Wednesday, March 21, 2018


That would be the sign I would put on the door of every school in Nashville as each day brings that response.

Today are Jesus loving Legislature has passed a bill that would require schools to put "IN GOD WE TRUST' in the entrance to every school.  Yes that will be great!

Then we have the hysteria about arming Teachers and building security walls, fortresses or to keep students safe. Try getting rid of guns as a kid walked into a school in Maryland and opened fire before being killed by an actually engaged SRO officer who took the CHILD out.   A child who was "lovesick"   A child was killed because he had a gun and felt compelled to hurt another child but will will solve it -  just kill the bastard.  FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!

Meanwhile a 23 year old BOY decides to take up explosives and mail bombs to people by learning how to devise them on the internet and in turn purchase the necessary items at Home Depot in which to do so.  He is dead killing himself with his own devices so we will never know why this white normal seeming suburban kid decided to undertake serial bombing in which the victims were mostly of those of color (I am not sure about the surviving bikers that tripped the wire, race was)/ But you see he is not designated a TERRORIST as he is a WCCM (White Conservative Christian Male), so his views are of course in line with the values of Texas, but not those in Austin, as clearly it was an attempt to wreak havoc in a city I used to live; Austin if anything not like the rest of Texas is a bastion of blue surrounded by red.  Sort of, kind of,  like Nashville.   But again, this man child is not a terrorist... why cause he is white?  FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!

And that brings me back to the batshit city in which I currently live.  I told my Dentist yesterday that by the end of the treatment in May will mark the beginning of the end as I will be leaving within the year that follows.  I truly loathe all of the clinicians that work there other than my Surgeon and Dentist.  But as I have found throughout my residency here my confidence and respect for them has waned and I no longer feel compelled to do more and I suspect there are others here who could finish the job with less bullshit.  As I watched two techs trash talk literally behind my back but I could see via the reflection on the window them doing so.  That is SOP here in Nashville.    I have a had enough FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!

The schools here are shitholes to appropriate the President's phrase.  There is nothing more I can add and I am ashamed to be a part of them. Today a gigantic cockroach wandered in and another student killed it and I used a plastic bag in which to scoop it up and throw in the trash.  I have seen them many times in that same school as that was the same school I yanked biscuits out of kids mouth as they were unsafe, so what is new.  This comes at a time when the Superintendent is putting a freeze on the budget bringing more questions and demands as the school year winds down in the next few weeks.

But how much will signs cost? Guns cost? Security cost?  Gee books, paper and Teachers they are not important at all!  But Jesus however rules FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!

Which brings  us to the last point of today's rant - the ranking of Tennessee overall to the rest of the United States when it comes to Student funding and achievement.  We are at the bottom.  According to the report Alabama, New Mexico, Michigan, South Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee are not far behind in that they also have very low per pupil spending and low outcomes relative to the national average.   This of course  makes sense as our schools are again - shitholes - and where are shitholes?
In your ass and if there is one thing I know for certain, the people here are assholes for christ's sake! 

But Teachers in all red states are lost souls.    Oklahoma Teachers are beginning to go West Virginia it proves that these problems exist largely in red states. The bullshit fiscal conservatism which in fact is simply fiscal policy governed by racism and elitist,  has now finally been shown that the trickle down theory is really about pissing on the poor by the rich.  When educated professionals have to rely on Medicaid, Food Stamps and other means to survive the message is what?  Go fuck yourself apparently. Or it is okay as long as you are White,  live in a red State and work for public schools and/or Walmart.. oh wait they gave them a raise this year so workers are Walmart are doing better. FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!

I have seen stupidity but it transcends itself to a new level here.  It is beyond repair.   I chatted with my bus driver today and he is adamant about voting against the Transit Bill and he drives a bus for christ's sake.  However, he makes a point that the system cannot pay for itself and is plainly stuipid given the needs here in Nashville.   There is irony in this that many cities they are finding themselves in a quandary about transit and New York is one city that is truly struggling with how to improve that populated city's need.    But if there is a beacon of hope for public transit,  Seattle is the exception so it is no surprise Nashville copied the Seattle plan with one missing element - transit riders.  The MTA drivers were not engaged in this plan and they have resistance to it which is a major problem.  I must say, frankly, is out of scope and scale of what is needed in a city of this size with the transit riders it has.  It went over the top much like the Slattern who had this has her signature plan.  Now that she is gone I am not sure it will make it and pass on May 1.  I still will vote for it and since I am leaving in a year it has zero affect on me regardless. But hey you need to deal with your shit here Nashville it is long overdue FOR CHRIST'S SAKE.

But this is Nashville they are obsessed with class and race in ways that lends to many of the problems that govern the schools and the infrastructure.  And in turn now that Trump has been elected it has given a tacit permission for Evangelical Christians (53% here) to step up the crazy.   I think this is exemplified by the rise of  the "Alt-right" groups which again Tennessee is number two in the country for existence and again parallel to the level of education here. 

The reality is that living here is truly sick, disturbed and the antithesis of Christianity.  It is ignorant, narcissistic and racist.  Who does that remind you of?  Oh yeah. FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!

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