Saturday, March 10, 2018

Crazy as .....

Well as I start the weekend I look to my two favorite institutions (other than prison or soon to be revived mental institutions thanks Trump) - Medical and Education - I find great stories about the varying individuals who society defines as heroes while simultaneously underpaying them and demeaning them in professional scenarios.

I have never been champions of Nurses and like Teachers I find them to be largely women who for whatever feel good fake scenario they concocted to validate their involvement in the profession, they end up being the biggest bitches you have ever met and then in turn that is the average persons exposure and experience to said professions.  I call them the gateway drugs and in turn that experience colors how you see the institution at large.  So good Teachers and Nurses means a good experience and in turn a positive reaction which means you want more or at least have no problem with it overall.   Then the other side of the coin - and well then it is one bad trip.

Again after Parkland I found students whom in my professional life I have met on occasion and those are the kids I recall and believe that will become the citizens we need and wish for.  I rarely think about those whose experience with me was less positive as I am sure that they did find the right place, the right person and that they too have come through the other side whole and capable.  I have yet to actually see or read any stories to contradict that vision so I will stick with that as I prefer to focus on the positive.  (Yes this blog seemingly contradicts that but hey I am a contrarian by nature but still one who believes in some form of positive energy)

But living in Nashville it is so rare I can count the positive exchanges on one hand on one finger.  Okay yesterday that changed with a fantastic kid who once again made me go, "Phew and he is black and a boy so I am not racist, hate black males and its all good!"  (I am getting a T-shirt made immediately) The kids in the class that were acting like idiots were white males.. okay that cohort I am not changing my mind on, we gots issues there, and this young man asked me after asking them repeatedly to stop acting out I finally launched into my standard speech about how Subs are viewed in Nashville but while I get your lack of respect for me you cannot even give some to your classmates and provide some dignity to prove that you are deserving to be in this special middle school that hundreds of kids wish they could for one minute of one year given what I have seen since being here.  After class I spoke to the boy and it was that moment that allowed me to be relieved and for once in a long while leave with some positive energy.

But that said I have repeatedly been clear that the problems here stem from the top and once again more idiocy in Nashville in their schools never ceases to amaze me.  That same school is now giving keys to subs should an "incident" occur.  To get said keys I have to leave collateral - a drivers license or set of keys or my cell phone.  Let's see what is wrong with this?  ID if I am dead or when SWAT arrives and needs to check said ID I would say: "You need to go to the office and ask the Secretary, here are the room keys and she will give you my ID in exchange,"  Or as I am running for my life after said evacuation I can get back to the office with said keys to get my shit back. Sure I see that would not be a problem.    The best part is that I tried to figure out how to lock the door with said keys and failed miserably so there is clearly something that I am not familiar or trained with.  Like said security protocol.

Then I read this and went well Florida is falling off the map so maybe those kids better step up and get this gun control thing taken care of. But then it also explains why most kids are well not as articulate and informed given this Teacher.  I respectfully disagree that dating black people are not worth it as you get that picture of you together so that when you are accused of being a racist you can produce that and if you have some type of sex tape even better.  Or just wear a Tshirt.

And then we have Nurses who are aiding the most significant group in our troubled nation - substance abusers.  I used to joke the best way to get laid was to head to a Sex Addicts meet up as they had to be both desperate and horny.    So when I read about these Nurses again I thought: So?  The addiction industry is the offshoot of the medical industrial complex with little oversight and regulation and the New York Times has an entire series devoted to this subject recently and from it you will learn why there are so many lapses, deaths and few recoveries.  I still say reading the late David Carr's book, The Night of the Gun is an excellent way of learning about sober houses.

So here are these two chicks using this as their  Which again given the freaks you meet online do you blame them? What better way to show you care by fucking them.  Brings new meaning to crazy in the sheets, no?

Nursing assistants accused of sex with patients from psychiatric and substance abuse center

by Lindsey Bever The Washington Post March 9 2018

Two nursing assistants have been accused of engaging in sexual relations with two patients from a psychiatric and substance abuse treatment center in Iowa.

The Fayette County Sheriff's Office said in a statement that the certified nursing assistants, who were identified by authorities as Paige Lynn Johanningmeier and Megan Marie Penney, developed a relationship with two patients at the Prairie View Management facility in Fayette, a small town about 70 miles north of Cedar Rapids.

Johanningmeier, 22, and Penney, 25, were arrested earlier this week on charges of sexual exploitation by a counselor, therapist or school employee, according to the criminal complaints.

Representatives from Prairie View Management did not immediately respond to a request for comment but told the Des Moines Register that the two women no longer work at the treatment facility.

The Fayette County Sheriff's Office said deputies had been alerted Feb. 21 that two “court ordered patients” had gone missing from the facility.

An investigation revealed that the patients had been last seen with two nursing assistants, according to the statement from the sheriff's office.

The sheriff's office said evidence showed that Johanningmeier, from Elgin, and Penney, from Clermont, had started a relationship with the two patients and “once they had left the facility it became sexual.”

It's unclear whether the suspects encouraged or aided the patients in leaving the facility.

The patients were found and transported to nearby treatment facilities — one was sent to a hospital in Linn County, and the other was returned to Prairie View, according to the sheriff's office.

Johanningmeier and Penney were arrested Tuesday on felony sexual exploitation charges. If convicted, both could face up to five years in prison and be forced to register as sex offenders, according to the statement.

They have been released on a $2,000 bond, according to online booking records.

An attorney for Johanningmeier declined to comment, and an attorney for Penney could not immediately be reached by The Washington Post.

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