Thursday, March 8, 2018

Gay Old Town

Are you a pedophile like Roy Moore and want to date a child and marry her? Then come to Tennessee where marrying a minor is great and legal; However, you raging Homosexuals we are not interested in you getting yourself hitched here but hey come to NashVegas for your Bachelor party and we can give you some conversion therapy if we can find a therapist willing to see you as they don't have to take your kind as patients.  That may also explain the law that prevents hand holding on school grounds.  Good thing you can marry then and you can hold anything you want just not at school! 

**And since I wrote this a Teacher at Hillwood High is another of the several Teachers accused of sexual misconduct and that is just one of seven since I have moved here.  I have tallied over a dozen in the last five years.  And the Mayor banging her bodyguard is a problem.  He is a body guard after all. Anyone have Ryan Gosling's number I need my body guarded.

**Irony after writing this India is working on curbing child marriage.  Yes India is more progressive!

Let's just run down today's Legislative agenda:  Hate gays, marry kids.  Okay.  Wine sales on Sunday? Maybe.  I hope that goes through as I drink a lot more now.  And to think they believe here that former Mayor Berry's affair will hurt Nashville's image.  Too late and not if I have anything to do with it.  Oh wait I mean I only hope and I am here to speak the truth, it may be mine but I do back it up with the facts thing.

As to why the great Legislature of Tennessee decided to keep the law regarding marrying minors is they were afraid it would open the door to enable Gay couples to marry.  Logic here? Again reminding you 33% of the people are educated and only 30% vote and they may be the same people which is even more frightening.

What can I say? I cannot believe anyone Gay would be willing move here and to do so without some professional obligation and security in which to move when the job ends.  And it will I have an odd feeling that thanks to Trump the economy will tank and we will find ourselves in a deep recession. The pockets are in place and here I see a true problem with some businesses canceling expansions,   or the costs to existing ones.  Add  to that  real estate from homes being sold to many many Apartments built now sitting empty.  Even the Antique market is changing and that too affects many cottage industries.  And we have the decline of restaurants and closing many here.  This is the "it" of this city.

The school situation is also hilarious as the two largest districts, Franklin and Davidson, are informing parents that the scheduled walkout on March 24 regarding gun control will be a moderately controlled one inside the school and maybe the gym if they need a space in which to gather and just stare at each other.  Gee a good opportunity to fund raise with some food trucks or book sale, no? No. Okay, then.  Well the Superintendent of Franklin, Mike Looney (yes real name) might be in court that day but don't piss him off regardless.

As for our Superintendent he robo called the families on Saturday night to inform them of the districts decision regarding the 24th.

As you may know, there is a national initiative regarding school walkout days in March and April. We recognize student activism is part of the learning process and we respect and support our students’ right to free speech. With their safety in mind, we have asked principals to help students find assembly space within each school for those students who plan to participate. Please know that if students leave school without permission and do not sign out, their absence will be counted as unexcused. Additionally, any disorderly conduct that disrupts school operations will be handled compassionately but firmly, in accordance with the student handbook.
MNPS understands that our students may be feeling lots of emotions, including anxiety, fear and even anger about recent events. Please talk to your children about their feelings and know we have counselors available to help them. If you have questions about your school’s plans for walkout, please contact your principal.
 It went to every parent in every school. Watch those third graders now!

I have said many times that many efforts of the few generate zero effects for any.  They learned after the Sixties to shut that shit down fast now and they will not be having any Blacks or Hippies or Students or anyone marching without a permit, only on sidewalks and if you get hit by a car while protesting on the street, well too bad so sad it's legal.  Why do you think White Supremacists have chosen this their number two State?  Had Charlottesville happened here well too bad so sad.  Man I love the state motto - Volunteer.  Depends on what I assume.

So again come to the Volunteer State and lend a hand.  To do what? Well vote that is for certain. Bring progress, bring Gays, bring help and by that help for me to move.  I can finish the dental stuff anywhere I am not married to them.  Well that is about the only law we don't have - Polygamy cause then we could be in a group marriage with two members of the same sex.  OMG GAY!

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