there is more to the story. The best part of this was this Teacher was an Accountant for ten years prior to becoming a Teacher and even doing the math in her head this did not add up.  Gosh really!?

 At her school recently  a student tried to immolate another student by filling a cap with perfume and then lighting it afire and throwing it on the other student.  This is the same school where a student during a course of a robbery was accidentally shot and killed by his accomplice, another student. I had already spoken to one Teacher who felt compelled to go to the funeral despite the fact that she knew him and had real problems with him. The Teacher today confirmed that assessment and agreed but she said to take a valuable half day off to attend a funeral for a student she disliked made her feel hypocritical.  I understood and said that this was a young new Teacher give her time and she will become immune.

That led us to the discussion about guns and violence and the protocol about how we are to save life's and secure the students.   We both shook our heads and I pointed to her exit door and said I would walk out that door and start running.  No sorry I cannot and will not go to any lengths to save anyone here as they would not for me.  Quid pro quo and Golden Rule means nothing here.

And the district with our bizarre Superintendent who has Social Emotional Learning as one his priorities has already announced layoffs and from where?  Not his cabinet of social emotional support staff but of the ones serving the schools in said SEL department.  So much for that priority.  Well it was that or paper and they already have that on life support.  And given our problem with water they may end up having to fix that lead issue since the man trying to not fix it just quit when he got caught covering up his lies.

Yes Nashville is crazy.  Deadly crazy.

Youth violence task force makes dozens of arrests
Posted: Mar 26, 2018 WSMV

Metro Police's Juvenile Crime Task Force has seized firearms and recovered stolen cars while arrested almost 100 people.

"We have an issue right now with these young teenagers committing very violent crime and this police department is not going to put up with it," said Metro police spokesperson Don Aaron on Feb. 15, the same day Chief Steve Anderson announced a task force designed to combat youth violence in Nashville.

A week later News4 told you about police arresting a 16-year-old accused of pistol-whipping a hair stylist as she took out the trash and a 12-year-old charged with carjacking a mom at gunpoint as she waited for her daughter to get out of ballet.

"There's no denying it's a problem, and it's scary because they seem to be so young," said one Nashville resident.

It's now been a month and a half and it appears police are sticking to their guns.

So far, the juvenile crime task force has seized 29 guns, recovered eight stolen or carjacked cars, arrested 60 adults and 37 teens, among them 19-year-old Rondell Tyson, who was charged not once, but twice in just a few weeks time for allegedly having drugs, a stolen gun and a stolen car.

They have also arrested three teens ages 17, 14, and 13.

Police said they were going around bumping into people's cars then robbing them at gunpoint.

In one case they shot a Nashville musician.

Investigators are still looking for two other teens who they think may be involved.

"My hope would be if anybody in the area saw anything that they would let the police know," said the victim's mother.

Police said you never know how many lives you may have saved when you take a gun out of the hands of a teenager carrying it on the street.

If you know of a child with a gun, police said, give them a call.

The task force is made up of 16 officers, four sergeants and one lieutenant.

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